RMN C423 Not Happy

White jade was still angry but looking at the red priest and also glancing at the black warrior, he finally gave a huff before he turned back to Luo Lin. “Fine. I’ll show you once.” Then, he raised a hand, and the next moment … well, nothing seemed to happen.

Yan Jian Hong nodded and then patted Luo Lin’s shoulder. “You poke him.”

Luo Lin looked up, his eyes looking guileless. “Should I use a sword?”

Yan Jian Hong stared at him, not quite sure where the sudden animosity was coming from. This child had been well-behaved in front of him. Why was he suddenly getting his hackles raised from being in front of white jade? Even though that guy could be annoying at times, it wasn’t to the point where people wanted to stab him. At the very least, not at first sight.

He gave a hum and then shook his head. “No, I think you should be able to perceive it without that.” Although, maybe it would make more impact if he tried to stab him and realized that he wasn’t able to do it.

Luo Lin faintly pursed his lips and then reached out, poking white jade’s shoulder.

The other person was staring at him, his eyes glittering dangerously. Clearly, he also wasn’t happy about this.

As soon as Luo Lin retracted his hand, white jade stepped away, gave another huff, and then walked to Tong Chen’s side. He even crossed his arms in front of his chest, clearly done with this will matter. “Why are we doing this exactly?”

Tong Chen gave a hum, not sure what to say. That question had obviously been rhetorical. He wasn’t looking for an answer and was just trying to show how fed up he was with this whole thing. Telling him that it was important to do this also wouldn’t help his mood so it was better to let him stew for a bit. In the end, he would calm down on his own.

Meanwhile, Yan Jian Hong turned to Luo Lin and gave him a deep look. “Do you think that you can do it?”

Luo Lin’s expression was a little thoughtful. “Well, I think I understand now what the ability does but I’m not sure how it’s done exactly.” Originally, he had thought that it would really be like turning to stone. But in the end, that didn’t seem to be what was happening.

No, even through the robe of the Li Ren Sect, he had felt that white jade’s skin was still normal skin to a certain degree. There was warmth emanating from it, and the texture also hadn’t changed, save for the fact that it was incredibly durable. If he had used a sword to poke him, he was pretty sure that he wouldn’t have been able to leave even a scratch on it, not to mention a wound.

Luo Lin turned around and walked back to his lover’s side, putting his arms around his waist. It wouldn’t help but he felt better being close to Shen Lei.

Yan Jian Hong watched the two of them and couldn’t help but ponder silently. From what they had told them, it seemed that Luo Lin had picked up the ability when trying to save his lover.

At that time, he had gotten into contact with his blood which was a medium of his ability. Would he need something like that for white jade’s ability as well? In that case, they might be out of luck. After all, he was the only one who actually had a medium like this.

He turned back to Tong Chen as well and walked over, voicing his thoughts.

Tong Chen gave another hum but didn’t mention his own thoughts immediately, giving it a moment.

Luo Lin had heard the red priest’s words and couldn’t help but look up. “At that time, martial sister Taishu from the Zhen Yan Sect said that spiritual energy was needed. I used my own to make Ah Lei swallow the blood. Maybe my spiritual energy needs to come into contact with the ability somehow. But I wouldn’t know how to do it in this kind of case.” From beginning to end, he didn’t look at white jade.

Next to him, Shen Lei could only smile wryly. Usually, he loved seeing Luo Lin jealous but right now, that wasn’t to his lover’s advantage. If he could take a step back and ingratiate himself a bit more with the Li Ren Sect’s guardian, that might be better for him.

Unfortunately, he didn’t think that he would be able to convince him of that. After all, it wasn’t like Luo Lin was the type of person that you could reason with in such circumstances. Even though you could coax him, he was an emotional person. And his reaction to white jade didn’t come from any rational reason but from the deepest parts of his subconscious. Unless he was able to make Luo Lin feel less insecure around him, he didn’t think that he would stop being like this.

Hearing what Luo Lin had said, the black warrior slowly nodded. “I think that is a good idea. It is something that we will need to try. We also need to know how much contact would be necessary for you to copy an ability. If there are any on the other side, maybe just using your spiritual energy against them in a fight could be enough to copy it. That would be a major advantage.”

At that, the others — including white jade — perked up. He didn’t really like Luo Lin but he hated the demonic side more than he was annoyed at this ridiculous junior. So if this could be used to make trouble for them, then he was willing to put aside his feelings.

He pursed his lips and then walked back up to Luo Lin. “Well, you heard him. Let’s give it a try and see what happens.”

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