RMN C415 A Set of Techniques

Luo Lin’s gaze flitted around. His learning ability? “It … should be alright?”

Elder Baili saw his disciple’s evasive attitude and figured he should help out a bit. “It’s very good! Compared to my other three disciples, Ah Lin was always the one who learned the fastest. He adapts really easily to new things.”

The black warrior nodded. “I see.” This was just as expected. “Well, would you mind putting this to the test?”

Luo Lin shook his head. “It’s alright.” He wasn’t sure what he was going to do but this was the guardian of their own sect. Surely, he would do nothing bad to him. Anyway, his Master was right there, as were his lover and his first senior martial brother. What could happen to him?

Tong Chen nodded again and then stepped back, taking out his sword. “Well, I happen to excel in sword arts so even if you’re more of a cultivation person, please excuse me if I use that.”

Stepping back, he didn’t even wait for a response before he started his demonstration.

Not just Luo Lin but everyone else also watched. Especially Zhi Guan’s eyes were glued to the black warrior’s display. This set of sword arts … it was similar to the higher-level ones he had learned in the sect but it went beyond that. It was as if they had been improved on and mixed with something else. He couldn’t wait to try them himself!

Luo Lin also watched closely but compared to Zhi Guan, he couldn’t make too much of it. Sword arts really weren’t something he had paid much attention to before. Well, that didn’t mean that he completely sucked at it.

The black warrior finished and returned to the spot where he had started. Looking at Luo Lin, he motioned at the open space, wanting him to give it a try.

Luo Lin looked up at his lover and put out a hand. Anyway, sword arts weren’t his type of thing so, of course, he wouldn’t carry a sword with him.

Shen Lei also knew his lover so he took out one that he had specifically kept for Luo Lin. “Here you go, little fairy.”

A few steps away from them, blue butterfly couldn’t help but chuckle. Turning to the red priest next to her, she raised her brows. “Did you hear that? He even has a ready-made name! What do you think the others should be called? Big Buddha? Fat demon? Starving ghost?”

Yan Jian Hong turned to look at her with a complicated expression. Actually, those names weren’t necessarily worse than their own. Anyway, the naming pattern surely wasn’t what they should be paying attention to.

He shook his head without saying a word and turned back to the front to watch what Luo Lin was doing.

The sword that Shen Lei had taken out was thin and light, perfect for Luo Lin’s use. Holding it, there just seemed something right about the picture.

Luo Lin paused for a moment, then closed his eyes, and followed the steps and movements he had seen the black warrior do.

When he finished, the others weren’t sure what to do. Had he learned fast? Actually, could you make a decision like that after having him watch and try only once? In the end, everyone turned to the black warrior.

Tong Chen gave a hum. This result was roughly as expected. Even with an ability to pick up on things easily, if he wasn’t used to using a sword, then he shouldn’t be able to perfectly replicate a complicated set of sword arts. After all, even abilities had their limits and one that hadn’t been explored before shouldn’t allow him to grasp the essence of something that exceeded his current level by this much.

And, well, he was sure that it did. This person wasn’t even carrying his own sword. Nobody who was really interested in sword arts would do that. Your sword was like an extension of yourself. It would be carried around at all times. If not for the fact that he was usually trapped on that platform, he wouldn’t even put his away.

Speaking of which … his spiritual sense probed toward the person standing in the back. The level was high, the sword at his side of high quality but with obvious traces of use. Clearly, this was the kind of person who did value the way of the sword. As somebody who had spent years perfecting his sword arts, Tong Chen was naturally happy to see a youngster from their own sect go the same way. Not that it mattered right now.

He nodded to himself and then motioned to the other three. “You let him try something. Something that utilizes spiritual energy.”

The others exchanged a glance, not sure what the black warrior was getting at. They had figured that he probably assumed that Luo Lin’s ability was about learning but they weren’t sure how this would prove anything. An ability couldn’t be learned. That was the whole point. Even if he was a faster learner than usual, that shouldn’t have an effect.

Well, even if they thought so, they had learned to trust in Tong Chen and his intuition. If he figured this was what it was, then they’d just follow along.

After looking at each other, Yan Jian Hong finally stepped forward. Anyway, it had been his ability that was somehow copied. He felt that he should also be more involved in the process to figure things out.

“Alright, let me try it. Do you know that our Zhen Yan Sect’s arts are to a large degree about working together as a team and gathering different strengths together?”

Luo Lin nodded. Anyway, he might be more familiar with all the different ways people in the Teng Yong Sect cultivated, but he had at least a rough understanding of what the other sects’ disciples were doing. He had had enough to do with them, after all.

Yan Jing Hong nodded. “Good. The practice that I want to show you is precisely something like that. You can use it to support another person on your team and grant them a short boost in power. So, we will need a second person for this.”

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