RMN C459 Everything Depends on Yang Wu Huang

Everyone fell silent for a moment. Unfortunately, they were sure that this would play out exactly as she had said. It was … well, as members of the righteous faction, it was embarrassing to admit it. But what could they do? Anyway, in this case, Yang Wu Huang’s atrocious behavior might actually help them.

They all pondered for a moment and finally, Xi Ju Hai cleared his throat. “Mei Chao Bing currently isn’t here. We shouldn’t make this decision without him. But how about this? We should rescue Yang Wu Huang in any case. If Mei Chao Bing later agrees and Yang Wu Huang reacts as intended, then we go with this plan.

“Should Mei Chao Bing not be willing to do this or should Yang Wu Huang be honest despite our expectation, then I will go instead. Anyway, we have seen Qu Yijun and Yang Wu Huang might have gotten a glimpse of Mu Qing. It would be enough of a reason for me to go. It’s not perfect but it is a good alternative.”

The others nodded. Actually, none of them thought that Mei Chao Bing would reject the idea. Not even mentioning Song Mu and Zhi Guan who knew Mei Chao Bing better, even the others were well aware of the fact that he hated the demonic side in general and his Master in particular. If he had the chance to bring them down, he would do it, even if he had to risk himself.

Actually, it would be kind of funny to think about if it wasn’t so sad but Mei Chao Bing who had always been branded a traitor since his Master’s betrayal was probably one of the most loyal people in the sect. On the other hand, Yang Wu Huang who had always presented himself as a noble disciple of the Teng Yong Sect that stood for righteousness and advocated for others was willing to sacrifice others as long as he could get rid of a rival and heighten his own status. This really went to show that you couldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Since everyone agreed, Zhi Guan simply nodded. “Then we’ll do it this way. Should we wait for Mei Chao Bing to return before we act or should we free Yang Wu Huang immediately?”

Liu Bao Ru pursed her lips. “Either way, whether he agrees or not, we’d need to free Yang Wu Huang.”

Song Mu sighed. “If he really is with the demonic practitioners, that is.” Truth be told, he could imagine that it was the case but they hadn’t been able to determine either way. Not that they had looked for him yet. Other than searching outside and making sure that he wasn’t somewhere around, they hadn’t tried to come up with a plan yet.

Liu Bao Ru nodded. “Naturally. This plan hinges on whether they have him and whether we can free him if they do. Still, I think our chances aren’t bad. Since he wasn’t found, he has to be further away, and considering his level and the level of the attackers …” She shook her head.

“Even senior martial brother Shen wasn’t able to escape unscathed. I doubt Yang Wu Huang would have been able to. He doesn’t have that kind of talent.” Xi Ju Hai really didn’t mince her word.

She knew how strong Qu Yijun had been. Back then, Mu Qing had barely been able to contest with him. He could have been better but he hadn’t been as ruthless. Qu Yijun … he had always been cold and that coldness was his greatest strength. Maybe this should have given her a hint as to what was amiss with him and his Master who shared the same temperament but the thought had never even crossed her mind. She herself was somebody who usually didn’t express her feelings. How could she judge others for being cold?

Either way, Mu Qing might have been able to win if it was a fight to the death. Shen Lei hadn’t been any worse than him, just like she and Zhi Guan were. So if he hadn’t been able to make it, surely, Yang Wu Huang wouldn’t be off any better unless the other side wanted him to.

And they had reason, didn’t they? After all, Yang Wu Huang considered himself to be something of a rival of Mei Chao Bing’s. Actually, that was nonsense. Whether it was cultivation level, experience, or conduct, he couldn’t measure up to that youth in a single area. Why was he kidding himself? But anyway, that thought process led to him wanting to make Mei Chao Bing stumble and the demonic side should be in favor of that.

The others tacitly agreed to pretend to not have heard that assessment. Well, save for Yun Bei Fen, that was. He nodded wildly instead, looking at Xi Ju Hai as if he had found a like-minded person.

Xi Ju Hai saw his adoring gaze but didn’t say anything else. She had simply wanted to agree. Since she had done so, the rest wasn’t important.

Zhi Guan nodded and got back to the original topic. “I think it is likely as well. My second junior martial brother created a small device that can allow us to find disciples of our sect in the vicinity. If we use that to go to the demonic side’s headquarters, we should have an easier time finding him. We can’t let ourselves get caught though. If this device falls into their hands, it would be disastrous.”

“So, how many people should go? A smaller number will have an easier time getting in but it would be more dangerous as well.” Song Mu glanced at the others. He was willing to go, even though he really didn’t like Yang Wu Huang. At the end of the day, this was a disciple of their sect and he was also needed for their plan. What was there to hesitate about?

The others showed similarly determined expressions if one ignored Yun Bei Fen but Zhi Guan shook his head. “I don’t think more than one person should go. In fact, since I have been there before, I should do it.” Thinking about it, he glanced up at the sky. “It’s easier to move around stealthily at night so this evening, I will leave immediately.”

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