RMN C421 The Right Ability to Choose

Shen Lei’s worry wouldn’t dissipate so easily but he also knew that it was for the best to let Luo Lin do this. After all, he couldn’t always be there. If his lover was indeed able to use an ability, then he would be stronger because of it. And if the other side couldn’t hurt him as badly, he didn’t need to worry as much. In fact, looking at the four guardians that had come to visit, he kind of hoped that their guess was true.

If Luo Lin was indeed able to copy abilities, then the only ones they could try this on were those of the four guardians. They already knew that Luo Lin was able to do this with the red priest’s ability and there was a good chance that he would also be able to use the abilities of the other three guardians.

In that case, between blue butterfly’s ability to travel through dreams, white jade’s ability to harden his body, and the black warrior’s ability to see the future, they were all useful. And they were especially useful in making sure that Luo Lin would be able to keep his life in the border region if he ever got into danger.

Just think about it, if you could see the future, wouldn’t you know which place to avoid later on? If you could harden your body, then even if you were attacked, how badly could you get injured? And if you were able to travel through dreams, then from one moment to the other, you could vanish from the spot that was attacked. Yes, each of these abilities was very well-suited to ensure that Luo Lin would not be put in harm’s way. Just thinking about it, Shen Lei calmed down a lot.

Since the two of them had made up their mind, the black warrior nodded. “Well, we don’t know what will happen after we give this a try. No ability is all-encompassing. There are always limits.

“From what you’ve told us, I would assume that you are able to only copy a part of an ability and the degree will be adjusted to your own level and body. That is why, while you were able to heal, it wasn’t to the same degree as it usually is for Jian Hong. In a similar vein, it should be the same if you copy one of our abilities. There will be limits when you do this.

“Other than that, I also think that there should only be a certain number of abilities you can copy. Maybe you will only be able to use one ability at a time. It could also be that there is a limited number you can learn in the first place.

“I don’t know how much it will be and I’m afraid it would be difficult to find out with just the four of us. Not to mention that unless we can figure out what the drawback is, we can’t indiscriminately test this. We need to go slow and steady, otherwise, we’d be putting you in danger.

“So for now, you can choose which ability you’d like to give a try. If it’s too much, then we can stop right after this first time. While it is indeed important to figure this out, abilities can’t be rushed. If you can’t bear it for the time being, then it is better not to force it while you’re in the border region and in a vulnerable position. It’s better to give it a bit of time and learn more when you’ve made it back to the sect.”

Luo Lin nodded, agreeing with the black warrior. Yes, he also didn’t want to risk it. This also meant that he needed to be very careful with which ability he should choose next.

His thoughts on this matter weren’t too different from Shen Lei’s. He knew that each of these abilities could help them in a way. But their value would be different.

The red priest’s ability was good but the effect it had clearly wasn’t good enough. He could heal some small wounds but he didn’t have a good grasp on it and he was afraid that in an emergency, it wouldn’t help much. If it was like the time when Shen Lei had been on the brink of death, he definitely wouldn’t be able to bring him back. On the other hand, when it came to white jade’s ability, it could only help him protect himself.

That only left the ability of the black warrior and blue butterfly. Seeing the future … that was quite tempting. As somebody who had always felt insecure in himself, Luo Lin couldn’t help but want to see what would be in his future.

Some years from now, would Shen Lei really still be at his side? In fact, would they even manage to make it out of the border region? He wanted to know — very badly so — but he also knew that, right now, that wasn’t the most important. No, in the current situation, blue butterfly’s ability would probably be the best.

She could travel through dreams and from what he understood, that should mean being able to disappear from one spot and then reappearing in another one. He wasn’t sure how much he would be able to copy from that ability or if he even could at all. But if he could at least grab one person and pull them away from an attack, then he could save somebody. He and Shen Lei, if they were together, he was sure that they could make this work. Then he wouldn’t need to worry about his lover losing his life out there anymore.

Luo Lin turned to her but Shen Lei hastily grabbed his hand.

“You have to consider this carefully. Don’t think about others, only think of yourself. This is the border region after all. Your level … it’s lower than mine. I can take care of myself.” He knew how Luo Lin was thinking. After being together for so long, of course, he would be able to do. So with just one glance, he saw right through him. But that didn’t mean that he agreed.

In his eyes, it would be best if Luo Lin could ensure his own safety. And blue butterfly’s ability would still rely on him being able to open up a dream fast enough. On the other hand, white jade’s ability Seemed much more secure when it came to saving Luo Lin in a fight. After all, that kind of ability … it should be active all the time, right?

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