OCN C11 Guess Who!

Si Jin stared at the radishes for a moment before his gaze became distant. Well, he had also seen Xiao Ming with some radishes. They were also very common ingredients in his recipes. So he probably shouldn’t be surprised that this was one of the ingredients that Si Shi Wu wanted him to handle. Anyway, the more ingredients he got familiar with, the better. This would heighten his chances of winning ‘Golden Spoon’ and gaining a date with Xiao Ming, after all. Nothing was too hard to achieve that goal.

Si Jin took the first radish out of the box and turned to Si Shi Wu for instructions. To his surprise, they didn’t turn out any different than before. Once again, he was just supposed to handle them like he had done with the onions and the mangoes: cut them into the different shapes he had already learned and make sure to stay consistent in size.

Si Jin didn’t complain and just started to work on it, slowly making his way through all of the items. The other ninjas followed suit and the sweet smell of the mangoes that was still lingering in the room was soon joined by the slightly more pungent smell of the radish.

While the ninjas worked quietly, night came and went. Back at the house of Bright Yellow Water, Xiao Ming and Li Shui were woken up by a scream.

Li Shui fell out of the bed, his legs caught in the blanket but he still raised his head. He hit the floor and tried to wrest his way out of the fabric, rolling onto his back, and kicking his legs to somehow get rid of it.

Meanwhile, Xiao Ming managed to pull his blanket back and rushed straight over to the other room, whipping the door open to see what was going on. As a result, he found Qian Huang sitting upright in bed as if frozen stiff. His blanket was still wrapped around his legs while he was holding his phone, staring at the screen intently as if he wanted to make it go up in smoke.

“What’s the matter?”

Back in the other room, Li Shui managed to pull one leg out of the cocoon that had formed. He didn’t bother any further and just got up, rushing over to see what had happened to Qian Huang.

“What’s the matter?!” He already called out from the other end of the corridor and rushed further, hurriedly reaching out and grabbing Xiao Ming’s shoulder, as well as the door frame, to stop himself from running into the wall.

Qian Huang turned to them with wide eyes and then waved his phone. “Guess who just posted about us on Weibo.”

Xiao Ming closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then sighed. Well, he probably should’ve expected that it was something like this. Who would break in and try to murder his assistant? No, it had to be something happening on their channel.

Li Shui blinked his eyes, kind of confused. “Who?”

“Tao. Jin.”

Li Shui blinked his eyes again. “Tao Jin?”

Xiao Ming opened his eyes at once, staring at Qian Huang doubtfully. “You … you can’t mean the actress Tao Jin.”

Qian Huang raised his brows and started smiling madly.

Xiao Ming reached out to Li Shui, needing something to hold onto. He just couldn’t believe that this was real. It had to be that he was still dreaming. Who was Tao Jin? That was the current national goddess that had won the award for best newcomer in her first year, best supporting actress in her second year, and best female lead in her third year.

Since then, what award hadn’t she won? What award-winning movie hadn’t she participated in? If Tao Jin was in a movie, then the movie was guaranteed to be a success. That was how good Tao Jin was. That actress … No, he couldn’t believe that she would know about a small food channel like theirs. There just was no way.

Li Shui had the very same idea. “That can’t be. Are you sure that you didn’t look wrong? Maybe it’s the account of one of her fans?”

Xiao Ming nodded. Yes, that made much more sense. There was no way that Tao Jin herself would notice them but it naturally wouldn’t be impossible for one of her fans to be among their audience. After all, Tao Jin’s fans were everywhere. Why shouldn’t some of them also by their viewers?

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it made sense. Most likely, Qian Huang just hadn’t been completely awake when he turned on his phone and looked at Weibo. He had just gotten things wrong. In fact, maybe half of it had been a dream.

Before he could say anything, Qian Huang shook his head though. “You come here and take a look! Tell me whether I’m wrong or not!” He turned his phone around, waving it in the air like a magical wand.

Xiao Ming and Li Shui exchanged a glance and gulped. Naturally, they couldn’t help but hope that maybe by some incredible stroke of luck, Qian Huang was right and that the actress Tao Jin had actually stumbled over their little channel. If that happened, they would definitely be famous throughout the whole country overnight.

They didn’t dare to believe that though and just told themselves with every step toward the bed that they couldn’t get their hopes up. They had to be realistic and keep in mind that this likely hadn’t happened. They couldn’t have this much luck.

The two of them arrived in front of Qian Huang, exchanged yet another worried look, and then bent down at the same time to look at the Weibo post that Qian Huang had opened.

Tao Jin: [My husband’s good friend is a fan of this food anchor, Xiao Ming, from @Bright Yellow Water who will be a judge on @Golden Spoon soon. That friend cut and donated ten-thousand onions because he wants to participate for him. I can’t help but feel that it’s a little cute. Maybe husband and I should also register for the show?]

Xiao Ming and Li Shui both read the message and then continued to stare at it for a few moments before they straightened up again and turned to each other.

Li Shui rubbed his neck. “I guess I’ll go back to bed and see if I wake up. This can’t be true.”

Xiao Ming nodded, still in a daze. That had definitely been the verified account of Tao Jin. So there was no way that Qian Huang had gotten it wrong. But why did what he read make no sense at all?

He turned around and sat down on the edge of Qian Huang’s bed, putting his hands on his knees and trying to wrap his head around what he just read. “Her husband’s good friend … cut and donated onions?”

Qian Huang took the phone back and looked at the message once again, still a bright smile on his face. He really couldn’t get enough of looking at this. Just seeing the actress Tao Jin mention their channel was like winning the lottery. No, this was better than winning the lottery! Winning the lottery would give you money but being mentioned but Tao Jin would get you fame and recognition. In their position, the latter was actually more important.

Xiao Ming thought in a completely different direction though. He also couldn’t help but point out what this meant. “If this is true, then that means that Nin Sha is actually acquainted with the husband of Tao Jin.”

Suddenly, he felt that he actually didn’t know this person calling himself Nin Sha. Just who was he? To actually know that type of person … Well, not that anybody knew who Tao Jin’s husband was. She hadn’t ever introduced him to the public and kept her private life quiet. With how much she was traveling for filming the movies, there was also hardly any chance for her to ever be photographed with him. Who knew if her husband wasn’t a normal working person like everyone else?

Xiao Ming couldn’t help but think of how Nin Sha was always advertising what kind of jobs he could do. Maybe he and Tao Jin’s husband were actually working at a movie set? Maybe that was how Tao Jin had met and fallen in love with her husband? And maybe Nin Sha was actually doing odd jobs around there and that was how he and Tao Jin’s husband had gotten acquainted. On the other hand, because of that, Nin Sha might have picked up quite a few bit of knowledge about several professions. Being a cameraman or an assistant … he probably would be able to do it all because he had seen it there.

Xiao Ming felt that this actually made a lot of sense. He nodded to himself and couldn’t help but repeat it to himself. “Yes, that must be how Nin Sha got to know Tao Jin’s husband.”

Qian Huang lowered his phone and looked at him in shock. “What?”

Xiao Ming looked up. Right, he hadn’t explained his thoughts. “Nin Sha. He’s the one who is the friend of Tao Jin’s husband. He’s the one who cut ten-thousand onions and donated them because he wants to participate in ‘Golden Spoon’. I don’t think we have another fan like this.”

Qian Huang still stared at him but then turned to look at the message again, reading it again. Right. Ten-thousand onions … There was nobody but Nin Sha who was crazy enough to do something like this. In other words … Xiao Ming was right. The person in question really was Nin Sha. “I … don’t even know what to say. These two know each other?!”

Xiao Ming nodded. “Yes. I was thinking maybe they are both working at a film set.”

Qian Huang didn’t even answer that. He was reeling from the thought that Nin Sha was the one behind this sudden happiness. Ah, why hadn’t he treated Nin Sha better in the past?! If he had known that he had this kind of great connections, he definitely wouldn’t have teased him just yesterday! Now, what if the great god held a grudge against him and was unwilling to help them out in the future? He would really regret it!

Qian Huang shook his head at himself, put down the phone, and threw the blanket to the side. “In the next live stream, we definitely have to make it up to Nin Sha!”

Xiao Ming raised his brows even further, giving Qian Huang a doubtful look. “How come? Do you think he …”

Qian Huang who had just wanted to take some clothes out of his wardrobe looked over his shoulder, staring at Xiao Ming for a moment. He hadn’t actually thought much but hearing Xiao Ming speak up, he suddenly realized that yes, maybe there was a chance that Nin Sha had deliberately told this to Tao Jin’s husband in the hope that she would post about it.

Qian Huang’s mind churned and he gulped. In fact, maybe Nin Sha even knew Tao Jin herself. And not because he was working on a film set. No, they might be from the same rich people-circle. After all, just think of how Nin Sha was always throwing out gifts. This person obviously wasn’t someone small. He had money. A lot of it.

“Xiao Ming, I’m suddenly realizing that your face is really valuable.”

Xiao Ming blinked his eyes, not quite understanding what he meant.

“Well, never mind you cooking but I believe he’s attracted to you as well. Is this the famous ‘trying to buy affection’?” He put on a pensive expression, then shook his head and started to fish out his outfit for the day.

Xiao Ming continued to sit on the edge of the bed, his expression lost. Nin Sha … He had no idea who this person was in real life. He couldn’t deny that he actually had some good feelings just based on the fact that Nin Sha had stayed around for five years already but he knew hardly anything about him.

Who was he really? How old was he? Where did he come from? What did he do for a living? Not even these basic things, he could answer about him. On the other hand, he and the other two had said quite a few things about themselves in the live streams on Bright Yellow Water. Nin Sha probably had a good idea of what kind of person he was.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that maybe it would not be impossible to actually be attracted to him. In that case … He really couldn’t help but wonder if he would ever get the chance to meet Nin Sha as well.

Right now, it did not seem possible but then again, Nin Sha had said that he would register for ‘Golden Spoon’ for him. And since he was obviously practicing quite a lot, it was likely that he would actually appear there. So maybe … maybe in another three weeks, he would already see him for the first time. Thinking about it now, he couldn’t help but actually look forward to the casting round.

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