OMF V9C198 The Right Shell for Their Child

For a few heartbeats, Qiu Ling could only stare blankly, even his anxiety completely forgotten. Maybe for the first time in his life, he felt that he had the same experience as any other dragon a good, no matter whether they were full-blooded or only half-blooded like him. Some things were just the same for everyone.

Jinde and Leng Jin Yu both kept a close eye on him, worried that reaching the bottom of the sea would be more difficult to him than the way down here. Seeing him stay quiet, neither moving nor making any sounds, they weren’t sure what to make of this. Was this him freezing because of his panic? Or was this him actually calming down? For a while, they didn’t know what it was but they also didn’t dare to do anything for fear of making it worse.

Finally, Qiu Ling himself moved, looking from one side to the other, wondering what it was with these two. They had come here for a purpose, hadn’t they? If he hadn’t been in his dragon form right now, he would’ve raised his brows at them. Was there a reason to wait like this?

Even though he wasn’t in his other form, Leng Jin Yu and Jinde still understood that gaze. They hastily looked away, not wanting him to become self-conscious, and instead focused on what was around them.

What was needed for two dragons to create a child together was a shell large enough to actually fit a child until it was big enough to be raised by them. At the bottom of the Qishi Sea, there were many such shells. But, of course, the dragons tended to be picky when it came to choosing one. After all, this was the place that their child would grow in for the next ten months. They wanted it to be something special so, of course, special attention would be paid to it.

Other than the shell, they would sometimes also grab some things from the surroundings, taking them back and using them to make the place where the shell was placed at home more comfortable for the child.

It probably didn’t have an effect but the parents felt better doing this. Of course, Jinde and Leng Jin Yu would also take that into consideration. For now though, the perfect shell first needed to be found.

Jinde forced himself to turn back into his other form, grabbing his husband’s hand. Even though dragons would naturally take on their dragon form this deep in the water, if you were calm enough, there was still the possibility to turn back. And for this, it was more convenient to do it in this form. After all, communicating with his husband was easier this way. Also, he did enjoy the feeling of holding hands. And since Leng Jin Yu didn’t have a dragon form anymore, this was the only thing they could do.

Leng Jin Yu squeezed his hand back and glanced at Qiu Ling again before they faintly pushed off the ground, slowly swimming around, keeping their eyes out for one of the shells.

It didn’t take long before they saw the first one. It was dark purple, with a lighter colored rim. Down here, it was almost invisible if you weren’t especially looking for it. The two of them took one glance at it and then simultaneously shook their heads, continuing further forward.

Qiu Ling watched them, his lips twitching faintly. These two … they actually hadn’t been together for that long, but they really behaved like an old couple. Well, even though they hadn’t always been a couple, they had known each other pretty much all their lives. So he shouldn’t be surprised by this. They definitely knew each other’s taste and when it came to their child, they were definitely going to be even pickier about it than usual.

Seeing this, Qiu Ling also couldn’t help but think of his own future. Looking at this shell, he actually felt like shaking his head himself. If it was Jing He and him … No, he also didn’t think they pick this one.

Following the other two, Qiu Ling continued to ponder the question of just what Jing He might like. When it came to him … most likely, he would prefer something classic. A white shell probably, maybe with some adornments although he wasn’t even sure about those. Jing He might prefer something that was a little more understated. There definitely was such a possibility.

At the moment, Qiu Ling was merely indulging in flights of fancy. The time until he and Jing He would have to think about this matter … it was far, far away. On the other hand, for Leng Jin Yu and Jinde, this matter seemed quite pressing. They didn’t want to needlessly wait, so the choice had to be made today. It did give them a bit of anxiety, wondering if they would indeed be able to find something.

So far, the shells they had seen had been an immediate no. They weren’t even sure how to explain it, it was just that they didn’t feel like this was the one for their child. Maybe it was intuition. Or maybe they indeed were just too picky. But this choice, they didn’t want to make it arbitrarily.

No, unless they saw a shell and immediately both fell in love with it, it just wasn’t the right one. That was the thought they both had even though they hadn’t talked about how to go about this before. That was probably all thanks to them getting along so well. Even without communicating about it beforehand, they had a good grasp of how this should be done.

With both being clear on that, it stood to reason that they wouldn’t need too long to find the right shell. And indeed, after only an hour or two had passed, they both spotted something in the distance that they immediately felt drawn to.

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