OMF V9C346 Part Demon

This wasn’t the first time Xiang Yu thought of this after he had returned to his true self. With the thought coming up once more, he couldn’t help but feel that maybe it would really be for the best if he asked Tian for another chance. Although then again, it wouldn’t really change the overall situation.

A trial was nice and could give him a break. But what about after that? Just like when he had been Hua Lin Yu, he would die one day. Then after that, he would be back to being alone because nobody wanted to spend time with a fallen god. He didn’t want to see that happen.

Xiang Yu abandoned the idea for the moment and instead turned to Jinde, leaning forward to hug him. Anyway, this was one of the few people who were willing to accompany him despite what he was and he would even give him some words of advice. If you could choose your family, then he wanted to choose somebody like him.

Actually, come to think of it, Jinde had just said that he regarded Qiu Ling as his son and Qiu Ling was another one of the handful of people willing to be with him. It sure said a lot about their family!

Jinde felt some heartache looking at the small fallen god in his arms. He reached up to rub his back and glanced at his husband at the side.

Leng Jin Yu wasn’t sure what to do either. Anyway, they didn’t know Xiang Yu too well. He wasn’t worried about him being dangerous since he had seen his attitude toward them before but that didn’t mean that he knew how to deal with him. Still, he could see that something was definitely off. He hadn’t been like this before.

He also crouched down beside the two of them and requited Jinde’s gaze before turning back to Xiang Yu. “You know, you can stay here for a while if you want to. Qiu Ling and Jing Yi are both in the mortal realm right now and we are simply waiting for the little one to be born. So, having some company would be nice.”

Xiang Yu faintly raised his head and looked at him. He had been so focused on Jinde that he hadn’t paid much attention to Leng Jin Yu. It wasn’t that he didn’t like him but Leng Jin Yu just seemed a lot more serious so he didn’t know what to say. Hearing him offer this though, he still felt happy.

He clung to Jinde and wanted to nod but then hesitated after all. “Won’t that trouble you? I mean, I am a fallen god after all. People might become afraid.”

Leng Jin Yu gave a hum. “Well, the ones living on this corridor are pretty much only us and Qiu Ling, as well as Qiu Ling’s advisers. They should all be alright with this.”

Xiang Yu gave a hum. This wasn’t news to him since he had lived in the dragon realm with Xin Lan for a while. Suddenly, his eyes widened. Actually, this wasn’t true. Other than Qiu Ling’s advisers, there was one other person here: Bai Mu.

Jinde noticed that he had suddenly frozen and tilted his head. “What’s the matter?”

Xiang Yu wasn’t sure what to say. He looked up at him with a lost expression. Bai Mu … he had thought he loved him when he was Hua Lin Yu but now, after waking up, he naturally knew that it had simply been the buried memory of Yan Xia that made him feel those feelings.

Now, he wasn’t affected by that any longer. At the very least, he wasn’t in the same way as before. Instead, he felt like … something was wrong with that person. What if he was trying to screw over Nie Huang the same way Yan Xia and Xiao Li had tried to do with him?

He couldn’t let that happen! He had gotten to know Nie Huang and she was really nice. She didn’t deserve to have her life ruined. She deserved a fiance that loved her unconditionally and would never harm her. Could a man who was part demon really be that for her?

Jinde’s gaze turned cautious when he saw Xiang Yu’s expression that seemed to be getting anxious in a way he had never experienced before. He wasn’t afraid of him but he could see that something was wrong with this child.

He hurriedly clasped his hand in his so Xiang Yu couldn’t suddenly slip away and tried to see what was up. “What’s going on? You look a bit uncomfortable.”

Xiang Yu was pulled out of his thoughts but the idea he had just had wasn’t put aside. “I just thought of Nie Huang.”

“Nie Huang?” Jinde naturally also knew her but he had no idea what Xiang Yu meant. “What’s with her?”

“Did you know her fiance has some demon blood?”

“Ah.” Jinde realized what had happened and nodded. “I did. You know, he’s actually related to Qiu Ling’s lover. Back then, he really helped them. Qiu Ling let them settle down here because Nie Huang was a mortal and needed to make quick progress in her cultivation to stay with Bai Mu.”

Xiang Yu suddenly became unsure. “But … but he has demon blood.”

Jinde nodded. “So does Qiu Ling. But you don’t think he is a bad person, do you?”

Xiang Yu shook his head but then, his brows furrowed. “It’s not the same though! He’s still a dragon. Bai Mu isn’t.”

Jinde nodded. “That’s true. Actually, Bai Mu should be … mostly human?”

“Human?” Xiang Yu faintly tilted his head, not sure about that. He had met him as Hua Lin Yu but not afterward so he had never really been able to check. He had simply known he was a demon thanks to his similarity with Yan Xia.

Jinde nodded though. “Yes, his father was the mortal reincarnation of the God of War, Jing He’s uncle, and I believe his mother had mixed blood of the god, demon, and human race. So … he should be mostly human. No need for you to worry.

“Anyway, he’s family.” He tagged on the last sentence, hoping that this would make Xiang Yu feel a little milder. This child … he had some hang-up about the demon race which wasn’t odd but he definitely couldn’t let him go and act against Bai Mu.

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