RMN C413 Meeting the Red Priest

Mei Chao Bing pulled Yun Bei Fen out of bed, helped him put on his outer robe, and then took him out into the courtyard. Everyone else had already gathered so he didn’t want to waste any time.

Surely, the guardians of the four sects couldn’t just up and leave without returning soon. In fact, if what he had experienced at the Teng Yong Sect tonight was any indication, then the sects wouldn’t even know that they weren’t there anymore. If they noticed … he didn’t even want to imagine the chaos.

Since everyone who needed to be there was there now, the guardians got right to the heart of the matter.

The red priest took the lead since this was related to him the most closely. He walked over to Luo Lin and gave him a deep look. “I’m not sure if you heard before but I am the guardian of the Zhen Yan Sect. They call me the red priest. I heard that you used that vial of my blood to save somebody and that since then you’ve shown an ability of your own. Is that true?”

Luo Lin looked at him and nodded faintly. He hadn’t heard any of the previous discussion since he was still asleep but he had known that sooner or later, he would meet somebody from the Zhen Yan Sect to answer their questions and hopefully get some answers to his own questions from them. The only surprising thing was the identity of the person in front of him.

He had thought that he would meet one of the Elders of the sect, maybe the Sect Master if the Zhen Yan Sect attached a lot of importance to this. But he never would have thought that he might meet the red priest directly.

The guardian of a sect … that was an existence far beyond what he usually dealt with. Even Luo Lin who had never felt any hesitation when dealing with other people, couldn’t help but feel slightly uncertain when standing in front of him and being asked questions.

The red priest smiled faintly. “It’s alright, don’t worry. This is something that hasn’t happened before so we just want to make sure of what is the reason behind this happening. Would you mind telling me everything in detail again? I have only been given a rough run-down on what happened so far.”

The black warrior and blue butterfly knew what exactly had transpired but the other two only had a rough idea. Especially for the red priest whose ability seemed to have been passed on, this was something he needed to know.

Luo Lin glanced at Shen Lei.

His lover grasped his hand and inclined his head. He was worried about what was going on with Luo Lin. If the guardians could help them find out the reason for why this had happened, he would feel reassured. He didn’t want to ever see Luo Lin suffer again.

Luo Lin focused on Shen Lei but he did start to tell everything from the beginning, trying to give as many details as possible. He also wanted answers. He wasn’t worried as much about himself but if he indeed had this ability, it might come in handy. After all, Shen Lei was often out on missions. If he could heal him … But then, if this was only a temporary effect, he couldn’t rely on it. He wouldn’t dare to rely on it. So this question needed to be answered no matter what.

The red priest’s expression turned thoughtful the more he heard. What Luo Lin described was similar but also different from his own experience. In his case, his blood alone could heal but you needed to activate it with spiritual energy. In this disciple’s case, there seemed to be more to it. While his blood played a role and spiritual energy likely also couldn’t be discounted, there seemed to be a physical component.

A certain change wasn’t strange. One ability shared between several people would never be exactly the same. Everyone learned differently, after all. Since the original incident had included physical touch, it wasn’t strange that this was a part of Luo Lin’s ability. Maybe it was one that he could get rid of if he practiced but for now, it was alright to have. Unfortunately, that still didn’t explain how he had gotten this ability in the first place.

He pondered that question but no matter how long he thought, he couldn’t come up with anything. Finally, he pointed at Luo Lin’s arm. “Would you mind if I took your pulse?” Originally, he had studied all kinds of herbs for refinement but also for medicine in general. Taking a pulse was easy to him and maybe there were still some clues left in Luo Lin’s body.

Luo Lin didn’t mind so the two of them went to sit down, everyone else following along.

Shen Lei stood directly behind Luo Lin, gently holding onto his shoulders but his gaze was worried while watching the scene in front.

The red priest didn’t say anything and simply started. They didn’t know enough about the abilities. Originally, when the four of them came together, they had tried to find out more. Comparing between each other’s experiences, checking whatever rumors they came about … in the end, it hadn’t told them enough.

He finally pulled back his hand and looked up at Luo Lin, his gaze complicated.

Shen Lei’s grasp on his lover’s shoulders tightened while Luo Lin just requited the red priest’s gaze.

Under that gaze, the red priest could only sigh. “Well, I’m afraid I can’t tell anything just from that. I had hoped there would be some clues but …” He shook his head.

Luo Lin furrowed his brows. “Is there nothing we can do?”

The red priest looked at the other three, hoping that they would have an idea. As for himself, he had already run out of options. He didn’t know how to continue but they couldn’t leave it at this. This matter was too important for that. After all, it might allow them to solve the situation in the border region as well since it could tell them what the other side had likely been doing.

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