OMF V9C246 Still Hunting Demons

Jing Yi froze. The person he had wanted to invite was naturally Hong Bao. After all, he had met her several times and she had also tried to help him organize his wedding back when he came to the Hei Dian Sect with Qiu Ling. To say that he had fond memories of her wouldn’t be a lie.

When it came to her sister, he actually didn’t know her that well. She had always been a more mature presence while he was over here, maybe feeling like one of those older senior martial sisters back in the Yun Zou Sect or his aunt back in the Long kingdom. She definitely wasn’t the type that he wanted to invite.

As for Shen An De as the Grandmaster of the Hei Dian Sect … well, to say that he was slightly intimidated by that position would be expected. He wouldn’t even have dreamed of trying to invite him. But now, Shen An De had already said this so he could hardly take it back, could he?

He gulped and then gave a smile, nodding a little stiffly. “Of course! That’s … awesome! Uh … I see that Hong Bao isn’t here. I actually also wanted to invite her. I mean, we were pretty close. You wouldn’t happen to know where she currently is?”

Shen An De gave a hum and turned to his wife, feeling that this was something that she should answer.

Hong Ai smiled and lightly slapped her husband’s arm for making trouble for the juniors. He really loved doing this and, unfortunately, nobody knew how to deal with it. Because of his position, they all felt the need to just go along with it. Over time, he couldn’t see anything wrong with it anymore.

But then, the older you got, the more difficult it probably was to have fun as a cultivator. She should be happy that Shen An De was just teasing people younger than him. Some half-demons out there went in a completely different direction.

As for what Jing Yi wanted to know … “Well, my sister is still with the demon-hunters.”

Jing Yi raised his brows. “Really? I thought that the Chun Feng Sect had been dissolved?”

Hong Ai shook her head. “It was. She’s not with them anymore. In the chaos back then, she didn’t take part much. She was sent out by her Master to bring a message to the Ye Zhong Order, which is another demon-hunting sect. She apparently got lost on the way though so the message didn’t arrive in time and the Ye Zhong Order wasn’t part of the final confrontation.

“Later on, after finding out from the Ye Zhong Order what was really going on, Xiao Bao left the Chun Feng Sect. You know, even though she can be a bit of an airhead, she also has a sense of what is right or wrong. She certainly doesn’t think that everyone who isn’t human deserves to be hunted down.

“What she does believe in is helping the common people though and it can’t be denied that some of the demons and half-demons making their way into the mortal realm are a threat. What she learned in the Chun Feng Sect is valuable and can still be put to good use. So, in other words, she finally joined the Ye Zhong Order and is still hunting demons.”

Hong Ai said after saying so, looking a bit gratified. “Originally, I had hoped that she would come to live here after the Chun Feng Sect ceased to exist and she also had a fall-out with Liu Cheng but it seems that hunting demons is what makes her happy. She has actually grown quite a bit in her time with the Ye Zhong Order. When you see her, you might not even be able to recognize her!”

Next to her, Shen An De laughed. “Oh, don’t worry too much about that! While you might not be able to recognize her when you see her, she still sounds exactly the same as soon as she speaks. But anyway, she should be at the sect right now so that’s where you can find her unless she’s out on a mission.”

Jing Yi nodded. He had actually heard of the Ye Zhong Order back then if he remembered correctly. He wasn’t completely sure where it was located but Shen An De should have a map or something. Maybe Xiao Dong actually knew as well.

He was quite curious about Hong Bao’s change though. He still remembered her as that happy-go-lucky girl that just blurted out whatever was currently going through her mind, her thoughts jumping from one place to the other. He had no idea just what kind of person she might’ve turned into over the years. But yes, he probably shouldn’t be too surprised.

He didn’t know how old Hong Bao had been back then but she had seemed young. And by now, after a millennium had passed, of course, that had changed. Even he had managed to grow up a lot in the time and he hadn’t been out there, hunting demons and helping the common people, but had only stayed in the dimension with Qiu Ling before he finally ascended. So, yes, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Hong Bao had made a lot of progress.

Shen An De watched his expression and then faintly raised his brows. “Do you know where the sect is?”

Jing Yi had to shake his head. “No, if Grandmaster Shen has some kind of map, that would be very much appreciated.”

Shen An De nodded and then indeed pulled out a map, handing it to Jing Yi. “I have a few of those lying around so you can keep it. It’s slightly dated but the general layout is still the same.”

Jing Yi took a look and felt that it didn’t look any different from the world that he was familiar with. But then, after a while, he even spotted the Chun Feng Sect’s name on the map so, most likely, this was indeed a millennium old. That could probably be called slightly dated even in the cultivation world. At the very least, it could since quite a bit had happened during this time. He didn’t even want to think how things might’ve turned out in the common world where things moved so much faster.

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