RMN C371 No Need to Worry

Zhang Guan Yu didn’t see a problem with taking a disciple to see the black warrior. Well, he might have if it was anybody else but he definitely didn’t care with Mei Chao Bing. After all, this person was still vital for the future, no matter whether he was actually the person that had betrayed the sect or not.

He might not have told Mei Chao Bing as such, but even though his Master had started this whole thing, Mei Chao Bing was still a big part of this and his decisions would likely influence the final outcome much more than whatever Feng Bai Xiao had ever done.

So yes, he really didn’t see a reason not to take him over there. If somebody had the right the see this person, it was him. Zhang Guan Yu didn’t even bother to inform the black warrior beforehand. Anyway, he probably already knew.

When they arrived, Mei Chao Bing couldn’t help but curiously look at the man that was suited on the platform. He had known that there was a guardian in each of the four big sects. He had even known about the black warrior of the Teng Yong Sect. While he hadn’t been sure about his special abilities, he had at least known that he existed. Now, it was the first time that he actually saw him.

He didn’t know what to feel. To think that this person’s words had made people doubt him so much in the beginning, made him feel at a loss. On the other hand, he also realized that it probably wasn’t that the black warrior had ever said that it was him. The distrust had come from the interpretation of what others thought of his words. So the fault didn’t lie with the black warrior either. He could only say what he had seen and that was that. But as for what was made out of that … he couldn’t influence that.

The black warrior kept quiet even though he indeed knew that the two of them had come and could also imagine just why they had.

Zhang Guan Yu suddenly felt awkward but since he had already brought the person over, he could only clear his throat and explain. “There are have been news from the border region once again. Mei Chao Bing himself brought them over. I’ve brought him over here with me to tell you about the conjectures. We hope that you might be able to answer some questions.”

The black warrior finally nodded. “Go ahead then.” He still didn’t open his eyes and just quietly listened, his expression hardly changing throughout.

When Sect Master Zhang and Mei Chao Bing had finished saying their piece, the black warrior gave a drawn-out sigh. “It is not wrong to say that our abilities aren’t isolated. I know for a fact that the blue butterfly is able to take people along for her visions.” He didn’t say it but he himself had been taken along.

It was … a novel experience. He had been born blind but because these visions weren’t actually something to see but something that happened within your mind, he was able to see what she saw. And that was something that he had never imagined to be possible.

But that hadn’t been the most important. No, those times had been some of the moments when had been the happiest. But it was all about making new experiences with a friend at your side, not being tied down in the sect but somewhere out there, free, just like they had once been when they were young. How could he not miss that?

Unfortunately, things had gotten dangerous. And even though he had never lost his edge, he also knew that they would be likely targets. He might not mind for himself but the advantage it would give the other side was undeniable. So yes, for the sake of the sects, they couldn’t take those risks anymore.

“This possibility to directly apply an ability is unique to her and the red priest though. I cannot pass my visions onto somebody else and neither can the white jade widen the scope of his ability to include others.

“There is indeed a chance for the blue butterfly to enter my visions though. It wouldn’t allow her or anyone to enter the future though. That isn’t how my visions work. They are more like … being in a dream. She can walk around there, and sometimes, she can see more than I can. But that is something that only works in a very limited capacity. I do not think that Feng Bai Xiao would be able to do much with it.”

Mei Chao Bing heaved a sigh of relief. “Well, that at least means that our worst fears haven’t come true. Then, what about other people learning these abilities? What happened with senior martial brother Luo was odd. Taishu Min from the Zhen Yan Sect couldn’t explain it to herself. She’s going to talk to her Elders but maybe you can shed some light on that already?”

At this, the back black warrior stayed silent for a while longer. This matter, he wasn’t sure how much to say. He didn’t mind telling them. In any case, he had a high opinion of Zhang Guan Yu and he also felt that telling Mei Chao Bing more might be helpful. After all, it might help him make his decision, no matter in which direction that would go.

And yet, he wasn’t sure how to explain. Clearly, people had their ideas of what it meant to be the guardian of a sect. These preconceived notions might make it difficult to understand. He could only hope that he would be able to make them realize the truth despite that. “Well, you aren’t wrong. This is indeed a situation that is slightly odd. But the conjecture that his lover made is the right one: He was likely able to pick that ability up because he had relations with somebody of the Zhen Yan Sect before.

“Our … abilities, they are developed based on the teachings of each of our sects. Those teachings were there first and our abilities followed. But learning them isn’t based only on these teachings, but also a certain … talent I guess.

“You need some inclination toward it, one that you might be born with. In fact, I think that it should be possible to develop other abilities based on the sect’s teachings. We merely got these abilities because they fit with our personalities and strengths the best.

“If this wasn’t the case, wouldn’t there be many healers in the Zhen Yan Sect? And wouldn’t many disciples in the Teng Yong Sect be able to see the future? But there aren’t. In all these years, it has only ever been the four of us despite the younger disciples learning the same teachings we did. That should tell us something.

“As for the other side managing to replicate some of our abilities … I’m afraid that this has a reason that is two-fold: For one, it is because there are too many traitors. The sects’ teachings were passed on to the other side, allowing them the possibility to recreate the abilities in the first place.

“The other part is, that there is likely somebody knowledgeable enough to pick out disciples who have precisely that inclination I spoke of. I would imagine that everyone had some signs of being able to do so. So somebody with a discerning eye might be able to figure out early on which disciple is able to learn what they need them to.

“I can reassure you though: There is no need to worry too much. One person usually wouldn’t be able to handle more than one ability. It would need a very special type of person to be able to pick up two, not to mention four of these abilities.”

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