OMF V9C106 Let Him Make His Own Experiences

Hua Lin Yu stared at the door of his Master’s palace in a daze, not sure what to think. He had decided on Xiao Li but seeing Xin Lan leave still made him feel strange as if there was suddenly a part of him missing.

Oh, how much he wished that Xin Lan could forget about his feelings for him and just stay at his side as a friend instead. Yes, if he could still somehow keep him in his life, how great would that be?

But obviously, that wasn’t possible. Xin Lan would never accept his relationship. Thus, he could only have either Xiao Li or Xin Lan. Keeping both close to him just wasn’t possible. He had to accept that.

He closed his eyes and turned back to Xiao Li, burying his head at his chest. He knew that he had made the right decision. Xiao Li was the love of his life, after all. Why wouldn’t he stay with him? But that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t miss Xin Lan. After all the years they had spent together, after traveling the world side by side, of course, he felt fond of him even if he could not love him. Losing that person was probably the hardest challenge he would ever have to face. And yet, he was not willing to abandon the man he loved for him.

Fei Bai Mu looked at her disciple’s dejected figure and sighed. She had at least an idea of what was going through Hua Lin Yu’s head. Before this, he had been evading Xin Lan but he had known that this wouldn’t last forever. He had always been sure that one day, they would make up and return to how things had been before.

Yes, in Hua Lin Yu’s mind, some time apart should be alright but when it came to actually never seeing Xin Lan again, of course, he would also have some second thoughts. Now, it was too late though. Her disciple had made his decision and while Xin Lan was willing to lower himself quite a bit to keep him happy, there was also a point where it would be too much.

Now, Hua Lin Yu had reached that point. Xin Lan wouldn’t be willing to watch his own lover, his own fiance, be with another man while he tagged along silently. No, for a man as proud as Xin Lan, that just wouldn’t happen.

Seeing as the test was over and the situation more or less resolved even if the outcome wasn’t what she had hoped for, Fei Bai Mu figured that there was no reason to dwell on this for much longer.

In the future, Xiao Yu would probably indeed regret this but knowing Xin Lan, he would welcome him back at that time. Since he sincerely loved him, he wouldn’t mind waiting for that day so she didn’t need to worry either and could just let things develop naturally from here on out. “Well, seeing as this matter has been dealt with, Xiao Li can naturally accompany you on that mission just as I promised. You may go now.”

She really didn’t want to see that man for much longer so it was best to send them off. Also, if her disciple spent more time with Xiao Li outside where they weren’t in the comfort of the sect grounds, then maybe he would also realize faster that Xiao Li was not the person he pretended to be. At the very least, that was what she hoped for.

Hua Lin Yu was still distracted but now that his Master reminded him, he also realized that it was time to leave. The junk with the other disciples was still traveling toward their destination so they needed to hurry if they wanted to catch up. Thinking of that, he grabbed Xiao Li’s arm and motioned outside. “Let’s go!”

Xiao Li raised his brows, not quite sure what to make of this. “Go?” He had heard what Sect Master Fei had just said but he wasn’t sure if he understood right. Usually, you wouldn’t go on a mission without preparing quite a bit. How could they just catch up to the other disciples and then leave? Unless … there was a separate mission for them?

“Yes, we’re going on that mission I told you about together. I’ve already prepared everything for you. We really just need to catch up with the others.”

Xiao Li still wasn’t quite convinced but, at the very least, this answered most of his questions. It seemed that they would indeed go on the mission that Hua Lin Yu had prepared for. Well, since he had been complaining about it the whole time in the last few weeks, he knew pretty well what this was about. Come to think of it, Hua Lin Yu had probably done so deliberately.

Realizing this, Xiao Li turned to Sect Master Fei and cupped his fists, bowing to her. “Thank you for giving me this chance, Sect Master. I will certainly not disappoint you.”

Fei Bai Mu nodded even though she didn’t feel any trust in his words. Then, she just watched the two of them leave before she leaned back on her chair and sighed. Really, in this matter, she was on Xin Lan’s side but she couldn’t force her disciple to be with him. No, she could only wait for Hua Lin Yu to realize himself that he had made a mistake and then try to rectify it in the future.

When that time came, she would be willing to help. Until then though, she could only wait. Yes, some things just needed time and who hadn’t made mistakes in their youth? Going through things like this, maybe this wasn’t the worst. In the future, if those two ever had a rough patch, they could think back to this and realize that they had already overcome so much. Whatever troubles they had probably wouldn’t seem as big anymore.

Thinking of that, Fei Bai Mu smiled and shook her head. Yes, maybe this was necessary for her disciple to grow up a bit. She couldn’t say for sure but it was certainly something that would make sense. These experiences, she couldn’t shield him from everything so she had to let him make his own experiences.

She got up from her seat, and went to her study, getting back to dealing with the daily operations of the sect. Anyway, she didn’t only have that one disciple to worry about. There were still the older disciples and all the other people of the Jian Yi Sect that relied on her. Just because Hua Lin Yu was once again making a bit of trouble, she couldn’t neglect them. Thus, for the time being, she’d leave him to his own devices and get back to her usual tasks. Maybe with time, everything else would solve itself.

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