RMN C445 A Glimpse at the Truth

While the two guardians were already thinking about something completely else, Yun Bei Fen focused his whole attention on his training. He demonstrated a few times what he already knew while his first senior martial brother watched and then tried to adjust according to what he told him.

After about half an hour, Zhi Guan was satisfied. Even though these were the most basic of skills, they were still important to know and his little junior’s proficiency was up to par. With this as a base, he should be able to learn the rest more easily.

Thinking of this, Zhi Guan inclined his head to show his acceptance of Yun Bei Fen’s previous display and then motioned ahead. “I will show you another set.” With that, he did exactly as he said.

When it came to sword fighting, Zhi Guan was of the firm belief that as long as you knew the basics, the rest wasn’t difficult. After all, everything else relied on precisely these moves. Thus, he didn’t think that his little junior should have trouble with this. These skills were only combinations after all.

Yun Bei Fen watched his first senior martial brother closely but his thoughts were completely different from Zhi Guan’s: This was really too hard! There was so much he’d have to remember and he really wasn’t sure how he would even make use of this later on.

When it came to the cultivation skills that Mei Chao Bing had shown him, he had understood it much better. Well, maybe that was also because Mei Chao Bing had bothered explaining what they were used for contrary to Zhi Guan who simply demonstrated and felt that the rest should be obvious.

Zhi Guan finished the set of moves and came back, looking at Yun Bei Fen questioningly. “Did you see well?”

Yun Bei Fen pondered for a moment and finally nodded. “I should have!” Anyway, he’d only know how well he had really done after repeating these steps and listening to his first senior martial brother’s feedback. Before that, it was hard to say.

“Go ahead then.” Zhi Guan wasn’t a person who lost time. Since they were training, they should train well. Don’t waste time on useless words.

Yun Bei Fen nodded and then carefully tried to retrace his first senior martial brother’s steps and movements.

At the side, blue butterfly clicked her tongue. “How is it? Other than being slow, he isn’t bad, is he?”

The black warrior didn’t answer immediately. His brows furrowed though. He couldn’t help it. Seeing the image in his spiritual sense, he felt … odd.

Blue butterfly didn’t think much about his lack of reaction. Tong Chen had always been taciturn. When she wanted somebody to chat with, it was better to go and speak to Yan Jian Hong. This guy … there was not much hope. It wasn’t that he wouldn’t talk at all but sometimes, he’d take a long time to answer. Who knew what he was pondering inside?

Yun Bei Fen finished the set of movements and got another nod from his first senior martial brother.


Thus, Yun Bei Fen rushed back to where he had started and then repeated the movements, this time being slightly faster.

Their training was just like that: One demonstrated, the other followed with the first one watching. If there was something to say, it would be said. If nothing could be said, nothing would be said.

For now, Zhi Guan didn’t want to give any opinion yet. His little junior wasn’t very familiar with the movements yet and would need more time. He should let him repeat this a few times and then they could see how things stood. If there were still mistakes at that time, he would point them out and demonstrate more closely.

The two guardians at the side continued to observe, Tong Chen’s brows furrowing deeper and deeper. There was a vague guess in his mind but it was somewhat abstract and he didn’t know how to confirm. Even if he could, he wasn’t sure if it would change anything. Thus, he simply continued to use his spiritual sense to bear witness to the process in front, quietly continuing to confirm his conjecture.

The two disciples didn’t pay any attention to them at all. Their practice continued as usual without interruptions, the time outside the dreamscape quickly passing by while Yun Bei Fen got more familiar with the new skills.

Blue butterfly sighed when half the night had gone by. “You know, watching somebody practice their sword is incredibly dull. I already hated it when you did it back in the day. Now, we are already at this level and in a space created by myself but I still have to watch this kind of process. Don’t you think there is something wrong with this?”

Tong Chen’s lips faintly curled. “If you were slightly more interested in sword arts, you’d not find it as boring.”

Blue butterfly could only sigh again. “I’m not. What can I do about it? I should have pulled somebody else in here other than you. You’re really not the exciting type of person.”

The black warrior gave a hum. He really couldn’t be called exciting. But then, maybe there was a way to not only relieve Shu Fen’s boredom but also to verify his thoughts. “How about trying something out?”

Blue butterfly glanced at him and couldn’t help but feel that his expression was somewhat off. “What kind of thing?”

For a moment, Tong Chen didn’t answer, then he motioned around the room and at the two of them. “Our abilities, what do you think how they work?”

Blue butterfly blinked her eyes, not understanding what he was trying to get at. “What do you mean?” Each ability had its own way of how it was utilized and the only one who could really grasp it was the person with that specific ability. So what did he want to hear when asking such a question?

The black warrior turned to her, his spiritual sense tracing her figure. “I just mean … that there is something we have always overlooked in regard to them. Where do they actually come from? And what is the most basic principle behind them? I just feel … like I might have glimpsed a bit of that just now.”

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