OMF V9C322 Adorably Naive But Unfortunately Self-Centered

Xiang Yu didn’t mind her silence. Anyway, he was preoccupied with how sad it was that Xin Lan would need time. Considering that they had just made up before he was killed, it was such a waste. It would have been much better to talk it through, reaffirm their feelings, and get married right away. But then again, those feelings seemed one-sided right now and he knew that he couldn’t force the issue.

Actually, come to think of it, there was still the problem of Xin Lan not being a real dragon. Even after falling in love and getting married, there was a chance to be betrayed. He didn’t like that at all. Ah, he should have asked Tian whether he could curse him for him …

Xiang Yu tilted his head this way and that before finally looking up again and sitting down next to Fei Bai Mu and Hong Ai. “I get why he needs time. Anyway, it’s me who he is mourning so I guess it’s alright. But I’m a little bothered by it. For this time, I’ll be all alone. Shouldn’t he feel distressed for me?”

Fei Bai Mu felt a headache incoming. Actually, this fallen god wasn’t too different from her disciple. He was quite lovely when you saw him and there was something adorably naive about the way he looked at the world that made people want to pamper him but, at the same time, he was also really self-centered.

Hua Lin Yu had slowly been growing up over the last few years and this tendency had seemed to lessen. But he hadn’t been all the way there and now, it seemed that this habit had come back with a vengeance.

She mulled over the possible responses and then lightly cleared her throat. “What happened in detail? Wasn’t Xin Lan supposed to wait here? How come he knows about this earlier than me?”

Xiang Yu realized that his Master really couldn’t help much if she wasn’t aware of everything so he hurriedly retold the story of how he had had that vision, followed Xiao Li, and got killed, dying in Xin Lan’s arms.

Fei Bai Mu sighed after she got even the last bit out of him. “In that case, it’s really no wonder. See, Xin Lan … he loved Hua Lin Yu very much. That much was obvious at a glance. To suddenly have him die and even in such a manner … he won’t get over that easily. But that is simply a statement to the depths of his feelings.”

Xiang Yu nodded slowly. “I guess that is true. I should just be happy that he loves me so much. But then, that was always clear. He did seem to be going after me even before the trial.” He pondered, thinking back to all the times Xin Lan had appeared in front of him. Back then, he had tried to make him give up on pursuing him. Now, he couldn’t help but fret. What if he had succeeded back then? That really would have been his loss!

Fei Bai Mu didn’t know what was going on in his head but she silently lit a candle for Xin Lan in her mind. Clearly, he would have a lot of trouble getting this fallen god to stop bothering him. In fact, he could count himself lucky if Xiang Yu didn’t start to appear before him while he was still grieving.

Thinking of such a scene, Fei Bai Mu felt uncomfortable all over. Even though Xin Lan was a bit forceful sometimes and she hadn’t always had a good impression of him, that had changed with time. At the very least, she was convinced that he had genuinely loved her disciple. She definitely didn’t want to see him getting harassed at such a time.

She thought for a moment and then tried to reason with Xiang Yu. “When it comes to Xin Lan and his mourning period, it’s difficult to say how long it will take. You should probably wait for him to come to you. When he does, he’ll be over it.”

Xiang Yu nodded immediately, not doubting her words at all. “Then I’ll do that. Until then … well, I’ll find something to do.” He looked from Fei Bai Mu to Hong Ai and then back again, pursing his lips. “Master seems to be busy, then I shouldn’t disturb you. I … I’ll go and see my family.”

Fei Bai Mu wanted to hold him back but Xiang Yu had already gotten to his feet, opened a gate, and stepped through. She could only hold her forehead and sigh deeply, regretting that she wasn’t faster. The Hua family … they didn’t know about the vision or how things had been before. If this fallen god suddenly appeared in front of them, who knew how they would react? Actually, she was a bit afraid to find out.

Hong Ai could also imagine that things wouldn’t go well. “We should warn them.”

“What’s there to warn? He can just open a gate and be there. Even if we were to rush over at our fastest speed, we can’t catch up.” She sighed again and shook her head. “No, there is nothing we can do on that front.” On the other hand, she could still warn the other people in the Jian Yi Sect. She probably should. After all, if Xiang Yu didn’t get the right reaction from the Hua family, he would likely go and try to find company somewhere else.

She shook her head with a sigh and took out a brush and paper, hurriedly writing a letter and folding it up into a paper crane. Actually, she could count herself lucky that her disciple hadn’t known that many people. Otherwise, they’d have a problem. Still, it might be best to keep an eye on the situation. A fallen god that might lose his cool in the middle of the mortal realm was not something that she as the Sect Master of the Jian Yi Sect could ignore.

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