RMN C444 Not Sure Yet

Yun Bei Fen felt comfortable in Mei Chao Bing’s arms so, naturally, he fell asleep almost immediately. As soon as he did, he was pulled into the dreamscape that blue butterfly had created. He blinked his eyes and then curiously looked around.

This time, it wasn’t his own dream that was invaded but one that blue butterfly herself had created. Contrary to the simple corridor she chose out of pure laziness, she had even expended some effort this time in hopes that it would help Yun Bei Fen with training. Thus, what he saw when he opened his eyes was a large, round hall with markings on the ground that very much looked like it had been built especially for the purpose of training.

Yun Bei Fen curiously tilted his head here and there. When he finally felt that he had seen enough of the room, he instead started to look for Mei Chao Bong. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find him. There were only blue butterfly, the black warrior, and Zhi Guan who were all standing together a few steps away.

Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes at them and then rushed to his first senior martial brother’s side. “First senior martial brother, where is Mei Chao Bing?”

Zhi Guan didn’t know and instead turned to blue butterfly.

Long Shu Fen shrugged her shoulders. “I can only pull him in if he’s in the right state. So far, he hasn’t reached that.”

Tong Chen cleared his throat to get their attention and turned to Yun Bei Fen. “There was something else to do so he won’t come. Don’t worry though. Your first senior martial brother will surely be able to teach you well and blue butterfly and I will keep a close eye on everything as well.”

“Oh.” Yun Bei Fen looked dejected but he picked himself up pretty fast. Anyway, in his eyes, Mei Chao Bing was very important. It wasn’t strange at all that he would be busy outside while they were training inside a dream. In fact, it just seemed like a matter of course.

Explaining things to himself in this way, he turned back to Zhi Guan, eager to try something new. “Well, let’s start then! What should I learn first?”

Zhi Guan was satisfied to see his little junior like this. The first thing he did was to take out the sword he had forged. Holding it up with both hands, he gave Yun Bei Fen a serious look. “This is the sword I forged according to junior martial brother Mei’s suggestions. You take it. From now on, it will accompany you.”

Yun Bei Fen happily took the weapon from Zhi Guan’s hands and admired it. He didn’t know much about swords and he couldn’t really tell a good one from a bad one but seeing how Mei Chao Bing had come up with the idea and his first senior martial brother had collected all the ingredients and forged it, he was sure that this one was first-class. It was an honor to be able to use it!

Well … to be honest, he was mostly happy because it looked like a smaller version of Mei Chao Bing’s sword. But, of course, that couldn’t be said out loud. His first senior martial brother would be sad if he felt his part in creating this sword was diminished that much.

Zhi Guan waited patiently while Yun Bei Fen was caught up in miscellaneous thoughts, wanting to allow him time to familiarize himself with the feeling of the weapon. After thinking that enough time should have passed, he nodded. “You have received the weapon but getting used to it will take time and practice.

“Before I will teach you anything new, you should revisit everything you’ve learned while using this one. Let’s start with the basic steps.” He took out his own sword as well and demonstrated everything once again for Yun Bei Fen just in case.

Even though he had seen him give a rendition of these stances in front of the four guardians last night, he still thought it couldn’t hurt. Sometimes, details would slip through. You couldn’t be careful enough.

Yun Bei Fen nodded and turned serious. A beautiful sword wouldn’t help at all if he couldn’t learn and he wanted Mei Chao Bing to be proud of him. Thus, he happily watched his first senior martial brother’s demonstration and then followed along.

At the side, blue butterfly gave a huff. “Look at that! He can actually be serious.”

Tong Chen nodded faintly but didn’t answer otherwise. To be honest, he wasn’t that surprised. This child’s level might be low compared to the others they had seen but he was also the youngest and a lot of time had been spent in closed-door cultivation. Clearly, he was quite diligent.

Blue butterfly watched for a while and then leaned closer. “Looking at him like this … do you think it’s an ability?”

Tong Chen had been paying attention to every one of Yun Bei Fen’s moves but still hesitated to proclaim whether or not their guess was true. “I can’t say just based on this. There is a certain chance of it being true based on everything we’ve heard and seen but we’ll need to observe further. Even if it is an ability, it’s still immature though. Otherwise, it would have manifested more obviously.”

Blue butterfly nodded. Indeed. For all of them, they had discovered their abilities in stages. From what Yun Bei Fen was currently showing, he was at most at the stage where the ability was forming but he didn’t have conscious control over it. That was something you needed to learn bit by bit. If it was as vague as this though … she was afraid it wouldn’t be easy.

Tong Chen thought the same but he didn’t want to rush into this anyway. Abilities needed time and everyone should be given that time. Only this way could they make the most out of it. Trying to rush things would only end in them not unfolding their full potential.

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