OMF V9C105 One Day

Xin Lan stared at Xiao Li, his claws inadvertently extending. If he could, he would’ve jumped over and killed him outright. Unfortunately, Xiao Yu was still standing between the two of them and he couldn’t risk him getting caught in the middle and ending up hurt.

Well, that, and there was also the small problem that his fiance probably wouldn’t take it kindly if he killed the man that he thought he loved. After all, just because this guy was gone, that didn’t mean that Xiao Yu would wake up from whatever influences his past life’s obsession was currently having on him. So no, he couldn’t do this. He had to hold back as difficult as that might be.

Hua Lin Yu didn’t notice Xin Lan’s agitated mood. His whole focus was on Xiao Li and what he had just said. Hearing those words and seeing how gently he looked at him, he felt as if his heart was melting. “Xiao Li.” He hugged him tighter and tilted his head, kissing him on the cheek.

He probably would’ve gone further but he also realized that with Xin Lan standing just a few steps away, that might not be the best idea. Xin Lan was already unhappy about the situation, he didn’t want to make even more trouble. If it came to a fight, he didn’t have any doubts about who would win. Thus, he could only hope that Xin Lan wouldn’t lose his cool and finally give up now that he had seen that Xiao Li wasn’t just pretending.

Well, no matter what Hua Lin Yu did now, the situation was already like this. Xin Lan clenched his hands into fists, drawing a sliver of blood, and tried to persuade him one last time. “Xiao Yu, please think about this. You’re making a mistake.”

Hua Lin Yu pulled back from Xiao Li and looked over his shoulder, his expression clearly unhappy. It wasn’t that he couldn’t understand why Xin Lan was acting like this but that didn’t mean that he liked it. He had taken him into consideration just now. Why couldn’t Xin Lan extend him the same courtesy? “Xin Lan, give it up already. I’m with Xiao Li. Anyway, I trust him and he’s proven that I can do so. Even if you don’t accept it, it won’t change anything. So please, don’t make this even harder.”

“Xiao Yu …” Xin Lan was looking for what to say, something that he could bring up to finally convince him after all. Unfortunately, he couldn’t come up with anything. Everything he might say would sound like he was trying to justify himself or was blatantly lying to get Hua Lin Yu to reconsider.

Yes, in this situation, his lover would never believe him. In any case, even if he had good arguments, even if he had proof of what he was saying, Hua Lin Yu would still find a way to explain all of that away. That was how the obsession of the fallen gods worked, wasn’t it?

He knew that the Xiang Yu back then had slaughtered both his husband and all of his family members. Even without knowing the full story behind it, it was easy to understand just how deep the obsession had been.

Now, despite being reincarnated for a trial, this hadn’t changed. Even though Hua Lin Yu couldn’t remember his previous life, that obsession came from the shattered parts of his soul and those were still there. Unless they were healed, the obsession wouldn’t disappear and he would always be drawn to those that subconsciously reminded him of his husband. So really, Hua Lin Yu’s current behavior shouldn’t come as a surprise to him.

Xin Lan closed his eyes and then faintly shook his head. He couldn’t change it at least not right now, that was something he had to accept. “One day, you will understand that I was right. I’ll wait until that time.”

Hua Lin Yu furrowed his brows, his hands clenching into fists as well. “Aren’t you listening at all? There won’t be such a day! I’ve already told you over and over again.”

Xin Lan slowly walked over and then reached out, grabbing his lover’s chin and gazing into his eyes without saying a word for a couple of moments.

Hua Lin Yu hated to admit it but being looked at this deeply by Xin Lan, his heart involuntarily sped up. Clearly, what attraction there had been originally, it was still there, somewhere deep inside. And even though he was still being hugged by Xiao Li, that didn’t change a thing. It made him feel even more guilty than before.

Xin Lan continued to look at him for a moment and then smiled. “We will be back together. That’s a promise.” Letting go of Hua Lin Yu, he instead turned to Xiao Li, and his lips curved up in a faint smile. “You should pray that, on that day, you will already be dead. Otherwise, you know what’s waiting for you.”

There was a treat not just in his words but also in his gaze, making Xiao Li’s hair stand on and.

Xin Lan didn’t bother to say anything else. He retracted his gaze, nodded at Sect Master Fei, and then just glanced at Hua Lin Yu one more time, his smile turning gentler.

He couldn’t believe that they had somehow gotten to this point but it was plain to see that it had somehow happened and couldn’t be reversed in the short term. He wasn’t an idiot so he wouldn’t try to argue any further at this point. No, right now, he just needed to wait. Sooner or later, a demon would always expose their dark side. And by that time, he would be ready to swoop in and get back what was supposed to be his.

Thinking of that, his smile turned even sweeter. “Whether it is this test or something in the future, one day, you will realize that I am the better choice for you. I will wait for that day and come to you at that time. Don’t be afraid to look for me either. This matter, I won’t hold it against you and will always gladly take you back.”

With that, he turned around and left, leaving Hua Lin Yu’s mind and heart in a mess.

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