RMN C397 A Cursed Dream

Mei Chao Bing stared at her, afraid of what he would hear next. With that scene of a hero saving a beauty and those two martial brothers more or less making out right in front of her, this dream had already sounded like it was way too much. Now, she actually wanted to tell them that it hadn’t been enough yet? In that case, he really didn’t want to imagine just what was going to come next. But it wasn’t like Blue Butterfly would just stop halfway through the story.

“You see, that younger martial brother from the Li Ren Sect had of course had a dream of his own. And when you merge dreams, there’s no way to say which part of which dream will come through. Not to mention that the ones dreaming will also react to the new elements in the dream that they are pulled into.

“In this case, one person dreamed of the other that he clearly held romantic feelings for. The dream was a way to live out the feelings that he hadn’t had a chance to experience in real life. The other person had originally had a dream unrelated to him, one that was probably based on his past. I can only surmise that since I wasn’t present in the dream itself, but it sure looked like it.

“When these two dreams merged together, that junior martial brother from the Li Ren Sect that my senior had dreamed of seemed to turn into another person. He still looked somewhat like himself but there were a few years taken off his face, almost as if he had traveled back in time.

“My own senior martial brother was confused when this happened. And going with the setting that had been established in his own dream, his worry was even greater. Naturally, he would fear the worst.

“Before I could wrap my mind around what was happening there, he had already grabbed that junior martial brother, shaking him while yelling ‘Junior martial brother Yi, what happened to you? Is it some curse placed by the demonic practitioners?!’

“Of course, that junior martial brother hadn’t been present for the first part of the dream so how would he know what my senior was going on about? In fact, even though the two of them knew each other and he had looked as if he recognized him at first, he now also seemed worried when suddenly, there was a person in front of him, yelling about demonic practitioners.

“These two … for the next couple of minutes, they were playing a game of tug of war, just that they were using themselves to tug at. My senior martial brother was shamefully trying to cling to that junior, pulling him closer, while the junior martial brother tried to pull away, now probably even surer that something was off with this person.

“They were both cultivators and even in a dream, they would naturally retain some of their skills. So soon enough, what had originally started out as a romantic scene morphed into a battle between members of two sects.”

Mei Chao Bing rubbed his forehead, really not sure what to think of this. Just as blue butterfly had said, this dream was indeed a weird one. He really shouldn’t have doubted it. He just hadn’t thought that it would go in this direction of all possibilities.

Yun Bei Fen’s brows and his eyes widened, clearly also unable to believe it. “So they weren’t a couple?”

Blue butterfly sighed at that. “Well, that is the question, isn’t it? Who knows what they remembered in their dream and what they didn’t? Anyway, I was seeing some parts but not necessarily everything.

“You see, what if my senior martial brother dreamed of himself as the person he actually was, but that martial brothers of the Li Ren Sect saw him as someone else and not as his own lover? How would I be able to see it? By now, I might be able to distinguish but, back then, I definitely wasn’t.”

“Oh.” Yun Bei Fen didn’t know what to make of this. He definitely hadn’t expected the story to turn in this direction. Actually, it seemed a bit sad. For lovers to suddenly fight in a dream just because they were seeing different things, he didn’t even want to imagine it.

Since the thought had already been brought up, he reached out, holding onto Mei Chao Bing’s arm. If it was the two of them, could this also happen? He really hoped that it wouldn’t.

Mei Chao Bing looked at him and reached over, rubbing the back of his head. He could imagine what was going through his mind but right now wasn’t the moment to discuss it. They likely didn’t have much more time.

Even though he would’ve liked to calm him down, he turned back to blue butterfly. “I’m sure that the situation was somehow solved.” He hoped that this would prompt her to finally get on with the story.

To be honest, he didn’t care too much about the details of the dream, even though he was happy that they were finally getting some more information about her ability at the side. If the other side really had somebody with a similar one, then this would be something that they could use if it should ever come to fight like that.

Blue butterfly also knew that time was limited so she didn’t dwell on that fight any longer. “Well, it went on for quite some time until I really couldn’t watch it any longer and wanted to get involved.

“As soon as I started interacting with them and involving myself in the fight, I slipped from the role of a bystander to that of an active participant. That was probably what finally changed the dream once again.

“With something else taking the focus for a moment, and tying my senior martial brother to our sect in the eyes of that martial brother from the Li Ren Sect, it seemed to finally get through to him that this person was indeed my real senior and not just an impostor. And with that realization, his demeanor toward my senior martial brother changed. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the whole dream went back to the trajectory it originally had had.”

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