RMN C398 Really Difficult to Watch

“You can imagine how bummed out I was having to see the two of them get close again. While I didn’t necessarily want them to fight, this was still the person that I liked with somebody else.

“Well, no matter what my thoughts were, it couldn’t be changed. That junior martial brother immediately latched onto my senior, his gaze turning admiring. He asked him whether he was the real one, telling him that he had thought he was an impostor from the demonic side, trying to entice him.

“I have to say that despite everything else going on, I was quite happy to hear that what I had figured was going on had actually been right. It really made me feel accomplished. At the very least, it was a small triumph in a situation where I was supremely unhappy.

“Well, it wasn’t like my achievement was paid any attention. The two of them had already gone back to ignoring me, and that junior only mentioned me once, saying that it had been my presence that convinced him that maybe he had made the wrong assumption.

“Ah, my senior was naturally very forgiving even though they had just fought. He put all fault onto the heads of the demonic practitioners who had originally imprisoned him, saying that they must have done something to alter his perception. So of course, there was nothing that junior could’ve done.

“I have to admit I thought quite cynically back then, that no matter what that junior did, my senior probably would’ve reacted the same. That really was too indulgent.” She sighed and shook her head, either thinking that she had been too much back then or maybe still feeling that these two had been too biased.

But either way, she figured that she shouldn’t dwell on the issue. “The two of them shared a heartfelt confession or at least they tried to. With me being angry and not wanting to see this, I finally managed to stop the dream just when they were about to confess their feelings. When I woke up, I felt that I had just had a nightmare.” Blue butterfly sighed once again, really looking as if it had been hard on her.

Seeing her like this, Yun Bei Fen couldn’t help but feel some compassion. “That must’ve been really difficult for you.”

Blue butterfly looked at him and smiled, nodding slowly. “You’re a good junior. Yes, it wasn’t easy. But it’s also been a long time since then. I think the important part is that while I thought I had had a nightmare, the other two had also woken up and they had a different perception of what had happened.

“Despite the fight, the beginning of my senior martial brother’s dream had been a good one, and that junior’s dream most likely as well. As for the end, both had dreamed of reuniting with the one they loved. Even though they hadn’t gotten to the confession part, I guess it still made for a happy dream.

“With the dream ending so abruptly, the two of them immediately sat up. With two people suddenly startling awake at the same time, the sound would naturally draw the other’s attention and they couldn’t help but look at each other. You can probably imagine what happened then.

“Both of them had no idea what kind of dream they had just had, but the sweet words they had just been about to say were naturally still kept in their hearts and it was hard to hold them back. After getting so close to a confession, how could anyone just want to give up?

“My senior — I don’t know if he just had more guts —, he got up and walked over there, sitting down next to the junior and addressing him. Actually, if it had been anyone else, I’d have said it was quite sweet how he inquired about whether he had had a bad dream, and then softly comforted him.

“As things stood, I was just angry that he was asking him but not me. Clearly, I had also just woken up. But I guess if something happens to the person you love, some junior martial sister from your own sect isn’t all that important in comparison.

“And, well, even though this was outside a dream, it could be that he actually hadn’t noticed that I was awake.” With that, she deeply sighed. “This is also one of the downsides of these abilities. Even though usually, it only happens in dreams, sometimes, you can’t help but feel that life is pretty much the same. You start to feel like you can’t really fit in and are never seen.”

At that point, Mei Chao Bing was a bit more interested. When it came to a love story between blue butterfly’s senior martial brother and some junior from another sect, he couldn’t say that he found it interesting. Yun Bei Fen was hyped about it but it didn’t help them with the current situation. So he just hoped that she would hurry up and get to the point already. Now, maybe she had arrived there?

Blue butterfly saw his expression and felt that this junior wasn’t quite as cute as the other one. Since she finally had time to tell a story, why couldn’t he let her go in a bit more detail? In fact, she knew all the words that had been spoken by heart so she would’ve loved to give a better rendition. But now, she actually needed to hurry up for his sake!

She grumbled but then got back to the story. “Well, even though I didn’t like to see it, the two got along well and it didn’t take long for them to figure out that this dream had actually been one they shared.

“I didn’t know how or why but I guess they both took that to be a sign that they were meant to be. Soon enough, it was plain to see you even in daylight that they were a couple now.

“Yes, somehow, using my ability, I had managed to set up the senior I liked with some unknown junior from another sect. I really wasn’t happy. And that caused me to use my ability more than ever. And the waves that made were probably big enough that they alerted Tong Chen, that is to say, your Teng Yong Sect’s black warrior.”

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