SML V5C57 Taken Serious

Zhu Yi nodded and the two of them went back to the smaller room that they had entered first. Of course, they might as well have used the bigger one but Zhu Yi felt that it would have been a bit awkward with only two people in such a big room.

He closed the door behind them and then rubbed his hands. “Alright. What I want to check are just some basic moves since we will do beginner courses for now. So, I’ll just come and you and you react, alright?”

Li Ming nodded and then raised his hands, ready to do as he was told.

Neither of them had bothered to bring a change of clothes so moving around wasn’t as convenient. But then, neither of them minded. Anyway, when it came to these kinds of skills, you should be able to use them no matter what you wore.

Not to mention that Li Ming himself was used to having to do this. After all, as a security guard at a hotel, and even previously at the railroad station, he had never been dressed casual. No, somehow, when it came to security guards, dressing smartly was somehow what people expected, no matter how well that worked for moving around.

When Zhu Yi attacked, Li Ming didn’t hold back. This was an opportunity for him and one that he wanted to take advantage of. Even though Zhu Yi seemed rather relaxed, he was obviously also very passionate about his work. He wouldn’t have somebody stay who couldn’t give the performance he needed. So, if he wanted to get this job, he needed to impress him with his skills.

Zhu Yi’s eyes lit up when he saw Li Ming’s serious attitude. To be honest, he was pretty often not taken seriously. When he originally started out with his girlfriend, that had actually been a problem. There had been quite a few participants who would complain that it wouldn’t be a problem defending against either of them but that they were looking to be able to defend themselves against a big and strong attacker.

That attitude was one of his pet peeves because, in his eyes, what made him dangerous wasn’t his size but his knowledge and fitness level. Unfortunately, those people would never get it. Each time, he’d have to smile politely and ask them to give him a chance. Then, he first had to prove that he was able to hold his own against them.

Even after that, some of them were still complaining that it was just because they were untrained. And that after learning, while they might be able to win against him, they still wouldn’t be able to do what they actually wanted to do.

It was all nonsense. If a highly skilled person attacked them, then one self-defense course wouldn’t allow them to win that fight. In fact, ‘winning’ wasn’t what this was about in the first place.

No, this was supposed to keep them safe when they were suddenly attacked. It was supposed to give them a guideline on how to react based on different situations and make those steps a part of their muscle memory. Then, when they managed to fend off the attacker for a moment, it was still best to run to a safer place, call for help, or directly contact the police.

Some people understood this very well but with others, he had no such luck. No matter how often he explained, they just didn’t seem to get it. Unfortunately, he could only grit his teeth and let them run their mouths since they were paying, after all.

But anyway, Li Ming was definitely not the type to judge people like that. He got it. He probably shouldn’t be surprised about that. After all, as a security guard, Li Ming couldn’t allow himself to misjudge a situation because of some preconceived notions. Not to mention that he had probably worked with some smaller people before.

Zhu Yi smiled more brightly the longer they exchanged moves and the more he thought about it. Actually, if Li Ming could talk about his experience as a security guard a bit at the side, that might be able to give their participants some motivation and maybe even shut the annoying ones up.

Also, looking at him right now, Zhu Yi felt that with how tall Li Ming was, he was also the type of guy that would lend himself especially well to his demonstrations. After all, seeing him, and knowing that he was a security guard, nobody would dare to say that he was a small fry, right? The people who believed that size was everything, they couldn’t argue with it when they saw him make a move against Li Ming and achieve what they considered a ‘win’.

At this point, Zhu Yi was pretty much already sold on having Li Ming as his new partner. In fact, he wanted to have him for more than just those one or two courses a week.

Up until now, he had mostly been testing some basic skills even though he was sure that Li Ming as a security guard would be able to keep up. Now, he tried some more advanced skills, trying to see how it went. Needless to say, the result still wasn’t a surprise.

Zhu Yi smiled brightly as he stepped back and nodded. “Well, you’re hired.”

Li Ming laughed. “Just like that? What about my ability regarding how to deal with the participants?”

Zhu Yi gave a hum. Figuring out how well Li Ming was able to help with teaching was indeed the only problem. He would need a separate test for that and he already had an idea of how to go about it. But still … “It doesn’t matter. Even if you can’t do it yet, I’ll get you into shape regarding that. Since the practical skill is there and the two of us get along, I see no reason to delay this any longer.

“Anyway, if you’re unsure, you can just come by for a lesson next week and see how it goes. Maybe you’ll be surprised.” He shrugged his shoulders but actually, he wasn’t worried. Li Ming was a patient guy. When it came to teaching, that was the most important. Thus, he wasn’t worried at all.

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