OMF V9C151 The Same Kind of Array

Just like the meadow around the lake, the path that they took back to where the cliff was located on the other side seemed to be exactly the same. The longer they walked, the more they felt that their theory from when they entered this part of the realm had to be true: This really was just a mirrored version of their starting point.

Since they were already familiar with the path and just needed to check for any inconsistencies, they managed to make a round in much less time than they had needed on the other side. They didn’t find anything that was different. Even when they made their way up the mountain where the entrance to the realm was, they found an array on top of the cliff as if there was no difference between the two sides at all.

Yan Chang gave a hum, feeling that it was probably about time to go back. “It seems like this really is just a mirrored version of the realm. We should go back to the lake and go and tell the others. Exploring further won’t help much.”

The other disciples nodded but Zi Huang couldn’t help but look at the array at their feet with a puzzled expression.

Yan Chang already wanted to turn away but seeing his gaze, she couldn’t help but stop and raise her brows. “Junior martial brother Zi, what’s the problem?” She also glanced at the array but she wasn’t that knowledgeable about them so she didn’t understand his confusion.

Zi Huang furrowed his brows and then couldn’t help but motion at the ground. “This … I’m not sure if this is the same array we saw when we came in. I mean, yes, it’s a transportation array for sure but I don’t think it’s the same kind.”

Yan Chang’s brows furrowed as well when she took a closer look, trying to remember how the one on the other side of the realm had looked. Unfortunately, she really couldn’t tell the difference. “Do you have any idea what this is then? Would it not send us out of the realm?”

Zi Huang tilted his head and then shook it slowly after some hesitation. “No, I don’t think it would do that. The other array … was used to go from the place in the Leyuan region to a realm that is separate but connected to it through the array. You enter a different dimension when using that array. This here, it seems to be used to transport you inside of the realm instead so that you stay in the same dimension instead of leaving it.”

Yan Chang thought for a moment and then nodded. “That does make sense. This isn’t the place where you would enter the realm from the Leyuan region so, of course, it shouldn’t send us back there. Maybe it would take us to the other side of the realm as well? The one we came from?”

Zi Huang hesitated when she suggested that. “It could be but … what we encountered before was an array of passage if what senior martial brother Xiao said is true. This here isn’t that though. It’s a normal transportation array like the ones I know. Also, this is the common form of arrays that we use, not something from the demonic side.”

Yan Chang couldn’t help but become uncertain when she heard that. She looked at Xiao Li, hoping that he would have to say something about it.

Xiao Li raised his brows and looked at the array, finally nodding. “I’d have to agree with junior martial brother Zi. This definitely isn’t something specific to the demonic faction. As for where it leads …” He also hadn’t studied arrays in detail but he did have a general understanding of them.

Thinking for a moment, he pointed further into the realm. “It seems that it would lead us down in a straight line, further to the middle or maybe the other side of the realm. I could imagine that it might just be a way of getting around the realm.” He thought for a moment longer and then looked around in all directions, nodding to himself. “Yes, I think this makes sense.

“Think of it like this: The original realm can be entered through the array in the Leyuan region. Anyone can get in. But getting to this side of the realm — the mirrored one —, that requires a person to have knowledge of the demonic side’s way of making arrays and being able to see it. Not everybody would be able to enter. I mean, I couldn’t see the array of passage even though I was part of a demonic sect before. Clearly, the circle of people able to get in here is small.”

Yan Chang’s gaze shifted to Hua Lin Yu for a moment again but there was no way to make sure why he was able to see it so she didn’t question him again. Instead, she slowly nodded. “In other words, this side of the realm will likely only be entered by a select group of people. And considering the sheer size, they might want to have a way of getting around more conveniently.”

Xiao Li nodded. “That is what I would think at least. Also, the purpose of this side of the realm could be different from the other side. So maybe for this place, it is more important for them to be able to get around fast than it was on the other one.

“Right now, we simply don’t have enough information to tell. We might be able to get some clues if we followed this array, but I’m not too sure where we would end up. So it might be better to tell the others about this first and then decide.”

Yan Chang nodded once again, feeling that he wasn’t wrong. “Yes, let’s turn back first and inform senior martial brother She and the others. Then, we can explore either side of the realm together. Actually, maybe we should even inform the other senior martial brothers. Another side of the demonic ancestor’s poisonous herb garden … that seems like something that shouldn’t be taken easy.”

The others nodded and then everyone went back to the lake, once again passing through the array on the ground, and arriving where She Fen and the others had already been waiting anxiously.

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