OMF V9C210 Difficult to Find

While the people in the mortal realm had reached an impasse when it came to figuring out Hua Lin Yu’s situation, Zhong Jing Yi’s situation in the dragon realm was moving forward.

Originally, Qiu Ling had sent somebody over to the Nine Heavens to tell the God of Justice that Jing Yi was ready to talk to him already. Unfortunately, Li Yin had been tying up loose threads in the capital city, informing An Bai, as well as the senior officials from his own Court of Justice about the breakthrough that had been made and deciding on the next steps.

In the end, everyone chose to continue their research. Anyway, while Li Yin’s idea of having the reincarnated ascended deity give up their soul willing seemed to be the best way to deal with this, there might be others. They shouldn’t stop going through the records they had if it meant that they could miss something.

Either way, even if nothing was found in this regard, it would help them understand the other race better. That was a win for everyone and especially the half-bloods were interested in this, not forgetting their king’s rousing speech from before.

He had promised to make the dragon realm more welcoming for them and have them be in charge of the task as well. Now that there was this kind of opportunity, how could they not give their best?

The half-bloods all continued with their work in the Tower of Wisdom and An Bai also continued to check up on them every now and then, feeling that their decision was a good one. In the meantime, he continued to go through the records at the Palace of Fate together with Yi Yun and the Fate’s Scribe.

As for the other people from the Court of Justice, they started to rotate shifts. They didn’t want to give the task up either but there was so much else to do. Thus, not everyone could be here all the time and people were switched out regularly. With this, the work continued, albeit at a slower pace than before. It was estimated that they would need another few months to deal with this.

As for that servant from the dragon realm, he needed more than an hour to find the God of Justice.

The person in question had just wanted to step foot into the Court of Justice to go and see his lover and their child so they could start their vacation. The senior officials had been informed and while he hadn’t managed to find his best friend, he had left a note in his study. Either way, he wasn’t in a rush to explain himself. Now, seeing that he was interrupted just before he could leave, he naturally wasn’t happy.

The servant’s mood was the complete opposite though. “God of Justice, I finally found you!” He really wouldn’t have thought that it was so troublesome to find a titled god right in the capital city but, apparently, he knew nothing about this place. When he finally reached the place where this great god was rumored to have gone, he would be told he had just left. At the next one, it was still the same.

Li Yin faintly raised his brows. This tone made it sound as if there was something big going on. Right now, he really didn’t have the patience to deal with that. “What might be the matter? Actually, I am in a bit of a rush. You can just talk to one of the senior officials.”

The servant was stunned. That … Actually, was that possible? He wasn’t sure but it also wasn’t like he could just go and ask. “I don’t think that’ll be possible. Anyway, His Majesty sent me to see you. He didn’t say anything about an alternative.”

Li Yin took a closer look at the person in front of him. At first glance, the man had looked like a god but now that he looked more closely, he didn’t seem to be. The hair wasn’t black but dark blue and the nails … were they pink?

He stared blankly for a moment before looking back up. “Well, what does Longjun want?” He sure hoped that it wasn’t something time-consuming again. He had already promised Leng Lu! And Heaven knew that his lover wasn’t the understanding kind since he fell.

The servant also realized that he seemed to have gotten in trouble. But then, he could only deliver the message, hoping that it would make the God of Justice more receptive.

“The matter I mentioned?” Li Yin repeated the words the servant said and faintly raised his brows. The dragon king had been quite cautious framing it like this but, of course, as one of the involved parties, he immediately understood what this was about. He was surprised though.

While he had been sure that Zhong Jing Yi would agree to his suggestion in the end because he did not want to see his lover come to a bad end, he wouldn’t have thought that it would happen this fast. After all, to lay down your own life, that was also something most people wouldn’t be able to do easily.

If the situation was urgent, it might be easier because you could clearly see that there were only two paths forward. Either you died or you’d have to watch the person you loved die. But then, Longjun was now doing better so the urgency had gone down. Surely, that boy should have hoped to get around it and for them to find another way. To have him agree this easily …

Li Yin narrowed his eyes. He didn’t want to worry needlessly but maybe he had agreed so fast because he had some other plan. Unfortunately, he could only find out one way.

He sighed and then nodded. “Alright, I will go over immediately.” Anyway, Leng Lu should know what was going on and he might understand. Even if Leng Lu didn’t understand, there was still Ru Zhen around. Surely, his son would put in a good word or two for him. With that thought, he hurried over to the dragon realm.

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