RMN C449 Checking on Luo Lin

Nobody actually knew what the truth was but the three people all tacitly agreed to believe in Tong Chen’s theory for now. Anyway, they wouldn’t lose anything from giving it a try.

While Yun Bei Fen continued to train his newly-learned sword skills by himself, Zhi Guan and blue butterfly started to do some preliminary tests to find out whether she could block him and thus others as well from entering her dreamscape. Unfortunately, they didn’t have luck until the end of the night.

Blue butterfly sighed deeply. “I guess I’ll just have to be more careful now. Up until now, I always felt safe because I knew I could open my dreamscape at a moment’s notice and escape that way. Now, it won’t be as easy. After all, it’s not like I can check just by looking at somebody whether they can enter at will.”

Zhi Guan nodded silently. He also couldn’t help her figure out how to spot whether somebody had the same high perception as he did. He could only be there to help her test her ideas on how to better guard. Although, truth be told, after one night of testing, he felt like they wouldn’t be able to come up with anything.

He didn’t know much about abilities but he didn’t think that they were that much different from regular skills. They might be a bit more … specific and were something not everyone could learn just because they tried hard, but just like any other skill, there would be advantages and disadvantages. This was simply a fact.

When it came to blue butterfly’s dreamscape, the fact that others could enter it with a high enough perception was simply one of such disadvantages. Everything was like this so trying to change it was useless. No technique could ever be perfect. If it was … well, wouldn’t everyone try to use it? Even if that wasn’t possible without having the ability, they would try to emulate it. He didn’t even want to imagine the chaos that would follow such a thing.

Blue butterfly sighed when she realized that he wouldn’t talk this through with her and simply dropped the topic. Instead, she motioned over to Yun Bei Fen. “Well, let’s collect your little junior and get out of here. We still have to check on your third junior martial brother and then the black warrior and I will have to hurry back to our sects. If people find out that we were gone and even that this is a regular occurrence now, we’ll get into trouble.”

Zhi Guan faintly furrowed his brows, not understanding why anybody would make a big deal out of the guardians being out for a while. It wasn’t his matter though so he stayed silent on this topic as well.

The two of them walked over to Yun Bei Fen, Tong Chen slowly following behind. In fact, the Sect Master of the Jian Chu Sect probably wouldn’t even be surprised if he found out that blue butterfly had left. After all, this wasn’t the first time. As for Sect Master Zhang though …

He sighed. Actually, he had a good impression of him but he was also his Master’s disciple. The previous Sect Master had been very strict and he had surely exhorted Zhang Guan Yu several times to never let him leave. Surely, that would have left a subtle influence at least no matter how relaxed the current Sect Master usually was. No, he shouldn’t think that he would have the chance to do this more often. These two days were already the most he could expect.

Blue butterfly called out to Yun Bei Fen before Zhi Guan could say anything. “Eh, little one, not bad! The night should be over soon though so let’s call it a day for now and return to the sect.”

Yun Bei Fen lowered his sword and nodded, hastily putting it away before he rushed to their side. He looked at Zhi Guan and blue butterfly curiously, wondering how exactly they would get out of here.

He had originally fallen asleep to get into the dreamscape but he couldn’t very well just wake up to leave it, right? After all … he felt quite awake right now. Actually, it was quite strange to think that he had been training his sword skills in a dream and was supposed to remember all of this even outside his dream. But then, things were different with blue butterfly involved.

Blue butterfly simply smiled and then flicked his forehead. “Alright, off you go.” Then, she pushed him out of the dreamscape and turned to the other two. “He might still be asleep even after throwing him out. The three of us should go and see his third senior martial brother. Hopefully, he’ll be up by now.”

Zhi Guan nodded and stepped out himself while Tong Chen had to wait for blue butterfly to push him out as well. Then, the three came together in the courtyard again, exchanging a quick glance before Zhi Guan went over to the door of Luo Lin and Shen Lei’s room.

When he knocked, it only took a moment for Shen Lei to open the door and raise his brows at him. “Ah Guan, you’re here early.” He glanced at the guardians behind him and inclined his head in greeting. “I guess this is about Ah Lin’s ability?”

Blue butterfly nodded. “Yes, was there any progress?”

Shen Lei looked at her quietly for a moment and finally stepped aside. “Well, see for yourself.”

Blue butterfly blinked her eyes, not sure what to make of this but when Zhi Guan stepped into the room without a second thought, she followed him inside. What she saw … well, she wasn’t sure how to feel about it. Right now, she only regretted that she hadn’t brought Yan Jian Hong and Shang Qiang along. She really needed somebody that she could ask whether they were seeing the same thing she did.

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