RMN C446 The True Source

Blue butterfly looked at him with an odd expression. The truth behind their abilities? She had never even thought that there might be such a thing. But now that Tong Chen brought it up and mentioned that he might have seen something, she was sure that there was something to that claim even if she couldn’t understand it. “Did you have a vision?”

Tong Chen shook his head and motioned to the two disciples. “It’s your dreamscape so you can change it however you like. In a bit, you leave a mark following what Zhi Guan demonstrates. Then, compare it with what his junior martial brother does.”

Blue butterfly still blinked her eyes in confusion but also gave a nod. If Tong Chen thought she should do this …

Meanwhile, the black warrior called out to the two of them. “Zhi Guan, try and teach your junior another skill.”

Zhi Guan looked up. Clearly, his little junior wasn’t ready yet but judging from the black warrior’s expression and everything else that had happened recently, he understood that this likely wasn’t about that. Thus, he inclined his head before turning back to Yun Bei Fen. “Then I will demonstrate something else for you before we continue.”

Yun Bei Fen nodded as well, not thinking too much. Contrary to Zhi Guan, he didn’t get what the black warrior meant but he trusted the three people currently with him in the room so he didn’t mind.

He quietly watched as Zhi Guan demonstrated another skill for him, then inclined his head when his senior martial brother finished, showing that he had more or less gotten it. At Zhi Guan’s motion, he slowly followed what he had just seen.

At the side, blue butterfly’s brows slowly rose. “They’re … exactly alike.”

Tong Chen nodded. “Yes. Continue to mark down what he does.” With that, he turned back to the disciples. “Train that skill for a while.”

Zhi Guan nodded and the two of them continued while blue butterfly watched them, silently using her ability to leave marks all over the dreamscape.

Yun Bei Fen didn’t notice anything. The marks weren’t visible to the naked eye. They were simply a part of the dreamscape that quietly hung around the air and were scattered over the ground.

On the other hand, Zhi Guan did seem able to perceive them. He glanced at them a few times at first but then slowly started to pay more attention after a while, watching as one mark after the other appeared. When Yun Bei Fen had just finished another round, Zhi Guan’s brows deeply furrowed. Suddenly, he felt that he understood why the black warrior had asked him to teach Yun Bei Fen another skill.

He reached out and patted his little junior’s shoulder once, motioning ahead. “Just repeat it a few times to become more familiar. There is something I have to discuss with the guardians.”

Yun Bei Fen gave a hum and went back to practicing.

Meanwhile, Zhi Guan strode over to blue butterfly and the black warrior, his gaze somewhat abnormal. “What is going on?”

Blue butterfly’s gaze was also solemn at this point but she didn’t feel that she should explain. Tong Chen had found this, after all, and likely had some deeper thoughts than her by now.

The black warrior didn’t need them to ask any further. He motioned to where Yun Bei Fen was training. Even though he couldn’t perceive the marks and had a harder time comparing what Zhi Guan had done with Yun Bei Fen, he still had a good guess what kind of picture was currently showing.

“While watching how you taught him the first skill, I couldn’t help but notice something peculiar. When he first repeats the moves you show him, it seems a bit awkward but looking more closely, it is a perfect replica. It simply doesn’t seem right because he indeed does exactly what you do instead of adjusting it for himself.

“Later, after repeating it more often, the adjustment happens bit by bit. Sometimes, you can see a perfectly similar movement peek through that has completely adapted your moves for his body. Most often, that happens when you give a pointer from the side and he is distracted. It’s the same as what his fiance noticed.”

Zhi Guan silently looked at his junior martial brother before turning back to the black warrior. “This is the ability you suspected.” There was no hint of this being a question. He already knew. Something like that … it seemed impossible without an ability. After all, everyone had to learn slowly and everyone had their own style. How could another person’s style be replicated this easily and perfectly?

The black warrior inclined his head. “Yes, it looks more and more like an ability. I didn’t notice it as much yesterday because we were outside but here in the dreamscape, it is as clear as day. This degree of replication … it’s not normal.”

Zhi Guan kept quiet in response and only slowly turned around, watching his little junior. Abilities … he didn’t think much about it before. Now, it seemed he would need to care more. Anyway, there wasn’t just Yun Bei Fen but also Luo Lin. His juniors … he couldn’t let them be in danger because of such a thing.

Contrary to his silent reaction, blue butterfly couldn’t help but speak up. “I can see what you mean but … what exactly is the ability? Just … copying?” She couldn’t help but feel strange. This was exactly what they had thought of Luo Lin’s ability before, just that it wasn’t about copying abilities but regular skills. Still, could there be such a coincidence?

Tong Chen shook his head though. “I’m afraid it’s not that easy. No, there should be more to this. As for the specifics … I think the answer lies in the true source of our abilities.”

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