RMN C429 The Southern Chasm

“Alright, the place where you want to forge that sword, where is it?”

Blue butterfly had just pushed Tong Chen out of her dream at the Teng Yong Sect and felt that maybe this was precisely where Zhi Guan wanted to take care of this. That was why she had left Tong Chen until the very last and delivered the other two back to their sects first.

Well, she had also thought that maybe these two sword fanatics had a thing or two that they wanted to talk about it which would make traveling with them together much less frustrating. Otherwise, Tong Chen would just keep silent most of the time and this Zhi Guan didn’t seem much different.

As for the answer to blue butterfly’s question, Zhi Guan had pondered it for a long time when he was originally told about his little junior getting a new weapon. In fact, there was indeed a place in the Teng Yong Sect that could be used to forge weapons but the kind of weapon that you could make there wasn’t of a very high level.

In Zhi Guan’s opinion, that wouldn’t do. It had taken a full fifteen years for his little junior to finally be willing to exchange his sword for a better one. He had even thought that he might never do so. Now that an opportunity had presented itself, he needed to take advantage of it.

If the only requirement regarding the new sword was that it wasn’t on the verge of breaking down, then who knew how long Yun Bei Fen would cling to that one? Going by experience, his little junior might be using a low-quality sword for more than a decade.

No, he needed to give him the best possible sword he could so that even if Yun Bei Fen wasn’t willing to exchange it for a new one in the next fifty or even a hundred years, it would still be able to render him good service.

Of course, for that kind of sword, not only did you need premium ingredients, but you also needed the perfect place to forge it. After all, the process would make or break the grade of the weapon. As for what kind of place could guarantee the highest possible level … there was only a single one.

Looking at blue butterfly, his expression turned solemn. “Is senior familiar with the chasm in the south?”

Blue butterfly raised her brows, wondering how little the sect actually taught about what had happened back then. “Child, the ones who created that chasm were the other guardian and me. Of course, I’m familiar with it!”

Zhi Guan nodded, satisfied with that response. To be honest, he cared little for the ins and outs of how that place had come to be. What was important was that she was familiar with the way there. “That is where I would like to forge the sword.”

Blue butterfly stared at him, wondering if she had heard wrong. “That is …” She continued to look at his expression and had to say that it didn’t seem like she had gotten it wrong. He had really asked her to go there.

She closed her eyes for a moment and then rubbed her forehead. Youngsters these days … they really weren’t afraid of anything, were they? “Alright.” She could only try to solve this with common sense. “You … you have been there, right?” Because she had watched people forge weapons before and nobody had ever chosen a place that … strange. Something had to be wrong here.

Zhi Guan nodded and took out a sword of his. “This one was forged there as well. For my little junior, I naturally can’t put less effort into creating his weapon. Thus, I would like to return there and forge his weapon in the chasm as well.”

Blue butterfly rubbed her forehead once again. Looking at the sword in his hands, it was of a high grade. Even she could tell and she wasn’t that into swords. If Zhi Guan had forged it himself, he clearly knew more about forging weapons than she did so his opinion held value here. And yet … but then, she didn’t think she could convince him that he didn’t want to go to the chasm.

Finally, blue butterfly shrugged her shoulders. “Alright, let’s go then!” Right now, she wished that she hadn’t thrown Tong Chen out yet. Then, she could have just turned to him and let him have this conversation. But he was already back at the sect now and she would feel strange pulling him right back into the dream.

Whatever, for the time being, she should just trust Zhi Guan. Most likely, he didn’t mean the chasm itself but was just using it as a landmark to get to the place where he wanted to forge the sword. She just had to bring him there, then take a careful look around to make sure that everything was alright before they revisited the question of where he wanted to forge the sword. This way, nothing could go wrong, right?

Thanks to blue butterfly’s mode of transportation, the two of them arrived at the chasm in the south in a couple of minutes. Just as she had promised herself, she didn’t immediately open up the dreamscape to return back to reality but instead created a translucent window that she could look out through.

The chasm still looked exactly like in her memory. Although, actually, they weren’t standing in the chasm yet but on the ground next to it. It had turned grayish like the ash back then, almost black. And even now, after so much time had passed, no vegetation could be seen a few miles away from this place. It was just barren land with a scar-like opening running straight across it, giving even her who had had a hand in creating it a chill and making her remember what she had hoped to forget.

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