RMN C457 A Risky Plan

Zhi Guan’s expression stiffened when he thought of all this. Clearly, they couldn’t delay any longer. They had to solve this mess in the border region and they had to do it fast before the other side could gain even more of an advantage.

He looked at the others one by one and finally voiced this thought. Unfortunately, it wasn’t received too well.

Yuan Lei had also worked together with Zhi Guan in the past so he knew how he was and wasn’t too surprised. “We do know that we have to solve this but the problem is how to do so. We only have guesses and no way to make sure of our conjectures. Things are getting more difficult by the day as well. There is no solution I can currently see. Not without more information.”

Zhi Guan nodded, feeling that this was obvious. “So we need more information.”

The others exchanged a glance and Xi Ju Hai finally cleared her throat. She was of the same generation as Zhi Guan so she could be considered the closest to him. “Senior martial brother Zhi, you’re preaching to the choir. We’re all very much aware of the problem and that we need to know more. That is what we have been working on all this time. But we have searched almost the whole border region and have only found these few clues. It’s not enough and I wouldn’t know where to find more. If you have any ideas, I’d be glad to hear them though.”

Ideas, what kind of ideas could there be? Zhi Guan’s brows furrowed. He also knew that he was understating matters. Solving this wasn’t easy at all. But then, they had known that from the very beginning, and right now, he couldn’t hold back any longer. This wasn’t just an unknown danger to the whole righteous faction any longer, this concerned people he knew. His two little juniors … he would never let anything happen to them.

Back then, when his Master had brought them in one after the other, he had been at a loss. Yan Jian Hong had always been up to no good and he had been exasperated whenever he saw him, feeling that this child wasn’t very good. Still, he was his junior martial brother under the same Master and he was supposed to take care of him.

Luo Lin … he had been a lot better than their second martial brother. He was well-behaved, even though some of his actions at the beginning had been a little confusing. But anyway, he had protected him well these years, chasing off too high a number of cultivators from whatever righteous sect were bothering him. Why would he step back when it was the demonic sect that was after him now?

As for Yun Bei Fen … Protecting this little junior of theirs was even less of a question. When he arrived at the sect, he had been so small, barely reaching half his height. Every day, he would come running to his house, hug his thigh, and look up at him with his big eyes, blinking cutely while asking about everything he didn’t understand. There had been a lot. Even now, there were clearly still many things Yun Bei Fen didn’t get. If there had ever been a junior that needed protection, then it was him.

As a disciple of the Teng Yong Sect, Zhi Guan had always seen it as his duty to protect the younger disciples. But when it came to the three little ones studying under the same Master, then it was personal. If somebody dared to think of hurting them, he would do whatever he had to, to ensure their safety.

Glancing at the little bunny next to him, Zhi Guan’s gaze turned decisive and he looked back at Xi Ju Hai. “We need to infiltrate the other side. If we can’t find information outside, then we have to look for it on the inside.”

Xi Ju Hai sighed. “I know what you mean but … this is dangerous. Whoever goes there will be at risk. They might not even make it out alive. Hell, they might not even make it in alive. If they are spotted or there is any doubt about their loyalty, they will be killed at once.”

Zhi Guan nodded. “That is a risk I am willing to take. I went to their headquarters once to save a disciple so I have an impression of it. I can do this.”

Xi Ju Hai’s brows shot up. She hadn’t expected that Zhi Guan would jump from suggesting to infiltrate to deciding to do it himself. But then, she probably shouldn’t be surprised. Zhi Guan definitely didn’t lack guts. Unfortunately …

Liu Bao Ru next to her immediately shook her head. “Senior martial brother Zhi, with all due respect, but I doubt that you are suitable for this role. Nobody on the other side would believe that you have changed sides.”

The others nodded. Zhi Guan … he was strong but his thinking was rigid. Something really drastic would need to happen for him to betray the righteous side and the sect he had been a part of for so long. Even if they managed to fabricate a reason … they really didn’t think Zhi Guan could pull it off. His acting was probably a miserable show to watch.

Zhi Guan’s brows furrowed. “As junior martial sister Xi said, this is a dangerous task. I can’t expect anyone else to take over.”

Song Mu glanced from him to the others and finally cleared his throat. “I understand what you mean but I’m afraid that among all the disciples we currently have here in the border region, there are only three who could pull this off without being doubted too much: Your third junior martial brother, senior martial sister Xi, or Mei Chao Bing. Other than them, nobody else is suitable. So if we want to do this, then it has to be one of these people or we will simply send a person to their death.”

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