RMN C393 A Special Senior

“At that time, I was out with a few martial brothers and sisters of my own generation, working on a big mission. In fact, it wasn’t too different from what you are currently doing in the border region: There wasn’t just our Jian Chu Sect involved, but also disciples of the other three big righteous sects.

“Back then, a realm had surfaced that was said to have been left behind by a powerful ancestor. The details of that aren’t that important. What you might be interested in knowing is that, actually, it was a trap made by the demonic faction which we didn’t know at the time.

“As for my own journey, it truly started while we were in there, exploring the place. You see, back then, it wasn’t like it is now. The sects were actually working together, not just each having an outpost somewhere and maybe exchanging messages when something very important happened.

“No, at that time we would travel in groups together, making use of the fact that everyone had different strengths and weaknesses based on the techniques we learned. This made us into a stronger overall force, one that had to be reckoned with. I am afraid that by now, the four great sects have long since forgotten that this is a possibility.”

Blue butterfly sighed and then shook her head. “Well, whatever. That is nothing I or you can solve. In any case, were inside that realm, traveling in a group that counted a dozen disciples, three from each of the sects. From our Jian Chu Sect, other than myself, there was a martial sister that I was not too familiar with and a senior martial brother that I admired a bit.”

Mei Chao Bing’s gaze darted from side to side and he wondered if this was the type of story that he could let Yun Bei Fen hear. Just when the notion arose, he wanted to shake his head at himself. Even though he might not seem like it most of the time, Yun Bei Fen had already come of age. Why was he trying to protect him from something like this?

Well, whether they wanted to or not, blue butterfly wasn’t about to interrupt her story anyway. Her expression had turned a little wistful and she sighed when thinking of that senior martial brother. “Oh, he was so handsome! Actually, I wasn’t the only disciple back then who was interested in him. There really were a lot of us. Unfortunately, he had never put any of us in his eyes. He did take care of us as his juniors but when it came to feelings further than that … well, we all had bad luck.

“Now, you might not realize this but when you have an ability but can’t control it well yet, then it is often influenced by your circumstances and your current state. Being in love and highly emotional, of course, this also had an influence on what my ability would do.

“There were many times when I had dreams of him. Or at least I thought them to be dreams. In fact, it was usually that I accidentally invaded the dreams of somebody who was dreaming of him. And sometimes, when he was present in his own dreams, I would also visit those. It wasn’t something that I planned, it just happened.

“Either way, on one of the nights in that realm, we were resting at what seemed like the outskirts of an estate. We could see the grand building far in the distance, an expanse of land surrounding it that seemed like a garden. We had found a beautiful spot out there and had made camp next to a pavilion.

“There was a little fire crackling beside it, and everyone had found a spot to sit or lie down, some of them taking shelter beneath the roof of the pavilion while the others found a spot close by, settling down for the evening.

“We had divided the night into several shifts so some people would always be awake to be on the lookout for danger while the rest could sleep without worry. Now, as it so happened, I was asleep just when that special senior martial brother of mine was asleep as well. And at that time, something was about to happen that had never happened before.” She smiled wryly when she thought of it but there was always some amusement mixed into it.

Seeing this kind of expression, Mei Chao Bing felt that even though it had probably indeed been embarrassing, blue butterfly was long over that.

Yun Bei Fen, on the other hand, was on the edge of his seat, clearly curious just what had happened. His senior martial brothers had often told him stories from when they were out on their missions. Most of those had been pretty bizarre. So he didn’t have a problem imagining that something really outlandish would have happened to blue butterfly as well.

She kept quiet for a moment and then cleared her throat. “Well, as I entered that dream, I found myself in the position of a bystander. This is what I usually am. I barge into somebody’s dream, and see what they see or maybe what they are currently experiencing.

“You have to know, not everyone is present in their own dream. Sometimes, they are indeed themselves. But at other times, they can hardly be called human. Of course, oftentimes, they could be another person as well, but they could also turn into creatures that don’t even exist in our world, and sometimes even objects. It is a bit odd. I think the weirdest thing I ever saw was somebody dreaming of being a cloud. But I digress.

“In any case, my senior martial brother that night was dreaming of being himself. At that time, he was strolling down a path that clearly seemed to belong to our Jian Chu Sect, although I have to admit that there were some differences. The most prominent was that there was a sinister feeling about it. It was hard to put into words but you just knew that this wasn’t a good place.

“Seeing as this should be our sect but had now turned into this, I wondered just where this was going. Well, it is usually curiosity that kills the cat and, unfortunately, the same is true for butterflies because I just couldn’t help myself from following the handsome senior and thus found out about something I never would have expected.”

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