OMF V9C332 A Very Happy Couple

Xiang Yu’s eyes went wide. Having a child, to him, was something that was hardly conceivable. Contrary to Jing He who had gone on his first trial a good ten years after coming of age, most trueborn gods were different and would leave for their first one before that.

Usually, their parents would choose the right time for them just like the Heavenly Emperor had for him. Most of them tried to find a time when their child had matured to a certain degree already because, otherwise, it could be difficult to handle it if the trial was a tough one. Thus, they weren’t so much literal children rather than youths at the cusp of becoming adults.

Xiang Yu had been the same. There had still been a hundred or maybe two hundred years until he would have come of age. So, while he had understood many things, children had never been on his mind. Then, after being reincarnated as Mo Qing, he had fallen in love with Yan Xia. Between two men, how could children be a question? Thus, even after that, it hadn’t crossed his mind.

If he were to think back now, Xiang Yu might have questioned why this hadn’t come up. After all, the immortal races and the demons in particular, were very well able to have children between partners of the same sex. But then, because he didn’t think of having a child himself, he never questioned these matters and just accepted them at face value.

Still, he had a vague notion of what it meant to have a child together. In his mind, it was mostly linked to being a couple that was in deep love but that was enough. He knew Jinde and Leng Jin Yu so this news sounded like good news. His eyes glittered and he almost wanted to go over there to have a look now.

Qiu Ling chuckled at his expression. Really, whoever had thought this fallen god was going to make trouble in the mortal realm really didn’t know him. “Don’t get so excited! They only did the ceremony shortly before I left. With how short we’ve been in the mortal realm, that child hasn’t even been conceived for a whole day. So even if you go back now, it’ll be another ten months before it breaks out of the shell.”

Xiang Yu blinked his eyes, not totally sure about what this was about a shell. He hadn’t really thought about how they were having that child. Now, he hastily touched the mark of wisdom to find out. Realizing that it was completely different from what he had thought, he indeed calmed down. “Well, ten months also aren’t a lot.”

Qiu Ling nodded. “They’re not but that means you can take it slow and accompany us here first.”

Xiang Yu nodded and dropped the topic. Still, he was happy for the two of them. Clearly, this had to be something they had wanted very much if they went out of their way to gather materials and hold a ceremony. It wasn’t something that just happened.

In a good mood, he started to share with Qiu Ling what he had experienced on his trial until Jing Yi got up as well. Seeing him, Xiang Yu smiled brightly. As a fallen god, he could see more than the regular person and he was able to see at a glance that Qiu Ling’s soul was joined with Jing Yi’s. Thus, his good mood improved further. At this moment, he didn’t even think of moping because Xin Lan wasn’t around.

Jing Yi was confused when he saw Xiang Yu but then just sat down next to Qiu Ling and joined the conversation. The two of them hadn’t planned anything specific so he didn’t mind entertaining somebody else for a while.

It took another hour for Wu Ya and Hong Bao to join them. Originally, Wu Ya had long been up but Hong Bao was practicing her martial arts in the courtyard and he naturally didn’t want to lose the opportunity to spend time with her so he quietly accompanied her, even having another practice fight. Then, he trailed behind her when she went to see Qiu Ling and Jing Yi.

Qiu Ling looked at the two of them and gave a hum, motioning at them. “That’s the two friends I told you about.”

“Wu Ya?” Xiang Yu blinked his eyes. He had known that Wu Ya was here but he hadn’t thought much about it. Now, he realized that he had been stupid. Qiu Ling was the king of the dragon race and Wu Ya was part of the spirit beast tribe. Them knowing each other really wasn’t that strange.

Wu Ya looked at him. For a moment, he was confused but then he realized who this was. “Xiao Yu?”

Xiang Yu nodded wildly. Seeing as Wu Ya’s attitude didn’t seem to be any different, he was naturally happy.

Qiu Ling simply chuckled and then got up. “Well, I see that the two of you will get along quite well. In that case, please excuse my fiance and me. We’ll go and spend some time alone together. You three can hang out together and maybe invite Hong Bao’s sister and brother-in-law if you are bored.”

The three nodded simultaneously, all understanding that Qiu Ling and Jing Yi would naturally want some alone time.

When they had left, Hong Bao turned to the others. “Let’s not invite my sister and her husband. They’re also a couple. They probably want some time alone as well. They rarely leave the sect.”

Xiang Yu blinked his eyes. “Who is your sister? And who’s her husband?”

“Oh, it’s like this …”

And with that, Shen An De’s worry about his sister-in-law striking up a friendship with a fallen god indeed came true. Although in this case, it really wasn’t as dangerous as he would have expected.

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