RMN C396 Men and Such Things

She really wasn’t sure what she was supposed to think of that. Juniors these days, they really were able to get into relationships that fast. It was a bit annoying to think about.

Either way, that wasn’t what this was about right now. She shook her head to clear her mind and then got back to the story. “Anyway, even up until that point, neither of them had noticed me. I was getting a bit emotional, feeling that it really wasn’t nice to display their affection right in front of my face like this while completely ignoring me. Anyway, we were the only three people. Wasn’t it rude to just ignore one?”

Yun Bei Fen still hadn’t managed to understand what blue butterfly had been talking about before but he just pushed the thought away when she continued telling her story. When she came to this question, he nodded.

He was also somebody who would just ignore others if Mei Chao Bing was right there with him and he had to admit that he knew that it was rude. It was just that the world was filled with nothing but his senior martial brother as soon as he appeared. At that time, how could he still have the mind there to spare a thought for others? Really, these two people’s way of acting, he could also understand.

Thinking until there, he suddenly had an epiphany. “Ah! These two, they were actually a couple!”

Mei Chao Bing looked over and rubbed his head, glad to see that his little bunny had managed to catch onto the main issue of the story. There had been several clues beforehand that he missed, but at the very least, blue butterfly hadn’t needed to directly point it out. This meant that he was slowly getting to the point where he was able to draw his own conclusions from what was presented.

This was good. Even though it might be inconsequential when it was about a story such as this, it would very much help him when it came to matters in the future. Maybe he would even be able to take advantage of that in the border region.

Blue butterfly was surprised that he had needed until now to understand but hurriedly nodded. “Yes, they were. Or rather than saying that they were a couple, it might be better to say that they were in love with each other.

“I hadn’t known before but it became quite obvious the further I watched. From crying in his arms, the junior soon changed to kissing my senior in what I perceived to be gratitude. As it turns out, those feelings were not quite that as they were actually reciprocated. So then, they started to kiss right in front of my face. Needless to say, my maiden heart was broken.” She sighed deeply as if this still had a profound effect on her.

Yun Bei Fen actually looked as if he didn’t know what to do. “I’m really sorry, senior. But I’m sure you’ll find somebody better!” Actually, he wasn’t so sure about that. If his senior martial brother Mei had ended up with somebody else, he wouldn’t have been happy. And he definitely wouldn’t have wanted to look for someone else. Anyway, there was nobody better around than Mei Chao Bing.

But he also didn’t need to think about it since they were together after all and he trusted that nothing would change about that. Mei Chao Bing had promised that they would be together and he was somebody who kept his word. What was there to think about?

But in blue butterfly’s case, it just hadn’t worked out. What could she do about it? If her senior martial brother loved somebody else and was already with him, then he’d be wrong to leave that person for her, right? But then, she’d stay alone which also wasn’t good.

Actually, he had never thought about it this way. If the other person liked somebody else, what could you do? That was a question worth pondering. He should probably ask his seniors about this when this dream ended. He had heard that his third senior martial brother had had a lot of bad luck before meeting senior martial brother Shen. He probably knew all about these things!

Blue butterfly laughed lightly and shook her head. “Don’t think too much. Men and such things, I have long given up on that. By now, I am my sect’s guardian. How can I still go and look at pretty youngsters?”

Yun Bei Fen thought for a moment but then, his expression lit up. “Ah, but what about the other three guardians? Maybe one of them would work!” Anyway, they should be about her age, right? And they were also guardians of their sects so maybe this would work out.

Both Mei Chao Bing and blue butterfly looked at him, not sure what to make of this.

In the end, blue butterfly cleared her throat, and then just continued to tell her story as if he hadn’t said anything. This idea … she didn’t even want to entertain it.

“Anyway, things were getting pretty heated in that dream. And that wasn’t just between these two martial brothers, but also regarding my own emotions. Naturally, seeing the person I like being intimate with somebody else, I was not able to stay calm.

“I think I’ve mentioned it before but our emotions can influence our abilities. That is especially true for mine since dreams are more closely related to the subconscious where many of our emotions are also hidden.

“By now, I do know what happened back then but at the time, I wasn’t aware. I only realized that something changed. This was because I had actually pulled the other person into the dream as well. And that was when it got really weird.”

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