RMN C427 Teaching a Five-Year-Old Sword Arts

Since this was about training sword arts, Zhi Guan had something to say though. “I did teach little junior before. I’m just not sure how much he remembers.” To be honest, he had been a bit dissatisfied with his three juniors when it came to their ability when wielding a sword. He didn’t think that their abilities were up to par just yet. No, there was a lot more for them to learn. Unfortunately, they hadn’t seemed too eager to learn so far.

If his little junior could finally make some decent progress, he would be the happiest about it. He just wasn’t sure how well it would go considering that Yun Bei Fen hadn’t learned much when he originally tried to teach him. He surely couldn’t catch up in a short amount of time.

Tong Chen faintly raised his brows. “You tried to teach him … when was that?”

Zhi Guan immediately straightened up, his eyes glittering. “Almost as soon as he came to the sect!” When it came to learning sword arts, you couldn’t waste any time. If a person was able to hold a sword, he didn’t think that it was too early to teach them some skills. Unfortunately, it hadn’t gone the way he had expected back then.

Even though Zhi Guan didn’t say the last part, Tong Chen could imagine. Since he already knew that Yun Bei Fen had joined the sect when he was only five years old, he knew that there were limits to what he could do.

It wasn’t impossible to teach a five-year-old sword skills. He himself had started to learn his first skills at that age. But those had been very basic ones. For the Elders in the sect, it had been good enough if they were able to get the difference between hitting and slashing. Other than that, what they practiced the most was strengthening and stretching their body so that their strength and ability would be up to par at the time when they started learning more advanced skills.

Whatever Yun Bei Fen had learned at that age, it shouldn’t have been much. And from what Elder Baili had said, the child had entered closed-door cultivation at the age of fifteen. That left a window of ten years for him to learn some skills.

Sure, by the time he turned fifteen, he should’ve learned more than just hitting and slashing but it still wouldn’t be much. And if you didn’t train your sword arts for a full five years and instead spent that time sitting in the same position to cultivate, it wouldn’t do much for your body strength. The only way to mitigate that effect was through a high-enough cultivation level and for Yun Bei Fen … that just wasn’t the case.

He pondered for a moment and then motioned at the youth. “Well, how about giving a short demonstration of what you’ve learned so far?” No matter what, maybe this child would surprise him. After all, if he had a similar ability to him, then maybe he would be able to do more than he was currently giving him credit for. It was a possibility, even if the chances were slim.

Yun Bei Fen pointed at his nose, still surprised that this was suddenly about himself. In his eyes, he wasn’t anything special. If there was one person who should have an ability, it should be his senior martial brother Mei. It couldn’t be him and he definitely couldn’t have an ability if Mei Chao Bing didn’t also have one.

On the other hand, since Mei Chao Bing was the one who suggested that he might have one, then he would still do what the seniors were asking so that they could find out if Mei Chao Bing was right. Which … he probably was since he was Mei Chao Bing, after all.

Thinking of that, Yun Bei Fen took out his sword, making the other three guardians raise their brows.

Looking at that sword, the hope that Yun Bei Fen was able to do more than just the most basic movements was extinguished. Just look at how that sword looked! He definitely wasn’t somebody who treasured sword arts.

Tong Chen might not be able to see but his spiritual sense gave him at least a vague feedback regarding how things looked. When it came to this kind of sword, he could perceive some cracks in the object. That sure gave him a certain feeling.

A few steps away, Zhi Guan also furrowed his brows. He knew that his little junior had been supposed to get a new sword but it still hadn’t been finished. While he did have the materials that they needed, the sword still needed to be forged. He hadn’t thought too much about it because of everything that happened in the border region so far, but this was something that couldn’t be pushed off any further.

When it came to sword arts, Zhi Guan had never had a limit to his actions. He didn’t care all that much about abilities or whatnot but he was able to see how they were useful in some situations. For example, they could help with forging a sword for his little junior in time.

He turned to blue butterfly before Yun Bei Fen had the chance to do anything. “Senior, we have the materials here to forge a new sword for my little junior. There’s also a plan as to what kind of weapon it is supposed to be. Right now, we are only lacking the time to go to a place to actually do so.

“Would you mind bringing me there later on so I can do that? While a new sword isn’t absolutely necessary, I think it would be good if he could get used to wielding that one immediately instead of first learning with another one and then needing to familiarize himself with a new weapon. That way, the training would yield better effects.”

At the side, Tong Chen nodded along, feeling that this wasn’t a bad idea. Even though the quality of the sword wasn’t the most important factor, Yun Bei Fen’s current sword was really too poor. It seemed as if it would crack in half if you just gave it the opportunity. Thus, he was definitely in favor of getting Yun Bei Fen a new one. No matter how much they taught him, if his sword suddenly broke in the middle of a fight, he also wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Seeing Tong Chen nod, blue butterfly naturally didn’t hesitate. She shrugged her shoulders and then nodded as well. “Sure, why not? Just tell me where to go and I’ll deliver you there after we’ve brought the other three back to their sects.”

“Thank you!” With that, Zhi Guan fell silent once again, and turned to his little junior, waiting for him to display whatever skills he still remembered.

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