SML V5C51 Sounds Good

Duan Zhi Hao’s expression relaxed when he heard this response. From the sound of it, Li Ming wasn’t completely against it. He held back a sigh of relief and then smiled at Zhu Yi. “He asked to be put on speaker.”

Zhu Yi nodded happily. Honestly, hearing the other person’s voice and being able to speak to him was preferable to him as well. This way, he’d be able to get a better read on this guy. He didn’t want just anyone, after all. No, he was looking for a specific type of person. Otherwise, he would have just placed an advert somewhere.

Duan Zhi Hao put Li Ming on speaker and then put the phone down in the middle of the table. “Alright, you’re on speaker now.”

Li Ming gave a hum. “Thank you.” He hesitated for a moment, not sure how to start. “Hello! So … Zhi Hao mentioned you are looking for a person to join you? I am generally interested but would you mind telling me a bit more?”

Zhu Yi’s eyes lit up when he heard Li Ming’s voice. Of course, just talking wasn’t the same as meeting but this was better than nothing and so far, he liked what he heard. Not only was this guy polite, but he also sounded nice. His voice was a bit soft but also determined. This was basically perfect!

Duan Zhi Hao also saw that Zhu Yi seemed satisfied. He leaned back with a smile and simply let the two of them hash it out. If there was a problem, he could still jump back in.

Zhu Yi reigned his joy in after a moment and then thought it over. He had heard what Duan Zhi Hao had told Li Ming so he knew that he had presented the situation roughly. At this point, he should probably give a few details about himself, what he was doing, and what exactly he was looking for?

“Well, let me introduce myself first: My name is Zhu Yi, I’m a fitness instructor. I’m doing several courses and also some private instructions. One of the groups I currently have is centered around self-defense. It’s a mixed group for men and women. Most of my courses can be led by just one instructor but for this specific one, I am looking for somebody who could assist.

“Basically, what you’d be doing if you were interested would be to demonstrate scenarios with me, jump in if one of the participants can’t be there so that someone has no partner, and if you’re free help with guiding the participants so they won’t make mistakes and get hurt. Also, preparing for the course and wrapping up later could also use some help.

“Uh …” He thought for a moment, his eyes roving about. “Mister Duan said you do have some knowledge on self-defense?”

Li Ming gave a hum. “Yes, I am a security guard so self-defense isn’t a problem. But I don’t have any experience with instructing so I’m not sure if I could guide anyone even if it’s just for helping out.”

Zhu Yi smiled even more brightly. Duan Zhi Hao had already told him that the person he was thinking of was a security guard but he loved how straightforward and honest Li Ming was.

Others might have held some information back if they were interested because they were worried it wouldn’t make them look good. Somebody like that was tough to work with because he needed to keep a closer eye on them. With how Li Ming was, this would be easier though.

“Well, don’t worry about that. We can have a closer look if everything else fits and even make up for that if you’re really not up to that part. We can also start slowly, see how you adapt, and give you some more responsibility whenever you’re feeling ready for it. I’m quite flexible there. What I’m looking for is somebody …” He looked for the right word that could sum up his perfect candidate. “Well, I might call it ‘stable’. A person who leaves the candidates with a good first impression, goes about everything calmly, and who I can rely on being there with me the same each time we have the course.”

“I see. Well, so far, I don’t see any reason against this. Maybe we could meet up so you can have a look directly?” Actually, apart from the teaching part, he wasn’t too worried, but then, that was something he would only help out with while Zhu Yi would do most. He should be able to do that.

“I’d love that!” Anyway, his decision would mostly hinge on the person’s impression so meeting first was a necessity. “Mn, when are you free?” From the sounds of it, this Li Ming still had his job as a security guard so coming out to see him might be difficult. Organizing this might actually become the hardest part of this collaboration. Especially so since he likely wouldn’t be able to start working full-time on the courses.

Ah, that might actually cause problems … Zhu Yi worried for a moment but then decisively shook his head at himself. There was no reason to give up at the smallest inconvenience. Anyway, he should meet him first, see what he thought, discuss the rest of the details, and then make a decision. They could iron out the kinks in the plan while they were at the third step. No problem.

“Well, where would meeting be convenient?” I do give the courses at a local gym that rents me a room. We could go there but … it might be difficult to spot each other.”

At that, Duan Zhi Hao finally jumped in again. “Would you like to meet up at my office? Li Ming has come here before so he wouldn’t have trouble finding it. You could go over to the gym together afterward.”

Zhu Yi raised his brows and nodded. “Well, I’d be up for that.”

Li Ming gave a hum. “Yes, me too.” Not to mention that it might be less awkward if there was a person to introduce them who they both knew.

“Okay, then, when do you have time? I’m currently at Mister Duan’s office so if you’re free, I could wait around here.” He gave Duan Zhi Hao a questioning look, hoping that this would indeed be alright.

Duan Zhi Hao had no problem with that and just shrugged. “I’d be alright with that.”

Li Ming had some worries though. “That …” He glanced at Zhao Chen and couldn’t help but feel guilty. This was supposed to be their date but … he really was curious. Thinking for a moment, he cleared his throat. “Uh, let me ask my boyfriend first. We … were kind of on a date.”

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