SML V5C46 He’d Love to Get Back Together

Zhao Chen nodded but this was something that was easier said than done. It wasn’t that he didn’t agree. No, he was sure that Linghu Jiahao was right. But he couldn’t simply turn his feelings off. So even though he knew that it was idiotic to feel like this and didn’t want to do it, he couldn’t help himself. “Do you think there is any way for them to get back together?”

Linghu Jiahao sighed. “From your boyfriend’s side? Definitely not. One look at him and you know he had his heart bruised badly from that relationship. He wouldn’t do that to himself again. From Mo Fang’s side though? Yeah, he would.”

At that, Zhao Chen’s eyes widened. Actually, while he had asked, he had thought he would get a resounding ‘no’ and some kind of explanation that would make him feel better. Hearing that Li Ming’s ex might still be interested though … it really wasn’t helping his mood improve.

Linghu Jiahao laughed. “You shouldn’t ask if you don’t want to hear the truth. I’m just saying it as it is. Mo Fang … he has dated a lot of men, more than he probably ever wanted. He’s looking for that one guy that can give him what he wants but he can’t find him.

“Your boyfriend came pretty close, I’d say. I can’t be sure, of course, but it does look like it. Mo Fang chased him for a while and didn’t simply give up, they were together for far longer than was usual for Mo Fang, and — what is probably the most telling — Mo Fang stayed single for quite a while afterward. None of that would have happened if the interest hadn’t been genuine.”

Zhao Chen furrowed his brows and lowered his head. Yes, unfortunately, it sounded like this was indeed the truth.

Linghu Jiahao kept quiet for a moment and simply watched him. Finally, he gave a low laugh. “What are you even doing? I said your boyfriend wouldn’t go for it so even if there was an opportunity, it wouldn’t matter. I’m jealous because Mo Fang genuinely prefers your boyfriend over me and I think he’d try with him again but would never with me. But you don’t have a reason to be like this at all. What Mo Fang feels for Li Ming shouldn’t matter as long as Li Ming isn’t interested. And we both agree that he isn’t, right?”

Zhao Chen nodded. He felt a bit torn on this issue. He also knew that Linghu Jiahao was right. After all, this was exactly what he had told Li Ming earlier in the day: Even if Mo Fang suddenly appeared in front of him, Li Ming still wouldn’t choose him. So why was he still beating himself up over this?

He didn’t know but this was something he had to get behind. Only when he figured this out could he have his talk with Li Ming and settle this matter. Ah, it was probably time for some introspection. He had learned from Linghu Jiahao what he could about Mo Fang. Now, it was up to him to figure out his issues. “Well, thanks for telling me. I … I will need to think about this.”

Linghu Jiahao nodded. “Yeah, you should. Honestly, Li Ming is a keeper. Even though I’m jealous of him I won’t deny that. And, well, maybe I’ll also be relieved if he’s in a happy relationship. Mo Fang isn’t the type to try and break somebody up. If you’re with somebody else, he won’t give you a second glance.”

Zhao Chen’s brows shot up in surprise. Somehow, this wasn’t what he had expected. In his mind, Mo Fang was the type of guy who didn’t have scruples but would just go for whatever he wanted. So what if somebody was with another person? But it seemed that he had misjudged him again.

Linghu Jiahao smiled and shrugged his shoulders. “I tend to think that this was the reason he didn’t want me at first. I was in a relationship with somebody when we met. It had … run its course, I guess, but we were very much still together.

“Then, I met Mo Fang. I was instantly taken with him and it was at that moment that I knew that no matter what I or my partner did, we could never make it work. Even though we were still officially a couple, I had already checked out of the relationship emotionally.

“I took a few days to consider and then broke it off. We had it a long time coming so it wasn’t really a surprise for either side. In fact, it was pretty amicable. We both went our separate ways and I started to inquire about Mo Fang. But, well, turns out he was already in a relationship at that point.”

Zhao Chen nodded. “Yeah, he seems to get into relationships fast.”

“Yep. A lot of guys think he cheats because it is incredibly fast. But actually, Mo Fang just … he doesn’t let himself be tied down after the end. If he’s dumped, he’ll curse you for an evening, then use the opportunity to look around.

“Usually, he’ll go home with somebody that very night, and more often than not, they get so entangled over the course of a few days that it simply … shifts into an actual relationship. If not, then the next night, he’ll be with somebody new and maybe he’ll have more luck at that time.”

Linghu Jiahao shook his head and sighed deeply. “I’ve never seen Mo Fang act any other way save for right after his relationship with Li Ming. He was actually still going after him, trying to get him back for quite some time. Then when he realized he couldn’t, he actually left the country. Believe me when I say that I was shocked.” He gave a humorless laugh while he thought back to that time. He had seen Mo Fang back then and it was a look that he would never forget. Even though he didn’t want to admit it, this breakup between Mo Fang and Li Ming had hurt him as well.

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