RMN C394 Shameful Behavior for a Cultivator

Yun Bei Fen was eager to hear just what she might have found out. Could it be that this was about a dark secret of the Jian Chu Sect? It sure sounded like it! He had no idea what that might be though.

When it came to their Teng Yong Sect, he couldn’t imagine that there were any secrets, not to mention dark ones. Anyway, where would people hide all those? Every part of the sect save for one was open to everyone including the youngest disciples that had just joined the sect. That really didn’t seem very secretive.

As for that one part of the sect that was off-limits, he had always figured that this was where the Sect Master lived. In any case, it wasn’t too far away from the palace where he was having those talks with the Elders, so it made sense. After all, that palace was for working, right? Not for him to live there.

Now though, after hearing about the guardians of the four sects, he figured that maybe he had gotten it wrong. Maybe the one who lived at that place was actually the guardian of their sect. Or maybe they were living there together.

Thinking about it, he felt that this was something he should ask Mei Chao Bing about when he was back at the border region. Or, if it was too long until then, he should ask one of his senior martial brothers.

His first senior martial brother might usually not talk much, but he had also heard a lot about the things going on in the sect. As for his third senior martial brother, he knew even more. And if not them, then there was still senior martial brother Shen. He was sure that one of them would know the answer to this question. As for his Master … Yun Bei Fen neglected to think of that possibility.

Blue butterfly was happy to see this junior so invested in her story. Anyway, she just wanted to illustrate the point of how these abilities came to them gradually with what she herself had experienced and also tell them how they as the four guardians had come together.

This was something that seemed a bit random but since Mei Chao Bing had asked, she was naturally willing to reminisce. Anyway, she hardly got the chance to do that. The others knew the story since it was their own, so what use was the use in telling them about it? This really was the first time in forever that she was able to talk about this at length.

She smiled and took another sip of wine before she got back into the story. “Anyway, in these dreams, I usually have a rather low presence. People won’t notice that I’m there unless I approach them directly and speak up. Even if they see me, they just regard me as a passerby that isn’t worth their attention. That is even true for somebody who knows me and just traveled with me like that handsome senior martial brother.

“To be honest, this has always made me sad. You know, before I understood that this was an ability, I wondered just why people wouldn’t take notice of me. I mean, yes, they were dreams, but dreams often reflect reality at least in part, don’t they? So why was it that nobody was paying attention to me?

“Usually, my reaction wasn’t quite that bad but with this senior martial brother, I really felt vexed. And I couldn’t help but wonder just how long it might take for him to realize that I was there so I stubbornly followed behind in silence.

“Finally, we came to a place that looked suspiciously like the garden that we had just arrived at for our mission. Seeing this, I couldn’t help but furrow my brows. It really was a bit odd to go from a path that you were very familiar with in your own sect to a place that you had just discovered. And yes, in my ‘dream’, I was also able to realize this.

“I looked around, feeling that all of this was weird, but then, dreams just were like that. The oddest thing about this place was that none of the others were around, save for one person.” She sighed when she said this, her expression looking a bit sad.

Mei Chao Bing faintly raised his brows. Somehow, he was getting a bad feeling about this. One person … was that one other person from their Jian Chu Sect? Or one of the others? Even if they were, what was that person doing in the dream? And since blue butterfly had been there — maybe influencing the dream subconsciously — was it still her senior martial brother’s dream or had it inadvertently become mixed up with the other person one’s? No matter what, he felt that this was indeed going in a strange direction. Blue butterfly’s expression definitely help with that impression.

She once again sighed and shook her head, finally shrugging her shoulders. “Well, what can I say? This person was from the Li Ren Sect, a slightly younger martial brother that had been following around with his seniors, not actually saying or doing much on this mission. My impression of him was pretty faint but the same didn’t seem to go for my senior martial brother.

“Seeing this person, he immediately called out. There was some urgency in his voice which wasn’t that strange because this person had somehow been caught in the pavilion where we had made camp for the night. Just that now, this wasn’t a resting place he was leisurely spending time at. Instead, it had turned into a trap that had probably been created by the demonic practitioners. At the very least, he was inside, and a barrier was erected on the outside, trapping him in there.

“Not knowing what to do, he was crying quietly, looking quite pitiful. Personally, I thought this was pretty shameful behavior for a cultivator, but my senior martial brother seemed to think otherwise and immediately rushed forward, wanting to comfort him, just to be kept out by the barrier, only able to look but not to touch.”

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