OMF V9C245 I’m Delighted!

Jing Yi looked at the people sitting at the table, realizing that he actually knew all of them. Other than the Grandmaster and his wife, there was also the Sect Master of the Jian Yi Sect that Leng Jin Yu had been a part of, that Xiao Yu that Xin Lan had been dating, and also that so-called husband of his cousin Guanyu.

Seeing Xiao Li, Jing Yi actually froze. He had originally intended to apologize for coming over unannounced and then just bringing up what he wanted before leaving in a rush, but now that he saw him, his thoughts were all over the place.

His impression of Xiao Li wasn’t a good one. That person had suddenly appeared and married his cousin, clearly not having had any good intentions with that. Later on, he had even quietly taken her out of the Long kingdom’s capital city without anybody else knowing. That sure didn’t speak for him.

Shen An De saw how Jing Yi looked at Xiao Li and his brows imperceptibly raised. Well, this had been somewhat expected. Even though Xiao Li had only mentioned having a bad relationship with the dragon king and not with Jing Yi himself, that had probably been because the dragon king was the only one who could enter his eyes. After all, a mortal wouldn’t get any consideration from a half-demon, especially not one that was as proud as this Xiao Li seemed to be. He knew that kind.

Although then again … He looked up at Jing Yi again, his gaze turning subtle. “Jing Yi, was it, right? Why don’t you come over and sit down? And I see you also brought somebody long. What about your lover? Weren’t the two of you inseparable before?”

Jing Yi was pulled out of his thoughts and went over, sitting down on one of the free chairs at the table. He might feel slightly uncomfortable interrupting everyone but Shen An De didn’t seem to mind. Since that was the case, he wouldn’t be polite either.

He waved at Xiao Dong to follow him over and then answered the Grandmaster’s question. “Qiu Ling is currently busy with something else.” Thinking about it for a moment, he turned to Fei Bai Mu, feeling that she might want to know about it. “Actually, it’s about your sect’s Grandmaster and his spouse.”

Fei Bai Mu’s expression showed a hint of surprise but then, she nodded. “Oh? Is there good news to announce already?”

Jing Yi nodded again. “It seems he mentioned to you that they wanted to have a child. And yes, it was finally time today. Well, today in the dragon realm, of course.”

Fei Bai Mu nodded slowly even though she still had some trouble imagining their Grandmaster with a child. There wasn’t anything wrong with it, after all, Leng Jin Yu was already more than old enough to have one. It was just that she still imaged him as that ascetic practitioner who would throw himself into cultivation, sword practice, and whatever else he could learn. In no way did she think of him as a romantic who would read his lover’s every wish from his eyes, get married, and even have a child.

But now, Leng Jin Yu had turned into precisely that kind of person. Maybe she shouldn’t be surprised. After all, he had already ascended. That was the most important point on a person’s path of cultivation, so there wasn’t that much more that he could attain. Why shouldn’t he focus on his family?

Telling herself this, she tried not to think about it any further. “Well, they really seemed to be looking forward to that a lot when I saw them the last time so I can’t say that I’m surprised. It’s good that the dragon king is with them though That would probably make it more of a special occasion.” Her gaze darted to the side, not wanting to say too much in front of Xiao Li.

Yes, they shouldn’t discriminate against anyone just based on them having some demonic blood. But with Xiao Li, there was more than that, wasn’t there? After all, he had clearly been in contact with the demon king before. He had admitted as much previously. So they shouldn’t talk about this kind of thing in front of him just as a precaution.

Jing Yi also glanced over there and figured the same. Thus, he just turned back to Shen An De. “I assume that Qiu Ling might follow over here if he finishes that matter before I get back. Otherwise, I’ll go back to the dragon realm. As for this person, he is called Xiao Dong. He also came to the mortal realm back when I was still a disciple at the Yun Zou Sect.”

Shen An De nodded slowly. “So it was like that. Welcome then.” He nodded toward Xiao Dong but then immediately turned back to Jing Yi. “Well, it seems that you managed to ascend. Congratulations! I guess this is only a temporary trip to the mortal realm then and probably one that has a specific reason?” Anyway, he didn’t think that Jing Yi would come here to make a courtesy call.

Jing Yi smiled faintly, feeling that Shen An De was really easy to talk to. “Yes, well, you also know about … well, who I am or rather who I originally was. It’s time to return to being that person pretty soon.

“Before that though, I wanted to …” He wasn’t quite sure how to say this in front of the Grandmaster and finally just shook his head. “Well, I guess I wanted to say goodbye. Just see the people and the places again that meant something to me in this life. That is why I’ve come here. There are a few people in the Hei Dian Sect that fall into that category so I wanted to come here and invite everyone.”

Shen An De raised his brows and then couldn’t help but smile playfully. “Oh? Well, I’m delighted to know that you consider me that huge of an influence in your life. Of course, my wife and I will gladly join you and your friends!”

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