OMF V9C280 Get Behind the Secret

Xiao Li looked at him, his expression turning solemn. He knew he had almost lost. Somehow, Hua Lin Yu had managed to grasp onto all the most doubtful points and was able to lay them out one after the other. Unless he somehow managed to completely subvert his impression at this point, he would indeed lose this relationship.

Well, he was ready for it. They were already at the Demonic Ancestor’s Poisonous Herb Garden and he knew where the entrance to the other two realms was. He could rush there as soon as Hua Lin Yu said the words and broke up with him. Still, he’d try one more time just in case. After all, this relationship was a good opportunity and it was unlikely that he would get into such trouble again in the future.

“Xiao Yu, just what are you accusing me of? Have I ever done anything to you? Is this really just because of that vision? Or, no, this shouldn’t be because of that. It’s Xin Lan, isn’t it? I heard he was back. Has he used the opportunity to whisper something into your ear?

“Xiao Yu, if that’s the case, you can’t believe him! I’m not hiding anything from you. I never have! And I wouldn’t either. You know how much I love you. That is why this situation is different from any others. I simply panicked. You have to believe me!”

If it had been any other time, Hua Lin Yu might indeed have believed him but right now, the doubts were there and the longer he thought about it, the surer he was of his conjecture. Thus, he simply shook his head. “I’m sorry but I can’t believe you. I can’t believe a word of what you say.”

He shook his head and turned to leave but stopped after taking two steps toward the array. Xiao Li’s expression just now flashed through his mind. It had seemed serious but, at the same time, it had seemed … too much. He couldn’t describe it any other way.

If Xiao Li really loved him, he should naturally be worried that he wouldn’t believe him. But then, he had looked more like he was acting something out. Originally, he wouldn’t have noticed such a thing but … he had seen the same happen to Xin Lan. Back then, there had been true agony in his gaze as if he had no idea how he should go on living afterward. Still, his expression … it had seemed so natural. With Xiao Li, it was different.

Hua Lin Yu shook his head as if to get rid of those thoughts. “I’m sorry but I really can’t.” With that, he stepped into the array, used his spiritual energy, and left the realm. Outside, he looked over his shoulder, his thoughts still wandering.

There was more.

He couldn’t prove it but he was sure that there had to be a deeper layer to this. Maybe it was the vision that made him feel this way but he simply couldn’t imagine that this was all. He didn’t want to believe it either. After all, if it was as simple as this, it would mean that he had thrown away the beautiful relationship he had with Xin Lan for a fake. How could he be ready to admit to that?

No, seeing as he had fallen head over heels for Xiao Li and hadn’t listened to reason, there might indeed be more to this. He felt like he had been bewitched although this might also be because he didn’t dare to take responsibility for what he had done. Not that he needed to worry. After all, the way Xin Lan had treated him earlier showed clearly that he was willing to take him back no questions asked.

Hua Lin Yu smiled to himself when he thought of Xin Lan’s gentle treatment and the way he had looked at him. Yes, when it concerned this man, he didn’t need to worry. As for Xiao Li … he’d make sure of what exactly he was plotting to figure out the rest and then, he wouldn’t waste a single other thought on him.

He looked around to find a spot where he could hide and then waited for some time. If Xiao Li had said the truth and he had come here to find some kind of herb for him, then he didn’t have a reason to stay now that he had seen that he was awake and well. After he calmed down after their farewell, he should leave the Demonic Ancestor’s Poisonous Herb Garden and either go back to the Hei Dian Sect or even the Jian Yi Sect since he didn’t need to accompany him any longer. If he didn’t … well, that would prove that Xiao Li had indeed lied.

Hua Lin Yu waited but after several minutes had gone by, the array still hadn’t been disturbed. He furrowed his brows, not sure how to feel. He had expected it. In fact, he had been sure that this would happen. Not seeing Xiao Li meant that he hadn’t accused him wrongfully but it also meant that the last few months had been nothing but a lie.

He silently got up when he thought of that and took a deep breath. He really should have listened to Xin Lan back then. He couldn’t change it now but at least he had found out in a timely manner. Later, when he went back to Xin Lan, he would directly admit that he was the one who had gotten things wrong.

He sighed and then walked back over to the array, stepping back into the realm. Before he could return, he still needed to find out what Xiao Li was doing. He knew there was an element of danger but he wanted to give it a try. After all, there had to be more to this if he could fall so easily for him and become blind to reason. He had to get behind whatever that was so that such a thing would never be allowed to happen again.

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