OMF V9C321 Not Quite Her Disciple

Xiang Yu did not know what it meant to put down his last obsession but mourning a loss only seemed to rely on time passing. Since that was the case, he would be patient for a while and then go to meet Xin Lan again. As for what to do in the meantime …

He tilted his head and put the earring away, feeling that he shouldn’t wear it before Xin Lan realized his feelings for him. Then, he gave Tian a faint smile. “Then I’ll go to the mortal realm first. There are still some people I want to see.”

Tian wanted to say something but finally just nodded. “You go and have fun then.” Anyway, Xiang Yu would realize it himself when he went down there and maybe it was better that way. He needed … something to let go of the experience. After all, it was difficult for a fallen god to extricate themselves from a trial since there was no adjustment period like the trueborn gods had them.

Xiang Yu nodded happily and opened a gate again, returning to the Hei Dian Sect after all. Since Xin Lan didn’t have time to accompany him right now, he would go and spend time with other people. Surely, that would be fun.

When Xiang Yu arrived at the Hei Dian Sect, Fei Bai Mu was spending time with Hong Ai. She was actually worried about Hua Lin Yu but then, she knew that she had to trust her disciple. She couldn’t always be there after all so she needed to let him make his own experiences. And if even Xin Lan was able to just sit back and wait …

Hong Ai could also see that she was in a tangled mood but didn’t say anything. After leaving her own sect back then, she had never even thought about taking in any disciples. No, nowadays, she simply focused on her own cultivation and spend her days happily with her husband.

It was a good life for her and she missed nothing but it also meant that she couldn’t quite find the words to reassure Fei Bai Mu. Anything she could say would likely sound like a platitude with her never having needed to go through something similar. So really, it wasn’t the time to chat idly and the two just quietly sat together, spending time this way.

This was the scene that Xiang Yu happened upon. He blinked his eyes in surprise and then watched for a moment. As Hua Lin Yu, he had really liked his Master. She was kind to him and even spoiled him sometimes, even though she could also be strict. Simply put, she was the kind of existence he really wanted to have in his life.

He stepped closer, finally drawing the attention of the two women.

Hong Ai was mostly confused but Fei Bai Mu’s expression changed to one of obvious worry. This person … she knew enough to understand that he was a fallen god. Even under the best of circumstances, that information was bound to make one worried but today, it was even worse. After all, just a few hours ago, Xin Lan had told them that Hua Lin Yu had originally been a fallen god.

Fei Bai Mu gulped, afraid of asking what was going through her mind. In the end, she couldn’t keep it back though. She needed to know. “Xiao Yu?”

Xiang Yu’s eyes lit up when he was recognized immediately. He rushed over, his lips curving up in a genuine smile. “Master!” Sure enough, there were still good people in the world. And just as expected, his Master was one of them. Whether he was Hua Lin Yu or Xiang Yu, she would be able to recognize him and still treat him kindly.

Hong Ai looked from Xiang Yu to her friend and back again, slowly figuring out the situation as well. She opened her mouth to say something but finally kept quiet after all. Anyway, what was there to say?

Fei Bai Mu closed her eyes. Her worst fears had actually come true and it had happened in such a short amount of time as well. She took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled, trying to rein in her sadness. Somehow, she felt like she shouldn’t show it in front of this person too much. “What happened?”

When he was suddenly asked about that, Xiang Yu’s expression scrunched up, the usual gloom returning. “It’s all that Xiao Li’s fault! He actually dared to attack me.”

Fei Bai Mu nodded. “I see. Then you …”

Xiang Yu tilted his head and his expression eased again. “Well, I woke up in the High Heavens again, then went to kill him. I also saw Xin Lan afterward but he isn’t doing so well. I decided to give him some time. Anyway, Tian said it was better this way.” He lowered his head, looking a bit pitiful all of a sudden.

Fei Bai Mu had no idea what to say. Killing the person who had killed his mortal reincarnation … that seemed very much in line with a fallen god’s behavior. Although, truth be told, maybe everybody would have a bit of a temper when they were suddenly killed. If they could retaliate, most of them would likely do it, they usually just didn’t get the chance.

The second part worried her though. Xin Lan had said before that he was only interested in Hua Lin Yu, not the person he had been before. It didn’t sound like this fallen god had gotten that message though. Would Xin Lan be alright?

But then, she probably shouldn’t worry about him. She should worry about herself first. After all, he had come running straight to her when Xin Lan wasn’t available. It was just … this was not her disciple. He wasn’t even the same race as her and his soul was even damaged. She didn’t have the first idea about how to deal with him.

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