RMN C414 A Different Ability?

Blue butterfly walked forward when she noticed his gaze. Anyway, she had also only heard about this but had not yet had the time to take a look at this disciple. Stepping next to Yan Jian Hong, she looked Luo Lin up and down.

The first thing that was notable about him was definitely his looks. He had the kind of allure that she had always dreamed she could possess. She didn’t think this had anything to do with his ability though. Rather than that …

Blue butterfly looked up at Shen Lei who was still standing behind Luo Lin, gently holding onto his shoulders. The relationship between them was clear at a glance.

She turned back to Luo Lin and pursed her lips. “This ability, you’ve never noticed it before?”

Luo Lin shook his head. “Never.”

“Not even something that was not exactly the same but maybe similar? Like …” She tried to think of something and turned to glance at the red priest again.

He caught her drift and thought back to the time when he had first noticed that he might have a special ability that was different from others. “Have you ever noticed that you have an effect on others? For example, that they turn calmer around you?”

Luo Lin raised his hand, his fingers lightly touching his lips. “Maybe men tend to get excited?”

The red priest and blue butterfly looked at him, then turned to each other. This expression … something told them that wasn’t what they were asking about.

Elder Baili also couldn’t watch his third disciple’s embarrassing actions and hurried over, hurriedly clearing his throat. “I’ve watched him grow up from when he was a youth. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like this.”

“I see.” The red priest furrowed his brows. They still had no idea what was going on or how to continue.

Behind them, the black warrior had silently pondered the same question. “His ability awakened after coming into contact with Jian Hong’s blood. It was not a matter of discovering it but of … forceful uncovering I’m afraid. After all, none of us have ever had to deal with such pain when we finally realized our abilities.”

At this time, white jade spoke up for the first time. “What if the pain is his ability’s drawback?”

The red priest turned to him, his expression turning subtle. He knew very well what his own abilities drawback was and it clearly wasn’t this. But if this was Luo Lin’s … “We’ve thought the whole time that his ability is the same as mine but that might not be the case. He could have a different ability that just … manifests similarly.”

White jade also came over, rubbing his chin while he looked at Luo Lin.

Luo Lin stared back, tensing up. After a moment, he reached up, his fingers brushing Shen Lei’s.

Shen Lei leaned closer, pulling him into his arms since nobody seemed to need to check his body again. “What’s the matter?” With everyone around, his lover seemed a bit stiff. Well, it was understandable.

Luo Lin turned around in his arms, hugging Shen Lei’s waist. “Ah Lei …” His tone had changed from before when he had only been reporting facts, now tugging at people’s heartstrings.

Shen Lei couldn’t help but feel anxious when he heard it. He hugged him more tightly and kissed his temple. “Don’t worry. Even if the guardians don’t know yet, I’m sure they can still find out. Just have a bit of patience. Soon enough, we’ll know more.”

Luo Lin nodded obediently and then plastered himself to Shen Lei’s chest.

White jade stared at their interaction. Originally, he had seemed curious but now, he looked much more offended.

The red priest glanced at him and then cleared his throat. “Well, it’s indeed not easy to figure out. If it is a different ability, then I wonder what exactly it might be. Acquiring it like this seems odd no matter how I look at it.”

White jade retracted his gaze, feeling that he shouldn’t quibble with juniors just because they didn’t have eyes to see. He turned to the red priest instead, nodding. “It’s odd for sure. But then, this might be a clue. Abilities usually aren’t acquired but innate. So if he managed to snatch one, then that might be part of the ability.”

The red priest’s brows slightly raised. “You mean he might have something like … the ability to acquire abilities? That’s …” Well, it sounded a bit ridiculous.

Blue butterfly pursed her lips, also doubtful. “If that was it, he should have had this happen before though, right? Anyway, he’s also at the late core formation stage.”

The other two nodded, feeling that a genuine ability should have awakened earlier.

White jade squinted his eyes at the red priest. “Maybe it’s not his ability but a side effect of yours?”

Yan Jian Hong raised his brows even higher. “Mine? I doubt that. I’m already this old. Can anything about this ability of mine really still surprise me? I really don’t think so.”

White jade had to give a hum in acknowledgment. Yes, it really was unlikely that they would have missed anything about their own abilities. Them not understanding Luo Lin’s situation was much more likely.

While the three of them were puzzled, the black warrior finally got up and made his way over to the middle of the fray. The other stepped aside for him and watched as he stood in front of Luo Lin, keeping quiet for a while.

Luo Lin shrank in Shen Lei’s arms. Usually, he wasn’t afraid but this person seemed tough to deal with. As somebody who had learned to adapt early, he was very much attuned to this kind of thing.

The black warrior took a moment longer before he finally spoke up. “This child, how’s your learning ability?”

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