RMN C428 The Basics

With all eyes on him, Yun Bei Fen felt a little strange but Mei Chao Bing inclined his head at him, trying to reassure him. Seeing this, Yun Bei Fen naturally felt better. He held his sword, trying hard to remember what his first senior martial brother had taught him back then, and then demonstrated a couple of different hits and slashes.

As soon as the last one had been finished, he turned to the black warrior, feeling that this should have been pretty good. He had practiced again recently so he wasn’t completely out of shape and he felt that his demonstration should have been at least six or seven points similar to what his senior martial brother showed him.

The black warrior kept silent, wondering how to say this. To be honest, the things he had just demonstrated … they weren’t bad. At the very least, they looked very much like the standard poses with maybe one or two points difference. If Yun Bei Fen was really still a five-year-old, he might actually be impressed that he had learned this much.

But then, he wasn’t. He was already twenty years old according to what he had said and these were just the most rudimentary skills. At his age, Yun Bei Fen should have been further.

Well, a lot of people focused on either sword arts or cultivation techniques to master them to a higher degree while others tried to strike a balance. If Yun Bei Fen’s cultivation skills had been better, it would have been alright but as it stood, both weren’t up to par.

The black warrior didn’t think that Yun Bei Fen would be able to do much with this. He certainly wouldn’t win a fight against a demonic practitioner. Not with the kinds of people the other side would likely send out.

Zhi Guan faintly cleared his throat. “You also show the guardians what I taught you the last few days.” Anyway, after seeing Yun Bei Fen throw himself into learning cultivation skills recently, he had tried to help him brush up on his sword skills at least a little. It didn’t go much further than this but it wouldn’t be quite as embarrassing if he could show that as well.

Yun Bei Fen nodded and then showed off the one combined move that he had learned so far. It involved slightly more legwork so to him who had no idea about fighting with swords it sure seemed much more difficult.

The black warrior observed in silence and finally had to say that Zhi Guan had really tried his best. If this was what Yun Bei Fen was able to learn in a few days, there was also a good chance that he really had a certain gift of intuition. He couldn’t say for sure if it would be enough to call it an ability but there sure was the possibility of that.

Anyway … “Well, not bad. I see that you have learned the basics and you did quite well with those. Now, I’m afraid you won’t be able to learn more complicated skills in a short amount of time. For the future, it is more important to first learn how to apply what you already know.”

He turned to Zhi Guan, feeling that they should make use of having this person here instead of putting the onus of teaching Yun Bei Fen on blue butterfly. While he trusted her, he also had to say that her sword arts weren’t all that good. At the very least, they weren’t up to his standard. Zhi Guan had demonstrated in his fight with Shen Lei that his were pretty high but he was still able to teach somebody younger than him the basic skills.

“Blue butterfly, how about taking both Yun Bei Fen and his first senior martial brother along for those dreams? I think he would do a better job at teaching him than you or I could. After all, the two of them are more familiar with each other so Yun Bei Fen should also be familiar with his senior martial brother’s teaching style. Since that one seems to work for him, then he should be able to teach him more than we could.”

Blue butterfly shrugged her shoulders, not having a problem with that although she felt that it would be a bit boring to just sit next to them while they were training. She had done that in the past with Tong Chen himself and she had been bored out of her mind. So, most likely, she should find something to do in the meantime.

She turned the thought around and around in her mind, and finally, she couldn’t help but glance in Luo Lin’s direction. So far, they didn’t know if he actually had an ability or how exactly it worked. But if it did work with white jade, then maybe she could pull him into a dream to have him absorb her ability as well. It would be pretty awesome to have a second person with her ability.

Even though traveling in dreams was a great ability all on its own, she had to say that sometimes, she wished that there were more people who just … got it. While the other guardians were able to somewhat understand, it just wasn’t exactly the same.

She wanted somebody with her own ability, somebody who would understand all the ins and outs and wouldn’t need her to constantly explain if there was something new. Luo Lin might be exactly that person. Ah, she was so looking forward to it! Thinking of everything they would be able to do together …

Luo Lin noticed her gaze but wasn’t sure what it meant. He also didn’t want to think about it too much so he just stuck close to Shen Lei’s side, waiting for whether there were any changes in his body this time around. So far, there had been nothing.

Shen Lei had also noticed blue butterfly’s gaze and to him, it caused some worry. She was looking at his lover like he was a guinea pig. He definitely didn’t like that thought.

Blue butterfly didn’t say anything either and shelved the thought for later, instead looking at Tong Chen. Anyway, she needed to wait out whether white jade’s ability had been passed on first. “So, since that has been decided on, I’ll bring you back to the sect right now?” After all, they had been out for pretty long.

Tong Shen pondered for a moment whether they had forgotten anything but then nodded. “Yes, let’s go back. Anyway, we should all speak to the Sect Masters of our sect. This information needs to be spread.”

The others nodded and then sat down in the lotus position, adjusting their state. As soon as they were ready, blue butterfly pulled everyone into a new dreamscape, bringing them back to their sects one by one before turning to Zhi Guan to take care of the last task on their agenda for tonight.

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