Announcement: New OMF Compendium, RSH Publication, & Upcoming Revisions

I don’t often have things to announce and they are usually small so I incorporate them only in the relevant story’s chapter. Today though, there are several matters at once so I figured it made sense to make a post and talk a bit about the ins and outs of everything.

New OMF Compendium

First things first: there is a new OMF compendium. In case you didn’t know, I created the original OMF compendium back in 2020 to make reading Oh. My. Fate?! easier after the series had accumulated a lot of chapters since I know it can be difficult to keep track of the Who’s who? in webnovels. The compendium details the relationships between characters and summarizes some information about the world the story is set in.

When new information appears in the series, the prequel Romancing the Son of Heaven, or in one of the extras, I update my file and then upload a new version every now and then. Since we have a new year, I figured it was about time for the next one. You can find the new version here: Oh. My. Fate?! Compendium from January 2022.

This version comes with structural changes, new characters, and added information about places and events in the world of OMF. If there is something else you’d like to see in the next version, leave me a comment and I will add the relevant information when it’s time!

Romancing the Son of Heaven: Publication

The new version of the compendium is not the only news I have regarding the world of Oh. My. Fate?!: This month, I also published the revised version of the first volume of OMF’s prequel Romancing the Son of Heaven as an ebook on Amazon. The volume is called To Meet Your Other Half and comes with a new synopsis to better reflect the overall tone of the series and a brand new cover to make it easier to distinguish it from the OMF main series. – I will make the according changes to the website a bit later.

By the way, are you on Goodreads? I added To Meet Your Other Half and all my other stories that have been published as ebooks or paperbacks over there so you can add them to your list(s), give a rating, and maybe leave a review if you’d like.

Upcoming Revisions

One of the reasons for the revision and publication of RSH right now (instead of after the series is finished as I had originally planned) is last year’s plagiarism of my webnovel series Like a Ray in My Night. If you didn’t see my comment back then, somebody published an ebook version split into several parts on their account, just switching out my name on the cover. There was even a reference to my other series, Lovely Writing System, left in the synopsis despite the fact that that one is published under my name on Amazon.

Thankfully, Amazon took down the plagiarised ebooks and banned the account of the one who uploaded it. Nonetheless, this was a wake-up call for me. Previously, I focused mostly on my daily chapters but I have come to realize that as long as I have my revised versions up there, both books would appear if somebody searches for the series title, and readers could go and check which one is the legitimate book and author. As such, I will now make sure to consistently work on the revisions and publish them as soon as I am done.

Romancing the Son of Heaven is the story I started with as it is another long series but the necessary revisions aren’t as far-reaching as in RMN. My other stories are meant to follow soon. Don’t worry though: I will continue with my daily chapters. For me, personally, revising and editing takes a long time and as there are many stories, I don’t want to take that long of a break. Instead, I will do the revisions at the side but forego specials or at least do shorter ones.

In case you are interested, I will give updates about my progress over on my Twitter account. The story up for revision next will be last year’s aro novel Like a Feather Tickling My Heart. I hope to get it ready in time for this year’s aro week that is already coming up next month. I can’t promise that yet though.

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