OMF V9C244 Bad Timing

Looking at the dark building, he felt reminded of the time back then. He hadn’t been a disciple of the Hei Dian Sect for long but this place had left a big impression on him. Most of that was probably because Qiu Ling had made trouble here pretty much right after they came over but then, they had found out that dealing with the Grandmaster wasn’t all that bad.

Yes, that guy had tricked him into eating a spiritual fruit thus falling unconscious for a pretty long time and recovering the first memory of his previous life or something similar at least but all in all, he had still been pretty nice. Later on, he had also helped them out again when it came to saving Ma Zhi Wu so he had to say that Grandmaster Shen was somebody that he looked up to, and coming to his place didn’t feel all that awkward.

Walking up to the door, the two of them were greeted by a servant that looked surprised to see them.

Jing Yi inclined his head and then motioned inside. “We’ve come to see Grandmaster Shen and his wife. Would you tell them we’re here?”

The servant nodded and then vanished back inside, feeling that it was strange just how many people were coming to visit today. The Grandmaster’s palace hadn’t seen anyone in a long time and suddenly, there were five at once.

Shen An De looked up when he heard steps outside, wondering what it might be now. Usually, the servants wouldn’t interrupt them if they had a guest over.

The man knocked on the door and then stepped into the room, bowing faintly. “Grandmaster, there are another two visitors at the door. Should we let them in?”

Shen An De raised his brows, surprised as well. “Another two visitors? Who are they?”

“One seemed to be the youth that came here with the dragon king before. The person in his company was somebody else but likely someone of the dragon race judging by his appearance.”

Shen An De nodded. The people that were allowed to work at his estate were all talented so he was sure that this would indeed be Jing Yi and somebody from the dragon race. “Well, who am I to turn away the dragon king’s fiance? Let them in then.”

After the servant left, Shen An De turned to Fei Bai Mu and the two disciples she had brought along. “Well, this is too awkward. You came all the way here to discuss matters but now, we’re interrupted like this. I’m just afraid that it wouldn’t be good to turn this person away. You also heard who they are affiliated with.”

Fei Bai Mu shook her head. “Don’t worry about it. We already got the answer we wanted and I’m not unfamiliar with the dragon king. His lover can also be said to be an acquaintance of mine.”

To be honest, she didn’t know Jing Yi too well but she had at least seen him in the past and she had heard Leng Jin Yu and Jinde talk about him every now and then. She was also always happy if her youngest disciple was able to connect with new people. After all, there was still the problem of Xiao Li and the influence he had on him. So it was best if Xiao Yu could make a few more friends to lessen the impact. If one of them happened to be the dragon king’s lover, she definitely wouldn’t be sad about that.

Hua Lin Yu naturally also didn’t mind. Anyway, they had indeed found the answer they wanted so the mystery surrounding the Demonic Ancestor’s Poisonous Herb Garden had been solved for the most part. As for this sudden visitor, it didn’t matter much to him. He might not be close to Jing Yi, but since his Master didn’t seem worried, he wasn’t either.

Next to him, Xiao Li tensed though. He had met the dragon king’s lover as well considering that he had married his cousin once. From the way it had sounded just now, the dragon king currently wasn’t with him but who knew if he wouldn’t follow later? After all, these two had seemed pretty much inseparable back then. He really didn’t want to risk it. But then, he also couldn’t sneak out.

He glanced at Hua Lin Yu, wondering if maybe he could somehow get him to excuse the two of them but his lover didn’t seem to have noticed and had actually turned to the door, clearly waiting to see just who would come by. He didn’t know what to do. Maybe for now, should he just wait and see what happened? That didn’t seem to be a good idea though.

Xiao Li hesitated for a few moments and then cleared his throat. “That, Sect Master Fei, Grandmaster Shen, I’m afraid my relationship with the dragon king isn’t very good. Maybe I should excuse myself since his lover is here? He might not be too happy to see me.”

Shen An De glanced over but felt that this really wasn’t something that he should interfere in. Anyway, this Xiao Li wasn’t part of his sect but part of the Jian Yi Sect so Fei Bai Mu should be responsible for this.

On the other hand, Fei Bai Mu felt that she wasn’t the one who should have a say in this considering that they were currently in Grandmaster Shen’s house and not just at either of their sects or on neutral territory. When it came to who entered and exited the estate, shouldn’t he decide?

With both of them looking at each other, not knowing who should make any decision, they kept quiet until the servant already returned and opened the door for Jing Yi and Xiao Dong.

Xiao Li gritted his teeth and then just turned his head, hoping that the dragon king’s lover wouldn’t look too closely at him.

For a moment, it seemed as if Xiao Li was actually in luck. Because seeing all those people sitting around the table, Jing Yi was surprised and felt that they had disturbed the Grandmaster and his wife, making him not look any closer at the people themselves.

Well, at the very least, this explained the servant’s expression. This really had been bad timing.

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