OMF V9C197 Quite Beautiful

The three of them walked into the water, finally diving down when they had gotten further in.

Needless to say, Jinde was excited, wishing to rush down to the ground immediately. He knew that for the time being, he should better take it slow though. After all, who knew if Qiu Ling would really be able to take it now that they were down here? No, it was better to go about things a bit slower first and see how he was doing instead of overtaxing him.

Qiu Ling realized what he was doing. He felt grateful but the feeling was tinged with a pang of guilt. When came to Jinde, he really knew how to take other people into consideration. And that even though this was something that was so incredibly important to him. Just thinking about it, Qiu Ling didn’t want to make him wait any longer. He gritted his teeth and stared to the front, trying to keep calm now that he was in the water.

Leng Jin Yu looked at the two of them, feeling like his presence right now wasn’t all that important, but he still followed quietly.

Bit by bit, the three of them made their way deeper into the sea. Soon enough, the draw on Jinde and Qiu Ling’s dragon side was getting stronger and stronger.

Jinde gave Qiu Ling an uneasy look and then transformed, his golden scales glittering even this deep in the water.

Qiu Ling stared at him, suddenly stopping where he was, his apprehension growing.

Leng Jin Yu still looked at him and finally reached over, grabbing his arm. Right now, it wasn’t convenient for Jinde to do this so he felt that he should at least give it a try.

Qiu Ling looked over and calm downed down somewhat. Yes, he didn’t need to worry. Not with these two with him. Anyway, there were clearly alone. He hadn’t seen anyone up above and hadn’t perceived anybody underwater either, so what was he worried about? Also, this wasn’t like the glowing sea in the mortal realm. The further down you got in this place, the darker it became. Even if he transformed and even if there was somebody swimming by, it was unlikely they would be able to see the markings on his scales.

Trying to convince himself, he finally closed his eyes and then just let it happen.

Leng Jin Yu pulled back a little, not wanting to be too close in case Qiu Ling wasn’t able to take it after transforming. At this moment, he was once again painfully aware of the fact that he himself wasn’t a dragon anymore. Even when he was in his other form, he would hardly be able to handle Qiu Ling. If he was in his dragon form, that was even more so the case. At that time, he could only rely on Jinde.

While the thought crossed his mind, he also couldn’t help but look at Qiu Ling’s dragon form. Even as Chun Yin, he had never seen it. When he died, Qiu Ling had still been young, the kind of age where dragons were often able to take on their dragon form but were only starting to learn how to do so. And most of them were too embarrassed to actually do that in front of their parents because the chance of failure was so high. So he had no idea how Qiu Ling actually looked as a dragon. When he realized this, he actually felt a pang of pain in his heart.

They had been robbed of so much in his last life. It was moments like these when he really wanted to be able to turn back time and do everything over again. Unfortunately, that was impossible. He also knew that. And yet, he couldn’t help but wish for it.

Qiu Ling was uneasy after taking on his dragon form, and for a moment, his tail was swishing from side to side in a panic, making the water turn turbulent.

Jinde had moved forward a little to give them some space but seeing this, he immediately rushed back. He also realized that the situation wasn’t too good. Oftentimes, dragons would take on this form when they were in a state of emotional turmoil.

It wasn’t wrong to say that it was the form in which they were more connected to their inner feelings. But it was also the form which made it easy to lose yourself to these feelings. And for somebody like Qiu Ling who carried that kind of trauma, that was even more so the case. Right now, it was especially important to be there for him.

Hovering next to him in the water, Jinde wasn’t too sure what to do though. This was something that, at the end of the day, Qiu Ling needed to overcome himself. He could be there as a presence to show him that everything was alright but other than that, what could he really do?

He hesitated for a moment and then leaned over, nudging Qiu Ling with his head. Anyway, just showing that he was here might be enough. Qiu Ling wasn’t the type of person who expected much. Some silent reassurance should suffice for him.

Suddenly being touched, Qiu Ling actually jumped, almost rushing off. But the golden sparkle next to him finally made him pause.

It wasn’t easy for him but he told himself over and over again that these were the people he was closest to, the people who had known first about his heritage, and also the ones who would never reject him. Anyway, right now, it was a special moment. He’d better not ruin it for them.

He circled around on the spot for a moment before he returned, finally getting the swishing of his tail under control. Then, he just quietly waited, not wanting to be the first one to move again. It was clear enough that he felt that he was in charge of his emotions again though.

Jinde gave him a few additional moments and then slowly moved further down, making sure to look back at Qiu Ling regularly to ensure that he was still alright.

Maybe it was that Qiu Ling had prepared himself well enough or maybe it was the fact that he was still seeing the people close by, but they actually managed to make it to the ground of the sea after some time. And when they did, he actually started to feel calmer. Looking around, he felt that he somewhat understood just why dragons were coming here. This spot beneath the sea … it was actually quite beautiful.

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