OMF V9C269 An Easy Solution

After a moment of trying to think of what to do, he finally couldn’t help but fish for some additional information. “You are only part demon, aren’t you?”

Shen An De nodded. “Yes, but that doesn’t matter much. Half my blood is of the demon race. That is more than enough. I also have dark energy at my disposal so the chances of something happening are high.”

Qiu Ling nodded, not sure if he should be relieved or not. His father had been a pure-blooded dragon, he was sure of that. As for his mother … she had been part demon for sure but he doubted that she was full-blooded.

No, especially after what Shen An De had just said, his father would have noticed traces after living together with her for so long, right? She had probably been at most half-blooded as well, maybe the percentage of demon blood had even been lower.

Looking at it that way, he had at most a quarter of demon blood and maybe even less. He also couldn’t use dark energy. Not that he had tried. The spiritual energy of fire and earth had come naturally to him though so his heritage was more than clear. He was demonic to a part.

“Would you be any less worried if you weren’t able to use dark energy? I mean, there are a lot of half-demons out there. Also some people with mixed blood that hail from the demonic beasts. I could imagine they might be in the same situation then?”

Shen An De nodded. “Indeed. And they are likely to mingle with humans without even knowing themselves that such a possibility exists. There isn’t anything we can do about that though, other than warning them if we happen to meet.”

Qiu Ling nodded. “Well, I’ll bring it up if I ever meet one.” He lowered his gaze but then furrowed his brows. The problem was that in his own case, he really couldn’t be sure and he didn’t think he wanted to leave this up to fate. “Say, if it was possible for somebody … how long would that kind of process take?”

Shen An De raised his brows. To be honest, he wouldn’t have expected Qiu Ling to be this worried about this. But then, maybe he wasn’t even worried about himself and his lover. Dragons and demons were often indistinguishable, half-bloods even more so. He didn’t even want to estimate how many of the people living in the dragon realm had some demon blood flowing in their veins. As their king, he naturally needed to worry about this when he finally found out.

Shen An De pondered for a moment and finally shook his head. “I can’t tell you any definite numbers. There are too many factors this will depend on. Dragons are naturally more susceptible to this kind of conception than the gods would be just based on their shared heritage with the demons. As for humans, a commoner is also in more danger than a cultivator, and the higher a cultivator’s level, the less likely anything is to happen.

“How much demon blood is involved will also play a role. A full-blooded demon has more control over this while somebody with less demonic blood might not even know about the possibility and even if they do, they can usually just hope for the best. It’s … not a conscious thing they do. It simply happens because their bodies just function that way.

“I’m not sure if I should tell you this because the risk of this being abused is high, but you should also know that there are pills that can be refined to … prevent accidents from happening. They can’t help with the slow accumulation of dark energy in the body of somebody with a partner with demon blood but they can protect against an unwanted pregnancy.”

Qiu Ling nodded. “I see. I’ll keep it in mind.” Yes, he would ask Jinde about this. To be honest, he also knew that this could be a problem among the people of his race but for the moment, he was mostly worried about himself and Jing He.

Jing Yi wouldn’t be around much longer after their wedding so nothing could happen but after that, Jing He would return. They would prepare their own ceremony and then start living together. He didn’t think that he had dark energy but he had demon blood.

If this was indeed something a half-blood wouldn’t be aware of, then he couldn’t be sure whether he wasn’t giving off trace amounts of dark energy. After staying with each other for a few millennia, there could indeed be accidents. If he had bad luck, it might not even be that long. The only way to prevent that without a doubt was to ensure that he simply wouldn’t be able to have children that way.

He had never thought about this since he hadn’t thought children would be in his future anytime soon. Now that the option of doing this had been put in front of him, he wasn’t reluctant though. They could still have a child in the way that Leng Jin Yu and Jinde were following.

What did it matter how the child was brought into this world? In fact, he would prefer it to be done in a way that didn’t put Jing He at risk. So yes, it was good that he knew. He could prepare as soon as he returned to the dragon realm with Jing Yi and then wouldn’t need to think about this after Jing He woke up again.

As for the other people of the dragon race, this might concern … he’d think about that later. Anyway, they were already working on how to integrate the half-bloods among their people better into the realm. This could just be another step on their agenda, a way to ensure everyone was able to live together harmoniously.

Finally knowing that all the problems he had suddenly been confronted with had a simple solution, Qiu Ling relaxed. “Well, it’s good we know now. Anyway, I think there was something Sect Master Fei wanted to discuss?”

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