OMF V9C107 Putting a Date on It

In the immortal realms, everyone continued with their own tasks. An Bai and the senior official from the Court of Justice went through the scrolls of fate together with Shun Tao, the half-bloods and the other officials were going through the books and scrolls in the Tower of Wisdom, Leng Jin Yu was looking through the records in the dragon king’s library, and Jinde was searching for a way to heal Xin Lan, while Xiang Yong, Fu Min, and Fu Heng kept a very close eye on their king who was busy actually ruling for once and enjoying his private life the rest of the time.

The only ones who didn’t really have a task were Duan Ming and Lan Ling. The former was actually quite embarrassed after the first conversation was over and they still hadn’t returned home. It just felt like they were intruding in the life of the couples.

Clearly, he wasn’t able to treat Zhong Jing Yi quite the same as before after realizing that he was the reincarnation of their crown prince, and it was pretty obvious that the dragon king wasn’t necessarily happy if there was somebody else tagging along while they were preparing for their wedding.

On the other hand, the same could be set said Leng Jin Yu and his husband as well. Even though neither of them had said anything and they were mostly busy researching the current situation, it was pretty clear that they would also prefer doing that alone. Somehow, they didn’t seem to have a problem with the dragon king and Jing Yi tagging along, but when it came to him and Lan Ling — or maybe it was Lan Ling in particular — it seemed that Leng Jin Yu’s husband was a little annoyed. Well, he couldn’t fault him.

He glanced over to Lan Ling who was sitting next to Leng Jin Yu right now, looking quite a bit bored. As trueborn gods, they didn’t know too much about the dragons despite their status in the Nine Heavens. As a result, they couldn’t join in on helping with everyone’s current task. That meant that they were left with pretty much nothing to do.

It really was too awkward sitting around and just keeping those two company. After all, when it came to these things, surely, a pair of spouses wouldn’t need an outsider to do that, right? But he also didn’t have the heart to tell Lan Ling about that. Anyway, if he hadn’t realized until now, then him saying anything also couldn’t help.

Needless to say, Duan Ming was right about that. Lan Ling really thought that this was just a temporary problem because Leng Jin Yu was just too busy to have any time for them. He was sure that as soon as either of them managed to find a solution to the problem, that would change immediately. As such, he was just waiting around to make sure that he didn’t miss out on the big moment. Then, he would immediately go and take a look around the capital city with Leng Jin Yu and his husband.

Leng Jin Yu didn’t bother about the two of them and silently turned the page of the book he was currently reading. He did glance at his husband though, wondering how far he had gotten. Anyway, when it came to the necessary tasks, then he was afraid that Jinde was under even more pressure than him. After all, if he couldn’t find anything, he didn’t need to worry. There were still other people working on the same thing. But Jinde, he was alone. And just like this matter with Qiu Ling, there was also a personal component to this. He wouldn’t want Xin Lan to suffer.

Jinde glanced up and couldn’t help but smile. “Getting restless?”

Leng Jin Yu shook his head. “No, just worried about you. How are you holding up?”

Jinde raised his brows, not quite sure where Leng Jin Yu was coming from. “The same as usual. Why? Anything out of the ordinary happened that I don’t know about yet?” He had already seen Qiu Ling today and Leng Jin Yu hadn’t left his side all day so he didn’t think that there should be anything now. As such, he wasn’t too worried.

Leng Jin Yu shook his head though and motioned over to the book in Jinde’s hands. “You still haven’t found what you were looking for?”

Jinde’s expression smoothed out and he actually smiled faintly. “Well, this isn’t quite the same as what you’re doing. I have a general grasp of what I need to do. It is just that I want to make sure of a couple of things and I’m hoping to find an even better way with less risk involved. Even if I can’t find anything, I could give it a try in the way I already know. From how Xin Lan reacted the other day, I think he wouldn’t mind. It’s not perfect but better than nothing.” Although honestly speaking, he did want to make sure that Xin Lan could keep his dragon form. He might not take it on often, but it was still an important part of him. He himself knew how strange it felt to be trapped in this one form.

Leng Jin Yu nodded, understanding what Jinde meant even though this wasn’t his strength. Yes, even though he was a more studious person in this life, refinement wasn’t something he had taken an interest in.

He wasn’t quite sure why. Actually, he had studied a lot of things in his time in the mortal realm. But somehow, he had always passed over refinement. It made him wonder if deep down, he had known that there would be Jinde waiting for him and that there was no need to learn because his lover was able to take care of all those things for him.

Although, then again, right now, if he did know more about it, then maybe he would be able to help. That would also be good. But anyway, he hadn’t and it was too late to start. At the very least, it was for this specific matter.

Speaking of late though … “It’s been quite a few days since then. Do you think the two of them have made up?”

Jinde gave a hum and then nodded. “I wouldn’t see a reason why they shouldn’t. You know, I probably shouldn’t tell you of all people this but Xin Lan is a really charismatic man. Also, that person is his fiance. If he’s unable to make up with him … I would really be surprised.

“Anyway, it can’t be changed. That is the problem with the mortal and immortal realms. But I think that if it had been more urgent, he already would’ve come back. Either way, I don’t think that I will need much longer. Three or four days maybe. At most, it should be a week.

“After that, I’ll contact him and then he can come back. I guess he’ll have more to tell us at that time. And after that …” He finally put down the book, then leaned closer to his husband, grabbing his arm. “You know, we’ve been busy doing things for other people all these days. I think that after we’ve dealt with that matter with Xin Lan, it’s time to take care of our own matters, or what do you say?”

Leng Jin Yu looked at him and couldn’t help but lean over and give him a kiss. “Sounds wonderful.” To be honest, he had been wondering when Jinde would bring it up. Because even though this had always been more Jinde’s dream than his own, he was looking forward to finally having a child with his husband. He could hardly wait for it by now. So finally putting a date on it was something he was more than happy about.

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