RMN C458 Why Would They Betray the Righteous Side?

Zhi Guan’s expression immediately fell when Song Mu suggested his third junior martial brother. He could see why Xi Ju Hai and Mei Chao Bing might be suitable but not him. No, there was no way he would let that happen.

On the other hand, Xi Ju Hai’s expression turned thoughtful. If it was her … she felt like she did have the strength to invade the other side without immediately needing to worry about her safety. If there were troubles at the beginning, she could at least fight her way outside which couldn’t be said about Zhi Guan’s junior martial brother. If she made it inside … she trusted in her ability to find clues. She had a lot of experience, after all.

As for her reason to defect to the other side? Of course, that would be for her fiance, Mu Qing. They had been separated for a long time but it wasn’t impossible to say that she had come to regret her choice of letting him go all these years. The death of Qu Yijun could be used as a catalyst.

Yes, the longer she thought about it, the more she could imagine it. She would only have to fly there, stand in front of the gate, and ask to see Mu Qing. Then she could tell him about Qu Yijun, maybe hand him some proof, and finally, ask him why he had gone to the other side.

After listening for a while, maybe quarreling about whether he didn’t intend to come back, she could give a sigh, and make the decision to follow him instead of returning. Love could make people do stupid things so even though she usually wouldn’t be the type to betray her sect either, she would be some credibility to her claim of wanting to switch sides. At the very least, it wouldn’t be as ridiculous as Zhi Guan doing so.

Thinking of all this, she finally sighed. “I might be able to pull it off. It’s just … I haven’t seen Mu Qing since then. I honestly can’t say how I would react.” This was the one problem with her plan. In her mind, she could naturally act it out well. But when she stood in front of the person himself … Would she still be as relaxed as she was right now?

To be honest, when it came to Mu Qing, she herself didn’t know what to feel. This was the man she had wanted to marry. Even now, she couldn’t pretend that she didn’t love him. But at the same time, this man had betrayed their sect and thus, her as well. She hated him for that. These feelings, even after so many years, she had not been able to reconcile them.

She had always wondered what she would do when she saw him again. Kill him for his betrayal and because he was a demonic practitioner now? But how could you kill your own lover? Just let him go? But then, his Master had killed Elder Wu and who knew what he had done? Capture him? Well, she was afraid her strength might not be enough. A fight would end in mutual destruction, never in one side being so far ahead that the other could be captured. Even after all this time, she believed that this was still the case.

Song Mu nodded. He wasn’t surprised that she would feel like this. Among all the people of the sect — other than Mei Chao Bing, of course — she was likely the one who had suffered the most from Elder Feng’s betrayal. Why wouldn’t her feelings be complicated? And such a complicated mood would make her infiltrating the other side riskier.

Song Mu sighed and glanced at Yun Bei Fen. “To be honest, Mei Chao Bing is probably the one who is most suited for this. Most people on our side have doubted him so they might be willing to accept this as a fact more easily which would lend credibility to him defecting. Then, there is also the fact that Elder Feng wants him to join them anyway. In light of that, he would be the safest if he tried this.”

Yun Bei Fen’s eyes widened when he heard this and he hurriedly tugged at his first senior martial brother’s sleeve. They definitely couldn’t let Mei Chao Bing go!

Zhi Guan also wasn’t happy about it but he had to agree with what Song Mu said: Mei Chao Bing was indeed the most logical choice.

Liu Bao Ru couldn’t help but clear her throat. “He killed Qu Yijun though. Will Elder Feng still believe him if he joins now?”

At that, the disciples fell quiet. Indeed. If it had been prior to Qu Yijun’s death, this might have been a good plan. But now, Mei Chao Bing’s loyalty would be doubtful. This wasn’t him accepting the previous invitation, after all. Instead, his behavior could be called slapping the other person in the face and then trying to enter their home. Who would believe that he was being genuine=

Yuan Lei hesitated for a while but finally spoke up. “You guys say … what do you think happened to Yang Wu Huang?”

The others turned to him, wondering why he was bringing that up now.

Meanwhile, Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes in confusion. Yang Wu Huang? What was up with him? Actually, he had hardly noticed until now, but it seemed that horrible guy had vanished? Well, he wasn’t sad that this was the case. If Yang Wu Huang could stay away a bit longer, that would be for the best.

The others also weren’t necessarily fond of Yang Wu Huang, especially after what he had done, but they were able to gather that Yuan Lei wasn’t simply asking this out of concern.

Xi Ju Hai’s expression turned thoughtful. “Knowing Yang Wu Huang, if he was captured and then freed, he would use the opportunity to make trouble again. And his most likely target would be Mei Chao Bing. So if we were to get him back … Mei Chao Bing would have a reason to ‘betray’ us.”

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