OMF V9C208 Keep an Eye on It

Shen An De gave a hum in response. “That is one of the many worrisome parts about this. To be honest, I am not sure if An Rong is thinking about that. As Hong Ai mentioned, he is part demon and that part is likely higher than mine. There is no way to know for sure what he inherited from which side but the chance that he is more demon than human is high. Who knows if he cares whether the Duan Gui Ying that comes back is the same who died?”

Hong Ai nodded to show her agreement with her husband. “Not just that, we also don’t know the reason behind this. To resurrect somebody … most people wouldn’t come up with that but if he really is more demonic, then this might just be a sign of obsession. He has made up his mind and is willing to do anything to reach his goal. Maybe Duan Gui Ying has information he feels he needs or maybe this is indeed about the relationship between the two of them. We can’t know.”

Fei Bai Mu kept quiet but her brows had already furrowed tightly. Thankfully, her disciples had made the decision not to enter that secret realm. Otherwise, she doubted they would have made it out alive. An obsessed demon couldn’t be reasoned with, after all. If they had disturbed this An Rong in his plans, he might have killed them without asking a single question.

Shen An De watched her expression before sighing. “Well, if I was you, I’d just leave this matter alone. An Rong … he might be crazy and he certainly isn’t reasonable but I doubt he would attack anyone as long as you don’t bother him.”

Fei Bai Mu nodded. “Yes, the disciples went to look at the mirrored side but nobody bothered to come out. I guess as long as the secret realm behind that isn’t disturbed, he might indeed not care.”

Shen An De gave a curt nod. “Yes, that would be my guess as well. So, just ignore it. I’m not happy to see this happening either but we can’t do anything about An Rong. We can only let him do whatever he wants. Since he is doing this far away from anyone else, we also shouldn’t have a reason to get involved.”

“I agree. Although somebody should keep an eye on this. If he succeeds in resurrecting Duan Gui Ying, there might be trouble.”

Shen An De could only sigh again. “Trouble doesn’t even begin to cover this. We can keep some disciples around to inform us if he gets out there but I am not sure if that would really accomplish anything. When it has happened, what can we do? We’d still stand no chance against An Rong. Maybe not against Duan Gui Ying either. And those two would have teamed up at that time.”

Fei Bai Mu couldn’t argue that point but she wasn’t about to just let the matter rest. “Even if that is the case, we can also try to contact our predecessors that have managed to ascend. In these years, they only would have grown stronger. They might be able to deal with him.”

Shen An De gave a hum but it didn’t sound too convinced. Ascension was all nice and certainly meant that these people were strong but An Rong was born immortal which meant a huge difference in the quality of their power. Not to mention that he had had thousands of years to grow even stronger. That kind of foe … he was afraid Fei Bai Mu failed to grasp his strength accurately.

He wondered how to describe it better but could only shake his head in the end. “We could try but I doubt it would be enough. From what I heard, even back then, An Rong was likely the strongest among our founders. The fact that one of them made it to ascension and still thought himself weaker than him should tell you enough. I am not sure if our predecessors would be able to do anything about him.”

“I see what Grandmaster Shen means but we can’t just leave this matter alone. I am not saying we should attack him outright. Maybe he will never succeed in resurrecting Duan Gui Ying, maybe he will but everything will go well and these two won’t make trouble, but with our positions in the cultivation world, I believe we have to prepare for the worst-case scenario as well. We don’t have the luxury to ignore this.”

Shen An De sighed once more. It wasn’t that he didn’t agree. He just didn’t see a good way to deal with this. “For now, I’d say we should just wait and keep an eye on matters. If there are any signs of change in the realm, we can revisit the topic again.”

“Alright.” Fei Bai Mu wasn’t necessarily happy with that compromise but she also knew that she couldn’t force Shen An De. Furthermore, it might be hundreds or thousands of years before there was any breakthrough on An Rong’s side. They shouldn’t get ahead of themselves. Otherwise, maybe they would just anger him and cause him to make trouble in the first place.

Putting that matter aside, Fei Bai Mu focused on the other problem that was currently giving her a headache. “Now, since that has been dealt with, maybe I can ask your opinion on another matter.”

Shen An De raised his brows. “Please, go ahead!” Anyway, he didn’t mind helping out. Especially not if it was Fei Bai Mu asking.

Fei Bai Mu glanced to the seat next to her. “Actually, this is about my disciple. His being able to see those arrays as the only person in that group has me worried. Maybe Grandmaster Shen has any idea what could be the reason behind this?”

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