RMN C450 Glowing

Tong Chen entered the room behind her but he couldn’t pick up anything odd with his spiritual sense. With how everyone had gone silent, he knew something was off though. He leaned closer to blue butterfly and faintly raised his brows. “What am I missing out on?”

Blue butterfly opened her mouth to explain but then didn’t know how to. Instead, she turned to Shen Lei for help.

He cleared his throat and glanced at Luo Lin before turning back to the black warrior. “Well, senior might be pleased to hear that my fiance indeed managed to copy some of white jade’s ability. It’s just that … just like with the red priest’s ability, there are some … subtle differences.”

“They’re not subtle!” Blue butterfly really couldn’t hold her tongue any longer. Calling this ‘subtle’ was the understatement of the century.

Shen Lei grimaced. “Well, maybe not that subtle.”

“He’s glowing. Literally glowing. Tong Chen, you should count yourself happy that you can’t see this. I know we only called Shang Qiang ‘white jade’ as a joke but this boy … he really looks like a piece of jade. His skin is as white as snow and … it glows.”

“I believe you mentioned that already.” Tong Chen’s lips quirked up. Honestly, he didn’t have much of an idea what Shang Qiang looked like so he had never gotten his plight with his looks or the funny part of calling him ‘white jade’. Naturally, he also couldn’t tell the difference between the result of Shang Qiang’s ability and that of Luo Lin. It sounded quite severe though.

Not wanting to focus too much on the visual part of things, he approached the bed where Luo Lin was still sitting. “Apart from your looks, did anything else change? I mean, does your skin actually have a different quality to it as well?”

Luo Lin looked at his hands that still mostly looked like before, save for the fact that the skin had an ethereal beauty to it now. He couldn’t help but smile. The first thing Shen Lei had said when he saw this was that he really looked like a fairy now.

He had to agree. This gave him a distinctively non-human look. Actually, it wasn’t bad. He had always valued his looks and he sure wouldn’t mind an upgrade. And even though blue butterfly was staring at him as if this was the strangest thing she had ever seen, Shen Lei’s gaze seemed to burn a little hotter than before. To be honest, he kind of hoped that this effect would prevail no matter what other tests they tried.

As for what the black warrior wanted to know … Luo Lin rubbed his fingertips against each other and shook his head. “It might be a bit smoother but otherwise, I can’t notice a difference.”

Tong Chen stayed quiet in response. They had already predicted before that Luo Lin would likely only be able to reproduce a certain part of somebody’s ability so this wasn’t surprising at all. The strangest part was maybe that he had copied something that didn’t have any use. Changing his looks … what kind of ability was that? Could it give him any kind of advantage in a fight?

Blue butterfly pursed her lips. “Have you tested what happens if you use spiritual energy?”

Luo Lin smiled even more brightly. “Of course, we did! Does senior want to see?”

Blue butterfly had a bad feeling about this but still nodded. As a result … Luo Lin’s skin seemed to glow even more. Honestly, if she closed the door and windows, he might be able to light up the room all on his own.

Blue butterfly could only sigh. “So you actually copied the most useless aspect of white jade’s ability?” She rubbed her forehead, not sure what to make of this. When she heard that Luo Lin might be able to copy abilities, she had been stupidly excited. Now, some of that was waning. Who knew what he would make of her ability? Somehow, she felt like she didn’t even want to know.

Tong Chen’s thoughts went in a similar direction but his main concern was something else. “Then, since this effect appeared, have you been able to still use the red priest’s ability?”

Luo Lin gave a hum. “I’m not sure. We didn’t try yet.”

“Then please do that. After that, we’ll be able to get a much better grasp on your ability.”

Luo Lin nodded and turned to his fiance, blinking his limpid eyes.

Shen Lei gave a hum and walked over, casually pulling out a dagger and cutting his hand. Honestly, he had been surprised when he saw Luo Lin like this and while it was a change, his fiance would never not be the most beautiful person to him. Not to mention that spicing things up every now and then with something new was very welcome.

He pulled him into his arms and brushed through his black hair with his uninjured hand, the silky strands running over his skin. Nothing had changed about them. It really was only his skin that was slightly different and it still felt the same when touching it. He was quite happy when he realized this.

Luo Lin smiled brightly and wrapped his arms around Shen Lei’s neck, pursing his lips while he leaned closer.

Shen Lei greeted him enthusiastically and what was supposed to be a healing session soon devolved into something else.

Blue butterfly raised her brows and turned to Zhi Guan. “Good thing your little junior isn’t here.”

Zhi Guan turned from watching the two people on the bed to blue butterfly and looked at her in confusion. “Why? If he also has an ability, wouldn’t it be best for him to learn more?”

Blue butterfly blinked her eyes. “Yes, sure. But do you want him to learn this?” She pointed at those two that looked like they were about to forget about everyone else.

Zhi Guan simply turned back and gave a hum. Actually, he didn’t think it was a problem but something told him that that shouldn’t be said out loud.

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