SML V5C47 What Does He Have That I Don’t?

Actually, he had tried to take advantage of the situation back then. Mo Fang had seemed so vulnerable and — even though he hated to admit it — he had also been able to see that this was precisely the time when he would be the most open to reconciliation.

Being rejected over and over again by a man he had managed to hook but not keep had done a number on Mo Fang’s self-esteem. And even though he had known how wrong it was, he had figured that if he was ever open to taking somebody back, then it should be in such a situation.

Unfortunately, no matter how he had tried, Mo Fang had blocked any of his attempts. In the end, he had needed to admit to himself that Mo Fang simply wouldn’t take him back no matter what he did. On the other hand, he happily would have been open to doing so with Li Ming. That was precisely why he was so jealous.

He leaned back and sighed deeply. “I’ve always wondered what your boyfriend has that I don’t. Like, don’t get me wrong, Li Ming isn’t bad. But in comparison, I don’t think I’m worse anywhere. In terms of looks, I’d say we’re both pretty equal. A different type, maybe, but Mo Fang doesn’t deal in types. Heck, he would even date a guy twice his age and not think twice about it. What type of man would he consider to be worse?

“When it comes to the rest, I actually feel that I’d come out on top. My education is better, I have a sizable income, quite a bit of savings, my own house. I’ve been abroad for several years and I’d be willing to quit everything here at the drop of a hat and relocate to another country if Mo Fang asked me.

“Compared to that, what is it your boyfriend has to offer? I just don’t get it.” He was genuinely confused in regard to this. Back then, he had thought about it a lot but no matter how he looked at it, he simply couldn’t come up with anything. “I guess it should be something in my behavior but I think I’m a pretty qualified boyfriend.”

Zhao Chen raised his brows, feeling a bit uncomfortable. What was he supposed to say to this? He didn’t know Linghu Jiahao that well and he had never even met Mo Fang so he had no idea what that guy was looking for. As for Li Ming … well, he was his boyfriend and he was the one who had chased him. Of course, he’d think that Li Ming was very good.

Linghu Jiahao shook his head with a sigh. “Well, you’re the wrong person to ask this question. Anyway, this is something I’m grappling with. But for the two of you, there’s really no reason so don’t worry too much. The kind of problem you think you have … you don’t. It’s only in your head. And if you treat it that way, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to get through this.”

Zhao Chen nodded. “Yeah, I guess so. Anyway, it doesn’t matter much. Mo Fang isn’t even in China and from what you mentioned, things seem to be going well with his new boyfriend?”

Linghu Jiahao pursed his lips. “Don’t mention that. It’s bad enough to look at your boyfriend’s past with Mo Fang and think I’m not good enough. If I look at this guy now who is currently in a better position …” He sighed even more deeply than before. “I know, I should wish him the best but I’m not that good of a person.” He picked up his drink with a grimace.

Maybe this was the answer to his question: Li Ming was simply the better man. Even though hearing about Mo Fang’s new relationship had clearly struck a nerve, he didn’t resent it the way he did. He certainly wasn’t hoping that Mo Fang would break up with him. But then, why would he if he wasn’t interested? If something or someone held no meaning to you, it was easy enough to wish them happiness with somebody else.

Zhao Chen really didn’t want to deepen that conversation any further so he simply gave a hum that could have meant anything and then dropped the subject. “Anyway, I’m glad you were willing to talk to me about this. I’m not sure how much it has helped but I feel a bit better now and everything else will probably be cleared up when I get the chance to have a deeper conversation with Li Ming about this.”

Linghu Jiahao nodded. “Mn, it’s good if that’s the case. Despite everything I just said about being happy that Li Ming is off-limits for Mo Fang since he’s in a relationship, I honestly do think that the two of you make for a nice couple. It’d be a pity if you broke up over something that is basically ancient news.”

Zhao Chen nodded. “Yes, I think so too. I mean, it’s been two years and Li Ming has done a lot to heal from this. I wouldn’t feel comfortable breaking up over this either. Not that I intend to do that.” He raised his brows and hurriedly clarified, feeling that his previous statement might have sounded like he was thinking about that.

Linghu Jiahao simply smiled. “Don’t worry, I won’t think too much about it. Anyway, it’s your relationship and we only met yesterday anyway. I wouldn’t dare to judge more than the first impression I got. So … yeah, I do wish you luck.”

“Thanks. I …” Zhao Chen hesitated for a moment but finally just laughed. “Well, I do hope whoever that guy is you’re going to meet on your blind date, he’ll be able to swoop you off your feet so you can stop pining for that Mo Fang. I know you love him but it can’t feel good to always think of somebody you know you don’t have a chance with.”

“No, it really doesn’t.” Linghu Jiahao lowered his gaze, wondering about that blind date himself. The result … he’d have to wait for a few more days to find out. He wasn’t very optimistic but maybe Si Tao would manage to surprise him. No matter how skeptical he was, he also realized that it would be for the best.

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