OMF V9C350 A Difficult Situation

The two of them went to bed, hugging each other closely. That grand gathering in the Long kingdom’s capital city seemed to be almost as much of a cut in their lives as their wedding would be. After all, just like Jing Yi had said, this was his grand farewell, the last time he would see this place for many, many years to come.

Qiu Ling was holding his hands in his right and had the other arm wrapped around his waist. Looking into his eyes in the building that was getting darker and darker, he was reminded of the night he had spent lying with Jing He on the eve of his trial.

The memory made his throat constrict and for a moment, he couldn’t get a single word out. Jing Yi had come to terms with everything but thinking of the frail figure of Jing He, he actually feared for the future.

That night, Jing He had thrown everything out of the window that he believed in, letting him stay there with him even though there was no official relationship yet and even though his father still hadn’t approved of him. The next day, he had taken the initiative to kiss him when he went on his trial, once again reaffirming that after the trial was over, nothing would stand between them any longer.

Jing He had made his decision and even though the trial had worked out like this, surely, nothing would change about that. At the very least, that was what he hoped for. With Jing He … it was hard to say.

To be honest, he knew just how low Jing He’s self-esteem was. Knowing that he had been in love with anyone else — even if that was a person who had shared his own soul — would surely make him doubt things once again. But then, he had already managed to convince him of his feelings once. He could do it again.

Qiu Ling took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled. “Well, let’s sleep then? Tomorrow will probably be exciting.”

Jing Yi nodded and closed his eyes, snuggling up closer to his fiance. Yes, tomorrow would certainly be exciting and he was looking forward to it. In fact, if not for Qiu Ling being with him, he might not be able to sleep. But with the man he loved by his side, he finally drifted off to the land of dreams after just a few moments.

On the other hand, Qiu Ling couldn’t find any rest. Since he had already thought of it, the worries from before all came back with might. That time wasn’t far off any longer. He really needed to start thinking about how to prove his love to Jing He once again and reassure him that he hadn’t lost his heart no matter what had happened on the trial.

Most likely, Jing He would be the most reassured if he wasn’t blindsided by it, right? Thus, after Jing Yi gave up his soul, he should rush straight back and be there for Jing He when he opened his eyes. After giving him some time to find back to himself, maybe have a checkup with the physicians from the Temple of Medicine, and letting the Heavenly Empress and Heavenly Emperor drag him here and there, then it would be time to explain.

As for what to explain … first of all, he should mention why he had followed him in the first place. He had done this out of love so Jing He would probably feel sweet when he heard about it. Then, he should apologize because he had screwed up. In the past, hadn’t Jing He always been understanding when he fessed up regarding his mistakes? Surely, this time, it wouldn’t be any different.

Actually, at that point, he wouldn’t need to go into details. Just saying that he had derailed his trial and that he had caused him to be gone far longer than intended should be enough. Then, he naturally had to mention how he had missed him. That even though he had been with his mortal reincarnation and even though he loved every bit of him even if it was a part of him that only existed for a trial, he had still wanted him back the way they had originally known each other.

Ah, it sounded so easy when he was sketching the situation out in his mind. He knew it would be different when he really had that talk though. For one, the Heavenly Emperor might try to say things that would unsettle Jing He before he had the chance to talk to him. And then, with Jing He’s insecurity, while he would love to know that he was the only one he loved, that couldn’t be said because he had also told Jing Yi that he loved him and Jing He would remember. Not to mention that Jing Yi was a part of Jing He, so if he said that he didn’t love him … it would be like saying that he didn’t love all of him and Jing He would surely fret about that.

Qiu Ling silently face-palmed. Jing Yi was right that they would have made the same decisions again if they were put in the situation once more without any additional knowledge. And yet, he couldn’t help but admit that he had maneuvered himself into a very, very bad situation. Every single word or mishap along the way could undo years of hard work. This … was not something he wanted to see.

He continued to ponder, trying to think of all the possible scenarios and what he could do to make sure that the things he worried about would not happen. Finally, the sky outside already started to brighten again. Qiu Ling sighed and closed his eyes. Anyway, there were still some days. For today, he should first focus on Jing Yi again. There was no use in excessively worrying about Jing He’s reaction before he was back anyway.

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