OMF V9C150 The Other Side

Speaking of arrays, back in the human realm, Hua Lin Yu and the others had just made it through the passage array. When they arrived, they found themselves in another body of water and hurriedly pushed off the ground, breaking through the surface after just a moment.

Hua Lin Yu blinked his eyes, looking around in confusion. “Did it not work?”

Yan Chang looked around as well, finally shaking her head. “No, it worked. It is just that it looks exactly the same as the side we came from. See, your senior martial brother and the others aren’t here. This means that we definitely must have passed through.”

Hua Lin Yu couldn’t help but be stunned. Was something like this actually possible? The sides of a realm could look exactly alike? He finally had to admit that this was the most logical explanation though.

Yes, actually, why should the other side look different? In fact, this was probably a rather … economic decision. After all, it cost energy to create a realm. Sure, you could later change it at will so it didn’t need to be perfect, but most people would want to design the realm in one go. After all, later on, they would also need to guard against others. That was especially the case for a realm like the demonic ancestor’s poisonous herb garden that was open to everyone. Creating the same realm twice and just connecting them in this way might make it easier on the person creating the realm.

Yan Chang looked around and then glanced below them, slightly furrowing her brows. “That down there, is it the same array of passage you saw on the other side?”

Hua Lin Yu finally looked down at her question and realized that there was indeed the same symbol on the ground, just that this one was easier to spot. There was no sand covering any of the crystals as if on the side, nobody had tried to hide it. “It is.”

Yan Chang nodded and then looked at the others. “You’re able to see it now as well, right?” Actually, when she looked down, she had been surprised but, in this case, it was good.

She hadn’t dared to think too much about it before, but if Hua Lin Yu was the only one who was able to see the array, then this meant that they might get trapped here if they got separated. It wasn’t something that she wanted to think about but as the leader of the group, she couldn’t leave that thought aside completely. So, she was more than happy to find that they wouldn’t have this problem at least.

At Yan Chang’s reminder, the other disciples also looked down there. Zi Huang in particular paid close attention to the array beneath them. He really hadn’t had much to do with arrays that were used by the demonic sects so this was a rare chance for him to further his studies. Of course, he was excited. In fact, he would’ve loved it if he was able to study it for a while, but he also knew that right now wasn’t the right moment for that.

Instead, he turned back to Yan Chang. “Senior martial sister Yan, then what shall we do now?” He didn’t think that it already made sense to go back and report now. Although … at the very least, they were able to say that there didn’t seem to be any dangers on this side directly behind the array.

Yan Chang first waved at them to get out of the water and then turned around to survey their surroundings more closely. Looking over the meadow, there didn’t seem to be anything important here. She couldn’t see any beasts nor any people. In fact, even the small black fox from the boulder wasn’t on this side of the array. They seemed to be completely alone.

She furrowed her brows and then crouched down, inspecting the plants that were growing next to the lake. “From the looks of it, the spiritual herbs grow here as well and even better than on the other side. Based on that, I would assume that this place was exactly the same as the other side when it was created but it developed independently. And because the entrance is hidden, not many people will have managed to make their way over here, giving the herbs more time to mature.”

Saying so, she got back to her feet, and couldn’t help but turn to Hua Lin Yu again. “Senior martial brother Hua, could it be that you have some kind of special constitution?”

Hua Lin Yu shook his head, not sure how that could be the case. “I shouldn’t. I mean, I’m from the Hua family and also the Sect Master’s disciple. I’d assume that if there was something special about me, either of them would have noticed already.”

Yan Chang nodded, feeling that this was also true. Actually, something like that couldn’t be overlooked. In cultivation families, it was normal to check for somebody’s potential pretty much right after they were born. After all, special constitutions and spirit veins could already be detected at a very young age. And they were also routinely checked over the years in case there was some kind of mutation. If there was something special about Hua Lin Yu’s body, he would surely know. “Well, I guess it will have to remain a mystery then why you were the only one who could see the array on the other side.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded slowly and couldn’t help but wonder if maybe this had something to do with the time he had spent with Xin Lan. He had even visited the immortal realms with him. Maybe because of that, his perception of things had become better than the usual cultivator. This kind of thing didn’t always rely on your level after all. No, other things could affect it as well. And the knowledge he had gained through his travels with Xin Lan was deep. Unfortunately, he wasn’t sure how to share this so he just kept quiet and waited for her to make a decision.

Yan Chang gave a hum and then motioned in the direction they had originally come from on the other side. “We only have a day until we need to return. Let’s not put ourselves in too much danger. I’d suggest we retrace our steps around the edge of the realm and take a look around. Don’t look for any of the herbs. Right now, what we need to find out is what is going on with this side of the realm. If we find any discrepancies, let’s take a closer look at those. But otherwise, let’s make haste. We don’t want the others to worry about whether something happened to us.”

The disciples nodded and then, everyone went on their way, taking a closer look around while they rushed toward where the entrance of the realm was supposed to be.

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