RMN C422 A Pretty Face

Luo Lin couldn’t help but worry when he heard what Shen Lei said. Originally, he believed that his idea was the best but what Shen Lei was bringing up was also something he should keep in mind.

Being able to use his ability to help Shen Lei would require him to be close enough to Shen Lei to intervene at a moment’s notice. How likely was that? Even though they had cultivated together a lot, he still couldn’t compare to Shen Lei who had started cultivating many years before him. The gap had lessened over time but it wasn’t gone and that wouldn’t change anytime soon.

Not to mention that, in a fight, your level wasn’t the only important thing. Experience played an even bigger role and when it came to that, he was lagging behind much further. He really should have gone on more missions before.

Yes, if he insisted on staying close to Shen Lei just so that he could use his ability on him, he would just make more trouble. In fact, it wouldn’t be strange if he actually got Shen Lei into danger first because he was close by. After all, Shen Lei would be much freer in how he reacted if he wasn’t at his side or if he was there but he didn’t need to worry about him.

Thinking things through in this way, Luo Lin finally nodded and turned to white jade. He hadn’t paid much attention to this person before and when he saw him now, he couldn’t help but freeze.

In the Teng Yong Sect, Luo Lin was always the best-looking disciple by a long shot. Even if you gathered the top one hundred beauties of the four big sects, he would still dare to say that his face and body could snatch him the number one spot. If not that, then he should at least make it into the top ten.

Despite that, he had never felt secure. What was beauty? It was good to make somebody interested but when a greater beauty came along, then what would be left? He had seen it play out that way too many times. Thus, he couldn’t help himself when he saw somebody good-looking around the person he liked.

In the past, it hadn’t been as bad but after he had started to become attached to Shen Lei, that feeling was more pronounced now. Looking at white jade, he couldn’t help but want to scratch that face!

White jade stared back, his expression not too good either. In his case, the dislike was entirely because of how Luo Lin was looking at him. He hated to admit it but he had seen that type of gaze one too many times in his life. Usually, it was women who would look at him like this. And whenever they did, what was written in their gaze was always deep-seated jealousy or worry as if the next second, he was going to steal their men away.

He had hated it then and he definitely hated it now as well. Please excuse him for having this kind of face! He also didn’t want it. If you gave him the opportunity to exchange it for one like that of Elder Baili’s first disciple or something, he’d gladly go for it. But unfortunately, his dreams of becoming a manly man had long been dashed. And with how cultivators didn’t age much, he didn’t think that anything would change about that for the rest of his life. He had to live with this but, well, so did the youth in front of him.

White jade raised his chin and tried to stare Luo Lin down. “What? Can’t bear to look at my face?”

Shen Lei looked from one person to the other and suddenly felt that he had made a mistake. The ability was alright but it was indeed true that he had observed several times in the past how Luo Lin reacted to what he perceived to be a ‘rival’. Not that he really needed to worry about that. Anyway, he only had eyes for him. Why would he look at others? Still, the situation wasn’t good and he felt that the only one with a chance of dispelling the current atmosphere was himself.

He pulled Luo Lin around and gently cupped his face, giving him a warm smile. “Just give it a try. It doesn’t matter if it works or not. I just hope that this can keep you safe in the future. You know how worried I am when I can’t be at your side.” Saying this, he leaned down, giving him a deep kiss.

Luo Lin held onto his waist, melting into his arms. He suddenly couldn’t remember anymore why he had been angry just now. Did it matter how other people looked? Anyway, he was the one in Shen Lei’s arms. Shen Lei had even promised to marry him. That should mean something, right?

When Shen Lei pulled back, Luo Lin smiled sweetly and craned his neck to peck his cheek before he slipped out of his arms. Walking over to white jade, he gave him a dismissive work. “What face? If I wanted to see a beautiful face, I would take out a mirror. No need to look any further.”

White jade’s eyes widened and he pointed at Luo Lin’s nose. “You! Do you think I didn’t see how you were looking at me?!” He would have loved it if people weren’t staring at his face all day long but he had seen what Luo Lin did. How could he just pretend that it hadn’t happened?!

Luo Lin continued to look at him coldly though, trying not to let that face bother him. Instead, he thought of how Shen Lei had looked at him just now, feeling that anything else didn’t matter.

At the side, Yan Jian Hong rubbed his forehead and then walked over, gently putting his hand on Luo Lin’s shoulder. “Please, don’t make things difficult for him. Anyway, all of this is new. Just … just show him how your ability works. We’ll figure everything out from there.”

To be honest, he didn’t think it would be as easy as that. Yes, Luo Lin’s ability to learn was frightening. It indicated that there was a huge potential for having an ability. But when it came to actually using that ability, it could never be as easy as just watching it once and then being able to use part of it as well.

No, he was afraid that for that, a lot more would be needed. As for what more that would be … well, he had no idea. And he also wasn’t sure how they were supposed to find out. After all, it had been an accident the first time around and this time, they didn’t have the time to try different things one after the other. After all, they needed to return to their sects. Especially in the current situation, they didn’t have the luxury to run around outside as they wanted to.

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