RMN C456 The True Plan of the Other Side

Well, Yun Bei Fen wasn’t the only one who hadn’t paid attention. Several of the other disciples had also gone to the underground palace but hadn’t looked at the murals too closely. At that time, those had simply looked like decorations. Now, they regretted it.

Song Mu faintly furrowed his brows. He also couldn’t remember but thinking of everything they had found so far and also what he had just seen again in the notes, he felt like there was something they hadn’t thought about or at least hadn’t thought enough about. “Say, if there was a mural relating to the Zhen Yan Sect’s guardian and we also know that they somehow stole part of the Jian Chu Sect’s guardian’s ability, do you think it likely that this has mostly to do with them?”

Zhi Guan’s expression darkened. Honestly, this was more than likely and also a guess they had had before, especially because Mei Chao Bing’s Master had been involved in everything. Back then, he hadn’t thought too much. Anyway, the guardians were in the sects and couldn’t be easily reached. But now, his two juniors both had abilities. Didn’t this mean that they would become targets for the demonic sects?

It seemed that he really had to keep this as quiet as possible. After all, even if the demonic sects weren’t looking too closely and noticed themselves what had happened with his juniors, if they managed to capture anyone who knew and the person talked, then they’d have a problem. He couldn’t let that happen.

Zhi Guan’s eyes narrowed. “What you say makes sense. Actually, we had a similar thought already when we found out about the ability of the white jade being used by them. I still can’t figure out their final objective though.”

Taishu Min looked thoughtful. As the direct disciple of Sect Master Mou, she knew a bit more about this than others. “This might just be a struggle for power. I’m not sure how much you guys know but the last war was won mostly thanks to the effort of the guardians. That is why they were given their high status in the first place. Their abilities combined were able to turn the tide in the final battle and reversed what would have been a surefire win for the demonic side.”

The others showed surprised expressions, including Zhi Guan. While blue butterfly had thought of that past from long ago, she hadn’t told him anything. And the sects didn’t teach much. If not for Taishu Min’s status in her sect, she wouldn’t have known either.

Thinking further, she felt like this idea shouldn’t be wrong. “We still don’t know how they managed to gain this ability but if they are able to teach many of their disciples this ability, then they will not only level the playing field, they will even gain a big advantage over us.

“Back in the day, when the last war was waged, the sects on the righteous side and the sects on the demonic side all stood shoulder to shoulder to fight against each other. Now that they have allied again, maybe they want to strike back to make up for their loss back then. If they did, they could reclaim the land outside the border region which would allow them to gain strength.”

Zhi Guan nodded. “It makes sense.”

Taishu Min gave a hum. “If it was true, then their plan is actually quite simple: Let one of the sects find signs pointing to one or more of the righteous sects. We will be busy looking for more and might become distrustful of each other if some sects are alluded to but others are not. So not only will we waste time but our alliance will weaken.

“While we are busy, they will make use of the long-standing preparations they have made here, lure us into one trap after the other to diminish our strength, then take the rest of the disciples here in one fell swoop. After that, the four great sects would have suffered a serious blow and might be unable to withstand in the next battle.”

Song Mu clicked his tongue. “Especially if everyone here was dead and they couldn’t be informed ahead of time. The fact that they viciously attacked the last group that wanted to report back to our Teng Yong Sect shows that they are trying to cut us off from reinforcements.”

Zhi Guan’s expression fell when he heard the last sentence. He suddenly had a bad guess. If they were cut off from the sects but needed help, then who was it that would go and get the reinforcements? Surely, it should be blue butterfly. After all, she could travel there fast and so far, she hadn’t mentioned that she had a limit on how many people could be carried through her dreamscape.

But they had now found out that blue butterfly’s dreamscape wasn’t as infallible as they had thought before. It could be located by somebody with a high enough perception. And who was to say that the other side didn’t have such a person or even multiple of them?

Zhi Guan got up and paced up and down, feeling agitated. They had thought that the abilities of the guardians were their greatest trump card but now, they might be what led to their fall.

He didn’t have much of a doubt that this guess was right. All of it just fit together much too well. But in that case, the danger was too high. Blue butterfly definitely couldn’t travel from the Jian Chu Sect to the Teng Yong Sect and their camp here in the border region. If she did, she’d only be painting a target onto her back.

But if she couldn’t travel, then how were Luo Lin and Yun Bei Fen supposed to figure out their abilities? And how could blue butterfly find a way to work around the perception skill’s threat to her dreamscape?

As much as he loathed to admit this, he was afraid that they had figured out the demonic side’s true plan and unfortunately, it was a very good one, one that had bound their hands from the very beginning and didn’t seem to have a way out.

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