RMN C424 Please, Take a Look!

Luo Lin might not be too ecstatic to have to work with white jade but he also understood what was good for himself. As such, when the other person took the first step, he naturally wouldn’t argue.

Looking at white jade, he raised his hands, mobilizing his spiritual energy. It swirled around him and he moved it closer to white jade, finally touching his body.

At first, white jade didn’t use his ability. He wasn’t sure what exactly it would need for Luo Lin to be able to copy it. Was merely touching it enough? Or would he need to actually ‘witness’ the activation of the ability through his spiritual energy? The latter included both parts so that was what he went for.

To be honest, he was a little surprised that Luo Lin hadn’t attacked him and was just gently poking him with his spiritual energy. Maybe he had gotten carried away with his animosity before this. This youngster didn’t seem all that bad now that he thought about it.

So what if he had a pretty face? So what if he had looked at him a bit badly? It wasn’t like this was the first time it happened and in the past, the ones who had done so had often been much older than Luo Lin. Somebody this young taking a second look at him and being miffed because he himself paid attention to his appearance wasn’t that offensive now that he thought about it.

While white jade’s thoughts were going completely awry, Luo Lin focused on the task at hand. He could actually feel the change in white jade’s body this time around. That should be a good sign.

He kept his spiritual energy connected to him for a moment longer but then retracted it. Anyway, if it really worked, then he was pretty sure that it should have done so by now. The last time when it was the red priest’s blood, he didn’t think that he had spent much more time in contact with the ability.

Having done that, Luo Lin turned to look at the black warrior, feeling that he was the one who was calling the shots in this group of the four guardians.

Tong Chen waited in case white jade wanted to say anything but when he kept silent, he nodded. “It seems that there isn’t any direct feedback. Well, that’s pretty much what we expected anyway. No need to worry about this, it should be normal. For now, I would suggest that we stop here and just wait to see what happens. The last time, there were at least a couple of hours between you getting in contact with the red priest’s blood and developing the ability, right?”

Luo Lin nodded. “Yes, I’m not sure how many exactly but I think it should have been four or five at least.”

Tong Chen nodded. “Very well. Then we should give it at least that much time as well. Also, you were asleep, right? I would suggest you pay attention to whether or not you have gained an ability for the day and then also check again tonight. Then tomorrow in the early morning, we will come back here to take a look.”

Luo Lin nodded and dived back into Shen Lei’s arms.

His lover hugged him and then looked at the four guardians, waiting for what was to come next.

The guardians also exchanged glances before Tong Chen gave a hum. “If there’s nothing else, then we should return to our sects now. Blue butterfly.”

Blue butterfly sighed and then nodded, walking to their side.

Before she could drag them into a dreamscape and leave though, Mei Chao Bing hurriedly called out. “Seniors, I’m sorry to interrupt, but would you mind taking a look at Fen’er as well?”

The guardians all turned to look at him, their gazes then traveling to Yun Bei Fen next to him, not quite sure what to make of this.

Mei Chao Bing could only smile wryly and then cup his hands, bowing lightly. “This might sound strange but over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that there is something … special about the way that Fen’er learns. After listening to everything you told us about the abilities, I couldn’t help but wonder if there is a chance he has one as well.”

At that, everyone once again looked at Yun Bei Fen, clearly having some trouble equating that youngster with the type of person that usually had an ability.

Baili Chao was probably the one who was feeling the strangest about this. If you told him that Luo Lin had an ability, it was already quite odd but still conceivable. When it came to Fen’er though, he couldn’t imagine it at all. In fact, this could only be summarized in one sentence: “Picking up two disciples with an ability? I don’t think I have that kind of luck.”

Tong Chen faintly furrowed his brows when he heard that. To be honest, the chance of that happening was indeed very slim. But then, he had always wondered what exactly made Mei Chao Bing so special.

Now that he thought about it, maybe it wasn’t Mei Chao Bing who was special. Maybe the reason he was in the middle of this whole matter was that he was surrounded by people who were special all by themselves. And because of the connections Mei Chao Bing had forged over the years, he was the one who finally appeared in his vision.

Thinking of it this way, he figured that maybe it wasn’t completely impossible for Yun Bei Fen to have an ability as well. And if this was the case, then that was something that they needed to pay more attention to. After all, abilities were rare. And if they appeared, it would always benefit the sect. He didn’t dare to let go of this kind of opportunity. If it was there, they had to make use of it. Not to mention the advantage it might bring them in the current situation.

Thinking until there, he motioned at Mei Chao Bing to go ahead. “If you think so, please describe what you have noticed so far. After hearing what you have to say, we will be able to judge better if there is really something to your lover having an ability.”

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